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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADAPTATION

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Atom, 23:be found in atoms of all kinds; we can call it adaptation, if we so choose, or the power to growAtom, 40:or there may be mutual interchange and co-adaptation... [41] "But, if things be so, surely we areAtom, 48:practical care of the physical body and the wise adaptation of all our energy to the work to beAtom, 63:descent into matter, is succeeded by one of adaptation, in which the life and the form becomeAtom, 64:have the period of disintegration. Limitation, adaptation, utilization, crystallization, andAtom, 64:express or to satisfy. Then comes the period of adaptation, wherein the man begins to utilize whatBethlehem, 137:of being we pass through the necessary stages of adaptation of the vehicles of life, up to thatDestiny, 145:Expansion Initiation The true Psychic. Ray III Adaptation Development Evolution The Magician. RayDiscipleship1, 136:It will take several years to bring about the adaptation of the group members to each other so thatDiscipleship1, 648:the physical body and time must be allowed for adaptation and assimilation. This I think youDiscipleship1, 683:as I have pointed out, their training in adaptation, in the recognition of true values, in fluidityDiscipleship2, 48:techniques are being made by the Hierarchy; the adaptation of old methods to modern needs and toDiscipleship2, 576:stage - only A.A.B. knows enough to make the adaptation and necessary insertions. I have instructedExternalisation, 563:with a full use of intelligent love. A constant adaptation of the developing Plan to the emerging,Externalisation, 662:in action, wise and understanding judgment, the adaptation of present affairs to the desiredFire, 44:and of all that concerns itself with the adaptation of the form to the needs of the inner flame ofFire, 45:display the needed functioning, and the correct adaptation of the material form to the indwellingFire, 46:Economy in one of its subdivisions, the Law of Adaptation in Time. 2. There is next the Fire orFire, 143:by the Law of Economy, which is the Law of Adaptation in time and space, or the line of leastFire, 215:It shows itself in: , Form building, Adaptation of form to vibration, RelativeFire, 215:power of Spirit in form-building, and in the adaptation of the form to the need, is the secret ofFire, 219:seven divisions can be controlled. The Law of Adaptation, is the law governing the rotary movementFire, 243:two poles, and the process of interplay and of adaptation that necessarily ensues. It might beFire, 424:somewhat realized, and their relationship to the adaptation of matter to Spirit (through theFire, 430:and to demonstrate the factor of the intelligent adaptation of the electrical phenomena which weFire, 433:is the influence that leads to the scientific adaptation of matter to form, [434] and His is theFire, 445:over the processes of blending and merging and adaptation; Who, through His knowledge of cosmicFire, 447:of the seventh Ray is beyond all else, that of adaptation, or the molding of the form and theFire, 498:the understanding of objective existence, to the adaptation of the Dweller in the form to his [499]Fire, 501:as to time and space in the three worlds. Egoic adaptation of matter and circumstance of time andFire, 502:with the Earth, as a systemic triangle. The adaptation of groups (deva and human) to certain typesFire, 582:with this law. It is through activity (or the adaptation of matter to need), that the form comesFire, 582:activity it is employed, and through that very adaptation it becomes a perfect form, [583] and atFire, 715:result of the knowledge of natural law and its adaptation to opportunity. In the fourth root-raceFire, 715:to opportunity. In the fourth root-race another adaptation of force occurred. Again time andFire, 882:has to do with the form (second aspect) and its adaptation to Spirit and its needs. Perhaps thisFire, 1068:one so all things arose from this one thing by adaptation. The Father of it is the sun, the motherFire, 1127:produce eventually that perfect coordination and adaptation to all conditions, forms andFire, 1188:Two - Division F - The Law of Attraction 3. Adaptation of the Form to the Life This is the processFire, 1192:subject. In considering this question of the adaptation of the form to vibration, or theGlamour, 11:symbols on the physical plane, and their right adaptation to a seen and recognized purpose, leadingHealing, 104:force of love. What I am here giving out is an adaptation of the second ray method of healing,Healing, 576:them correctly. They are a translation or an adaptation of the ancient rules which have, since timeHercules, 137:the following by Rudhyar: "This type of social adaptation should not be such as to divert or muddyInitiation, 6:the hidden wisdom. Coupled also with the wise adaptation of knowledge to the surrounding need mustInitiation, 80:Expansion Initiation The true Psychic. 3rd Ray Adaptation Development Evolution The Magician. 4thInitiation, 121:materialization of the higher ideals, and the adaptation of force in the wise furthering of theIntellect, 3:of the meditation process and in its right adaptation to the needs of our modern civilization willMagic, 97:the concrete intelligent faculty for the wise adaptation of time and of form to the true expressionMagic, 131:the physical plane, and we have the practical adaptation of an ideal to the needs of the physicalMagic, 139:and adaptability working out, that faculty of adaptation that is one of the fundamental laws ofMagic, 139:cycle of effort must be undertaken. This law of adaptation involves the appreciation of the need,Magic, 139:the unification of the personal life and to the adaptation of the physical world to the needs ofMagic, 265:themselves to the newer vibration. In that adaptation those who have cultivated pliability andMagic, 631:materialized through expediency and undue [631] adaptation of the suggested ideas of worldly orMeditation, 4:vibration," what do I mean? I mean the adaptation of the Personality or Lower Self, to the Ego, orMeditation, 16:so much the gradual expansion as the systematic adaptation of all knowledge and of all means to theMeditation, 180:meaning, and understand how the law is but the adaptation of the form to some one or other of theseMeditation, 204:It is the manipulation of matter, and its adaptation to the interacting forces of supply andPatanjali, 141:has to do with the form (2nd aspect) and its adaptation to Spirit and its needs. Guyha vidya - TheProblems, 84:education and still more education and the adaptation of the recognized trends of the times to theProblems, 123:presentation of truth and its constant adaptation to the need of humanity at any given period inPsychology1, 46:instead of desire for form, and the wise adaptation of all experience to the process of transmutingPsychology1, 90:and of environing conditions plus a consistent adaptation to requirements and a most carefulPsychology1, 93:the influence of the law of selection and of adaptation; as the group life grew closer and thePsychology1, 110:been given in previous books which awaits your adaptation and useful service. Much will be given inPsychology1, 157:accuracy of the recording by the brain and the adaptation of the teaching to the individual need.Psychology1, 222:Transfusion Experimentation. 4. Human Adaptation Translation Transfiguration. 5. EgoicPsychology1, 255:training of the wild animals, and their adaptation to the conditions of ordered living, are part ofPsychology1, 322:in order to produce conscious control is that of adaptation. All forms in the three lower subhumanPsychology1, 322:kingdoms are also subjected to the process of adaptation, but that is a group adaptation toPsychology1, 322:the process of adaptation, but that is a group adaptation to environment, whereas in humanity wePsychology1, 322:to environment, whereas in humanity we have the adaptation of the individual to his environment.Psychology1, 322:may be enumerated as follows: That unconscious adaptation to his environment of the man who isPsychology1, 323:entirely by instinct. [323] An unconscious adaptation to environment carried on by the man who isPsychology1, 324:of the personality. Then we have the work of adaptation as carried on by the aspirants of the worldPsychology1, 325:express what we might call "the sixth stage of adaptation," are those who are already at thePsychology1, 325:seventh stage. Here we have complete unselfish adaptation to the group need and purpose. Those whoPsychology1, 325:of the world. The final group in this scale of adaptation is that of the higher initiates, thePsychology1, 326:new group of World Servers that the process of adaptation goes on. I have endeavored to outlinePsychology1, 326:to outline these stages of the process of adaptation in terms of consciousness, viewing the subjectPsychology1, 412:Expansion Initiation The true Psychic 3rd Ray Adaptation Development Evolution The Magician 4th RayPsychology1, 413:Transfusion Experimentation. Human Adaptation Translation Transfiguration. Egoic ExternalizationPsychology2, 85:centuries ago. The discoveries of science, the adaptation of the laws governing matter andPsychology2, 225:it results in rhythmic living and conscious adaptation of energy to the immediate purpose and goal.Psychology2, 247:bring about two subsequent effects: A close adaptation of the form to the significant factors whichPsychology2, 326:Those who are dimly awakening to the fact that adaptation to the ways of living to which they arePsychology2, 403:such contact, and seeks to [403] produce right adaptation, correct integration and coordination andPsychology2, 404:right education (which is the true science of adaptation) and right religion (which is the culturePsychology2, 464:nature evidences in every case the need for adaptation to the higher impulses or demands, orRays, 265:in man. Unity might be regarded as the conscious adaptation of the initiated disciple to theSoul, 116:said to constitute the mechanism of unconscious adaptation, in accordance with the varyingSoul, 152:evolutionary process is towards a more perfect adaptation between the form and the life. Everywhere
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