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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADAPTING

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Astrology, 516:scientific method of comprehension, some mode of adapting the life to these factors and someAutobiography, 285:rules governing the Path of Discipleship, adapting them to modern conditions and to the moreDiscipleship1, 5:are necessarily changing the old ways and adapting the old methods to the newer circumstances andDiscipleship1, 21:The disciple grows through intelligently adapting his life to these requirements as far as isDiscipleship1, 21:as far as is reasonably possible and not by adapting the requirements [22] to his life. FlexibilityDiscipleship1, 81:towards the processes of initiation: the adapting of oneself to the needed integration and,Discipleship2, 233:the subject of their ashramic meditation, adapting its various concepts and the outlined purpose toDiscipleship2, 302:have the task of "modifying, qualifying, and adapting the divine plan." Why has this to be so? ThisDiscipleship2, 320:simultaneously of "modifying, qualifying and adapting the divine Plan." Why is this so? Why is theDiscipleship2, 388:have a task of "modifying, qualifying and adapting the divine Plan" simultaneously. Why is this so?Discipleship2, 389:have the task of 'modifying, qualifying and adapting the divine Plan' simultaneously. Why is thisDiscipleship2, 390:this third hint. The "modifying, qualifying and adapting" process is carried on through the mediumDiscipleship2, 393:Servers - the task of "modifying, qualifying and adapting" is carried forward. Mistakes are oftenExternalisation, 662:all, He has the difficult task of training or adapting His physical vehicle so that it canFire, 215:play after spirit and matter are blending, and adapting themselves each to each; it governs theFire, 1220:Flaming Rosy Sun. Expansive energy 3rd Ray. Adapting factor. 7. Law of the Lower Four. The Law ofMeditation, 20:the desired chord. See then the necessity of adapting the method of meditation to the need of theMeditation, 101:will be at-one (the bodies of all material forms adapting themselves to the changing conditions)Psychology1, 322:who works consciously and intelligently at adapting himself to that situation and those conditionsPsychology1, 322:he finds himself is relatively rare. Conscious adapting of oneself to circumstances is the resultPsychology1, 323:animal cunning. A conscious and purely selfish adapting of oneself to the environment. In theseRays, 236:of that which is new, spiritual and desirable. Adapting itself simultaneously to new conditions andTelepathy, 92:He has to master also the secondary lesson of adapting his environment in such a manner that he can
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