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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADD

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Astrology, 15:be remembered that technically we should also add the radiatory influence which comes direct to usAstrology, 202:the fourth degree. It serves, nevertheless, to add its evidence to the essential integrity andAstrology, 204:Fixed Cross but not the Cardinal Cross. We might add to the above the following: Scorpio carriesAstrology, 209:we need not enlarge. There is little for me to add here in connection with the fact that Scorpio isAstrology, 254:you of something which may at first serve to add to the possible confusion already existing in yourAstrology, 276:signs) to Aquarius. I would like here to add something more to the teaching about the wheel of lifeAstrology, 341:over death. When to the above recognitions you add the place which the planets hold in this sign,Astrology, 359:Study, for instance, what I can still further add as to the influence of these relatedAstrology, 359:energies and related forces. Let me, therefore, add: [360] The influence of Mercury, as it relatesAstrology, 383:symbols correctly, more it is not possible to add. To understand the relation of Venus and theAstrology, 413:kingdom in nature, or a human being. I would add here a sixth reason for the present strain andAstrology, 414:necessitated by the reorientation. [414] If you add this reason to the other five, you will not beAstrology, 497:are obviously revolutionary and when to them you add the new sets of planetary rulers which I haveAstrology, 537:evolution and the destiny of the human family. Add to these the emerging energy of Aquarius, andAstrology, 543:in the West and Japan in the East. I would also add that those who in both nations (and there areAstrology, 575:to the awakening of mass aspiration you must add the task of evoking the response to world need inAstrology, 611:Energies and Transformation To these I might add one word in connection with the Earth and itsAstrology, 682:or fresh impulses to manifest. We must add to these major manifestations such lesser ones as thoseAtom, 50:of each other, and [50] when philosophy will add its quota to the understanding of the truth. TheAtom, 109:has to find its way into some form, and add its quota of vitality to a greater unit, so through theAutobiography, 41:are recognized as sane and intelligent should add their testimony to that of the frequentlyAutobiography, 41:executive and creative writer and I choose to add my certain knowledge and conviction to theAutobiography, 197:that the souls of men are one. I would like to add, also, that this is a school wherein belief inBethlehem, 11:negate our divine spiritual heritage, but will add the clear vision of the future to the wonder ofBethlehem, 68:service. Joseph's name means "he who shall add"; he was a builder, a carpenter, a worker in theBethlehem, 145:apparent, and to those above enumerated we can add one already considered, the blending in HimselfBethlehem, 251:and of conditional immortality. To these we must add the speculations of the Spiritualists, withDestiny, 82:is indicative of the control of Taurus. I would add here that the belief of the German race thatDestiny, 127:to work intelligently, and I would [127] like to add, lovingly with substance and so bring it intoDestiny, 144:expression now; there is little need for me to add here anything further to the mass of informationDiscipleship1, 13:and the Masters and do so in their myriads. Add also to your meditation a short period wherein youDiscipleship1, 130:needed adjustments. I am going to ask you to add to your morning meditation an evening review uponDiscipleship1, 130:procedure, at any rate for the present, only add to it each morning a definite period wherein youDiscipleship1, 134:order to bring about a needed balancing. I would add that Your soul energy seeks expression throughDiscipleship1, 143:to leave things as they are. One thing I will add before definitely closing this subject. When theDiscipleship1, 155:energies of the soul and of the personality, add to them the energy of the [156] heart center andDiscipleship1, 171:its inevitable conclusion. I will [171] only add that the effort you are making to meet the demandsDiscipleship1, 219:is made somewhat difficult because you have to add to these two tasks the work of shifting yourDiscipleship1, 222:and do suffer. Having pointed this out, I would add that this powerfully polarized first rayDiscipleship1, 252:pointed this out to you, my brother, let me add that you have no real cause for discouragement forDiscipleship1, 288:can be) used more and more. To these also I will add a definite creative ability. As before I toldDiscipleship1, 305:with all the power of your soul behind them. Add the mantram I earlier gave you: "I am the WayDiscipleship1, 322:lead to realization. I have today but little to add. Will you again and with a lighted heart readDiscipleship1, 325:opening before you are so great that if you add to that potency a gracious outer attitude ofDiscipleship1, 344:resemblances from the angle of the soul. May I add here, that the point of evolution of theDiscipleship1, 353:carefully the few changes I have made. [353] Add to it the following brief meditation. it isDiscipleship1, 408:of the group members. And, my brother, may I add one parting word? Aim at demonstrating happiness.Discipleship1, 422:are the two words that I would seek to add to the content of your thought. Joy is one that I haveDiscipleship1, 424:as indicated by me in the group instructions but add to it the further work which I assign you. Discipleship1, 435:and garner the fruit of wisdom for others. I add no more to the above outline of meditation.Discipleship1, 452:sensitivity to revelation. To that, you must add the conscious bringing through of the unfoldingDiscipleship1, 488:of the soul and of the mind. In closing, I would add for your help the following information: TheDiscipleship1, 506:of soul attentiveness. Know you not that as you add your soul force to theirs (ignoring the formDiscipleship1, 551:C. D. from the quiet of [551] your room. I might add, that he is seeking to help you physically andDiscipleship1, 551:life). Seek also to be in touch with him. May I add that my blessing and my thought rest constantlyDiscipleship1, 556:true being will open out before you and you will add to knowledge, wisdom, and to intelligentDiscipleship1, 622:and that soul wisdom (which you have) add the heart approach also. Go with your brothers into theDiscipleship1, 622:wise adjustment in solution; if to all that, you add the capacity of reaction to the emotionalDiscipleship1, 650:of the service which you can render, that you add to these two fine capacities, the sense and powerDiscipleship1, 651:good beginning. I would like to suggest that you add to your usual diary notations, a registeringDiscipleship1, 651:that they can be shared by your group brothers. Add to them any thoughts as to their enriching andDiscipleship1, 681:and fundamental while breaking from the past and add to it that which is of immediate service inDiscipleship1, 701:love and service. To this soul energy, they add personality force which arises from their being, asDiscipleship1, 726:this incarnation. He must then induce him to add to this established karma, what I might callDiscipleship1, 760:with twenty-eight." Reflect upon this. I would add that the twenty-eight belong to the seven andDiscipleship2, 12:the Ashram of the Master K.H. I should like to add a further point: Reception such as that byDiscipleship2, 17:at the time of the Wesak moon. I would like to add that the results of this work will not becomeDiscipleship2, 37:group instructions, but to that work I want to add another activity. Each month I will speak threeDiscipleship2, 78:to this test, he must perforce himself add a third: his own position as the Observer. He is thusDiscipleship2, 131:you alphabetically as usual. One word I would add: Seek not to interpret and understand yourDiscipleship2, 191:the life of the disciple I seek at this time to add another one, which is a symbol of the attitudeDiscipleship2, 230:for and the evidence of things not seen." Then add: "I ask for the needed money for... and canDiscipleship2, 276:or the ability to divide, subtract, multiply and add were conferred, but it is the power and theDiscipleship2, 279:must not be confounded in your minds. I might add to the above that knowledge deals with theDiscipleship2, 403:appreciated and comprehended revelation - add to his work with the Plan and its building technique,Discipleship2, 435:Immanent within the planetary sphere and can now add, to knowledge, wisdom and can learn to giveDiscipleship2, 469:the heart is the reflection. One thing I can add. As I told you before, the activity of the heartDiscipleship2, 496:living." Ponder on this for five minutes. Then add to the above the following statement: "I, theDiscipleship2, 519:I next communicate with you. To this I would add an increased concentration upon the preparation ofDiscipleship2, 541:is facing this initiatory process. I might add that every member of the Hierarchy, from Christ downDiscipleship2, 553:will realize that there is little that I need add to them. I gave you an instruction which throughDiscipleship2, 570:is more a fierce resentment over failure. You add your own criticism of yourself to my profferedDiscipleship2, 571:ask you: What do you do of a practical nature to add your burden-bearing capacity to the group ofDiscipleship2, 572:in on world need mentally and not emotionally; add to your service in meditation that which canDiscipleship2, 572:life occupation and yet, at the same time, to add to that at any cost a practical life of service.Discipleship2, 574:building energy is direct. To this again you can add the fact that your personality vehicles are onDiscipleship2, 601:then. To the injunctions there given I would add some further suggestions. I seek further toDiscipleship2, 602:your racial faults which hinder you. I would add also to the above - which I rarely do - that youDiscipleship2, 610:upon what has been said will enable you to add that much more. I would suggest that you take theseDiscipleship2, 632:close to the Master. It is of value now to add to these individual steps those which concern aDiscipleship2, 644:today facing your major life crisis and, I would add, you are facing it satisfactorily. There areDiscipleship2, 656:and (as with your brother, D.P.R.) I seek not to add any fresh complications or considerations toDiscipleship2, 669:is demanded, but there is little that you can add to that already given during this life. The nextDiscipleship2, 685:in order to enlarge your perspective, I would add that Christian Science is a fifth ray expressionDiscipleship2, 709:an interlude wherein you can enrich your life, add something needed to your equipment, and thenDiscipleship2, 712:has earned this from all of you. She has, I may add, refused to take down this last sentence (asDiscipleship2, 716:and love to all I meet, and to these gifts I add an understanding heart. 8th month - The cry goesDiscipleship2, 718:To this simplicity I would have you add a greater sense of personal dignity - a dignity which willDiscipleship2, 718:your physical plane expression I would have you add understanding - an understanding based uponDiscipleship2, 763:for the remainder of your life. I would have you add to this monthly work a daily practice, founded
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