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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADDED

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Astrology, 10:finds himself. Two other points should here be added. First: the individual etheric body is not anAstrology, 15:of relative insignificance. To these would be added other streams of energy which definitely playAstrology, 21:man presents no such difficulties. It might be added in addition that the signs of the zodiac, areAstrology, 69:of the pole of the planet. To this should be added that - as man evolves - the mechanism ofAstrology, 125:that of the more esoteric planets. It might be added that spiritualism and the work of theAstrology, 134:and its influence is gaining in momentum and added potency with each vanishing decade. It is,Astrology, 160:experience was opened and two more signs were added. These two signs were the higherAstrology, 187:To this intensity and potency of Pluto must be added the forceful and dynamic energy of the planetAstrology, 310:opposite, Aquarius. It might appropriately be added here that the prayer or voiced aspiration ofAstrology, 340:relationship. When to these potent influences is added the force of the seventh ray (producing aAstrology, 367:or process of expression. To these must be added both the direct and the indirect effect of theAstrology, 447:(as is now the case) the influence of Uranus is added to the other influences and the seventh rayAstrology, 457:two more points or outlets for energy will be added to these but the time is not yet. Through theseAstrology, 495:the unfoldment of the mind, two others can be added: I Taurus - Desire - the incentive toAstrology, 500:past. The future will shine with an added glory and, though difficulties and the problems incidentAstrology, 514:incarnation will appear. If these statements are added to the three I earlier gave you, you willAstrology, 517:Spine - first ray - Pluto To these rays must be added (in both groups of human beings) the fourthAstrology, 518:a part of the fourth kingdom in nature must be added the effects of his two major rays (personalAstrology, 558:of the Sons of God upon our Earth." It might be added that the Mutable Cross is the conditioningAstrology, 565:Cross), "I am the Light of the world," and he added, "if thine eye be single thy whole body shallAstrology, 586:therefore, found associates and cooperators who added their receptivity to his so that an entireAstrology, 588:lips and in their hearts. To this appeal must be added the focused will of the world thinkers andAtom, 60:issuing from the top of the head, and one or two added that they had heard a snap in the region ofAtom, 69:not only all the above qualities, but to them is added instinct, or that which will some dayAtom, 69:he is capable of emotion or love, and has added yet another factor, that of intelligent will. He isAutobiography, 36:what I could do and should do immediately. He added that He would be in touch with me at intervalsAutobiography, 111:Sunday morning congregation, which may have added to the trouble [112] which was steadily growingAutobiography, 118:be paid even if it took five years. Then he added, "If you don't send in an order I shall have toAutobiography, 118:I was short of ready money, and which he had added to the bill as he knew I would not acceptAutobiography, 175:When this is the case and when to this must be added the thousands of form letters which I haveAutobiography, 196:was impersonality and mental development. I added that we made our work deliberately eliminative,Bethlehem, 24:essentials, but to these qualities must be added an intelligent understanding and a mentalBethlehem, 44:a well-meaning devotee. He is a man who has added a sound intellectual understanding to the basicBethlehem, 49:revelation of divinity, but to all this will be added the ultimate revelation of the Presence ofBethlehem, 60:phrase to "meet on the level" takes on here an added significance. After each mountain experience,Bethlehem, 160:my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased," but added this time, "Hear ye him." At the first greatBethlehem, 166:purified and transfigured. To these tests was added the one which He had before encountered in theBethlehem, 242:of immortality, and it will give an added coloring and beauty to life; we can foster the awarenessBethlehem, 244:He was essentially the same Person, only with added powers. May it not be the same with ourselves?Destiny, 33:swept into the conflict. To this, must also be added the energy of the animal kingdom (again aDestiny, 92:Asia. Later, two more points for energy will be added to these but the time is not yet. ThroughDestiny, 119:these elements the Philosopher's [119] Stone is added and has done its magical work, then you haveDiscipleship1, 8:fields of individual endeavor there will be added a group activity and life which will become moreDiscipleship1, 44:whose way was the Way of Love. To these can be added Milarepa of Tibet and Lao Tze of China. SuchDiscipleship1, 93:and gained unity. To these were later added teachings concerning the creative process when God madeDiscipleship1, 100:cross of life and existence will then take on added difficulty. The results will be new rhythms ofDiscipleship1, 185:you are a part. To the exoteric relation must be added the inner. This I think you know. Such aDiscipleship1, 247:To all these, a fourth activity might be added - that of the Observer, of the soul on its ownDiscipleship1, 299:truly right and high motives. When to this is added an intensely critical mind, the problem isDiscipleship1, 463:there might arise a need for you to call for added strength, and the need, perhaps to intensifyDiscipleship1, 465:with the same joy as in youth, yet with an added usefulness, knowing that the wisdom of experienceDiscipleship1, 489:co-disciples and when that is the case, there is added strength and more than adequate compensationDiscipleship1, 625:rightful field of service. But to this must be added the power to intuit the Plan as it exists inDiscipleship1, 625:my vision of you as a strong and steady helper, added to your innate isolation, swept you too farDiscipleship1, 663:Such moments of crisis and of intensification, added to renunciation, have been your lot for years,Discipleship1, 678:likewise is seen; dense fog, and to the pain is added sad bewilderment, for they who use the fireDiscipleship1, 734:which the group is functioning. To this must be added the total responsiveness of the entireDiscipleship2, 7:of Humanity. Teaching anent the Etheric Body. Added to the above, I seek to give each of you aDiscipleship2, 30:these spiritual sources of inspiration must be added lesser ones, such as mental impression,Discipleship2, 53:activity, I began to widen the teaching and I added to the earlier technique. In the religion ofDiscipleship2, 64:ahead of them. This necessarily brings added strains and risks, sometimes even to the point ofDiscipleship2, 80:and The Teaching of the Christ. These have been added to the original instruction anent Christ'sDiscipleship2, 84:on with the same workers, and new ones will be added as need arises. Young workers must be chosenDiscipleship2, 119:you in the last meditation but to it must be added the individual meditation which will aid inDiscipleship2, 180:I seek to give this first meditation an added importance in your eyes. Much that I have given youDiscipleship2, 192:with the cross of Humanity [192] and have also added a circle at the summit of all three. What, myDiscipleship2, 203:must be truly intelligent, and must have added expanding love to their intelligence. These men andDiscipleship2, 212:men and women upon the mental plane, those who, added to the intelligence, possess a love of theirDiscipleship2, 243:which is the hallmark of the true initiate. Added to all this is the world situation with itsDiscipleship2, 287:within the substance of the form, and seeking added life and light," as the Old Commentary puts it.Discipleship2, 330:compensations of discipleship. By means of it added light can be "occultly endured." I would likeDiscipleship2, 391:within the eternal Plan; to this must be added the disciple's understanding of the civilization andDiscipleship2, 436:experience the light of the Kingdom of Souls is added to that light. At a later initiation thereDiscipleship2, 450:holding its life in form intact and gaining added beauty as strength develops. My blessing restsDiscipleship2, 468:between them and the Christ is that he added to this realization the capacity to be a channel, pureDiscipleship2, 472:crisis and constitutes a load which - when added to the other three spheres of difficulty - oftenDiscipleship2, 517:To this difficult situation of balancing must be added the difficulties always entailed in aDiscipleship2, 517:must be effected. To all this again must be added the present world condition, wherein theDiscipleship2, 533:on this. At the foot of the wall lies a well, added the sage. Love lies at the bottom of the well.Discipleship2, 553:the personality. Then their sound can safely be added to the sound of the Ashram, enriching itsDiscipleship2, 643:is suffering also mentally and to this must be added his capacity to identify himself with theDiscipleship2, 667:vision and the grasp of the Plan, it might be added, are dependent upon the conscious andDiscipleship2, 703:and much responsibility. To this must be added the turmoil and the chaos of the war. This has madeDiscipleship2, 703:entailed much strain. To these factors must be added another one which is that you are essentiallyDiscipleship2, 741:of inflow and of concentration there is added a trained and illumined mind, then the discipleEducation, 9:age of seventeen the study of psychology will be added to the rest of the curriculum and the natureEducation, 17:normal place in man's unfoldment. It might be added here that creative activity in the field of artEducation, 38:vocational and equipping. To this must be added the old method of memory training and the attemptEducation, 38:philosophical and scientific - are likewise added in many countries and for certain classes ofEducation, 94:him to spin that thread of energy which, when added to the life thread and to the consciousnessEducation, 96:to create is then made possible. It might be added here that the building of the second half of theExternalisation, 5:and sadly destructive. [5] It might be added also that certain astrological relationships betweenExternalisation, 110:the above two reasons another might perhaps be added which will have significance and meaning toExternalisation, 152:the case of the disciple in particular, must be added sensitivity and the ability to tune in and toExternalisation, 177:injury, and of the loss of all possessions is added to these problems, where the nations at war areExternalisation, 291:eventually to a fact. This new fact, when added to the facts established by other and earlierExternalisation, 296:new impetus, that fresh illumination, and that added power and fixed purpose which will enableExternalisation, 301:and only after those who call Them forth have added to their faith strenuous action and have doneExternalisation, 302:revenge or self-pity, then their voices will be added to those of the other free peoples and toExternalisation, 346:therefore found associates and cooperators who added their receptivity to his so that an entire
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