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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADAPTED

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Atom, 66:ensued wherein the form and the life seemed adapted to each other, and the Christian idealsAtom, 130:life, in order that the form may be adequately adapted to its need. Let us consider in thisAutobiography, 238:interpretation of the Sutras which would be more adapted to the Western type of mind andAutobiography, 250:has one of them, A Treatise on White Magic, been adapted as a course of study and that at the veryAutobiography, 277:to discipline. This must be self-imposed and adapted to the nature and point of development of theBethlehem, 54:revelation grasped and appropriated has to be adapted to the needs of a consequent and strenuousDestiny, 9:that all these ideologies may be temporarily adapted to the groups or nations who adopt them. TheyDestiny, 111:for a very long time; their peculiar tenets, adapted to specific nation, race or time, embodiedDiscipleship1, 552:study a mode of service for which you are well adapted - the service and art of healing. All thatDiscipleship2, 76:in view and a plan worked out [76] which is adapted to the particular student. When the work is notDiscipleship2, 271:are externalizations - modified, qualified and adapted to racial and national needs - of theDiscipleship2, 342:Plan in order to have "modified, qualified and adapted it" to meet the need I see? This wouldDiscipleship2, 393:of [393] men upon the physical plane, is there adapted to the differing fields of thought, to theDiscipleship2, 426:lens through which the light can be focused and adapted to human need. Conditions are rapidly beingDiscipleship2, 532:the group in the group instruction is peculiarly adapted to bring about in you the needed changes,Discipleship2, 548:give will have a clear group import, even though adapted to the disciple's personality and to theDiscipleship2, 576:are in reality ray meditations and can be so adapted and reference to the centers later inserted;Discipleship2, 590:for long meditations (reduced to form) are not adapted to your nature. Sound the OM three times,Education, 59:thinking people of the world today will be adapted to the needs of the youth of the period. Education, 72:the best of the present methods (probably well adapted to the child of the period) and some of theExternalisation, 202:be founded on the ancient realities but will be adapted to modern need and will manifestExternalisation, 503:but the truth must be stepped down and adapted in such a way that the advanced minds, the enquiringExternalisation, 563:determination to create a new and better world, adapted more adequately to their "renewed"Externalisation, 606:the Father's House; it had been recognized and adapted to world need by the Spiritual Hierarchy,Externalisation, 664:presentation of the Plan would not have been adapted to the level of the intelligence of the thenFire, 218:reverberation, are the forms built and adapted. The Law of Attraction finds expression in theFire, 320:force of that subplane is already being adapted and utilized by man in the assistance of theFire, 449:user), some one or other of which is specially adapted to produce nearly every possible effect thatHealing, 280:the future can enrich itself and become better adapted to man's need. They are too experimental asHealing, 612:exists and must be accepted, and which must be adapted and [613] incorporated into the generalHercules, 13:and Will." (The Bhagavad Gita, as compiled and adapted by Yogi Ramacharaka). [14] Intellect, 30:and trained and given an education which will be adapted to the highest and the best that is inMagic, 131:its original shape but it is, nevertheless, more adapted to public use and can be employed as aMagic, 265:of much disruption until the forms that be have adapted themselves to the newer vibration. In thatMeditation, 336:etheric. The heat of the sun is electrical force adapted to the need of the great average majorityPatanjali, 317:light has then to be registered, understood and adapted for use by the man upon the physical plane,Patanjali, 348:results, for the adept can construct a vehicle adapted to his need, can do with it as he will andPsychology1, 67:in their turn be comprehended intuitively and adapted to individual need, and thus be assimilatedPsychology1, 325:and Great Companions. They are perfectly adapted to Their personalities, to each other and to worldPsychology1, 359:discoveries in the realm of energy are today adapted to ends which serve man's hatred or love ofPsychology1, 372:elapse before the present human mechanisms are adapted to the registration of that which is new andPsychology2, 142:worker (attractive in the esoteric sense) and adapted to the immediate need and rendered vocal byPsychology2, 212:some reason or other, and never become properly adapted to or fitted into our planetary life. TheyPsychology2, 259:this way the form aspect is steadily altered and adapted, as it progresses towards an increasingRays, 101:require. This will be a perfect body, utterly adapted to the need, the plan and the purpose of theRays, 192:This is the expression of divine law as adapted for humanity and as needed in the projection ofReappearance, 53:the Father's House; it had been recognized and adapted to world need by the Spiritual Hierarchy,Soul, 28:this too must be proved - cannot that energy be adapted to the [29] structure which it uses in suchSoul, 34:our environment, the external world, and are adapted to function in it. Through this system weTelepathy, 120:nature of the final seven Paths reveals. It is adapted in time and space to human intelligence by
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