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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADDED

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Externalisation, 360:- a thing hitherto quite unrealized. It might be added that when an appreciation of the meaning ofExternalisation, 372:That to these selfish incentives they have added world need and the love of freedom is true andExternalisation, 391:and the inner side of life. To this must be added the activity (the waiting [392] activity, if IExternalisation, 401:new religion of Invocation and Evocation can be added, in which man will begin to use his divineExternalisation, 545:superintended by the Christ, another two must be added, of perhaps even greater importance. TheExternalisation, 567:most amazing period in the history of humanity. Added to this, it must be borne in mind that we areExternalisation, 615:and Great Britain. To these factors must be added today the struggle between Hindu and Moslem forExternalisation, 634:servers throughout the world, so as to bring added strength to all of them by swinging into aExternalisation, 660:(Wesak Message, May 1947). To this must be added the vitalization and the stimulation of theExternalisation, 680:its materialization on earth; to this must be added an united ashramic similarity of instinctualExternalisation, 699:to [699] these important events must also be added the new revelation for which all men wait and toFire, 24:within Their Primary. Blue to the green is added and completion quick is seen. The vibration of theFire, 24:quick is seen. The vibration of the third is added to the one. Blue to the orange blends, and inFire, 149:from matter, having achieved two things: First, Added quality to quality, and therefore emergingFire, 150:He burns by friction, and gains speed and added vibration by the rotation of the spheres, theirFire, 155:tend to increase the latent heat, to produce added momentum and to give specific quality accordingFire, 172:to this subject. Another sentence is also added here which, if meditated upon, will prove of realFire, 218:use of Spirit. Then a third Word or phrase is added to the other two, completing the entire WordFire, 220:Economy in one of its four aspects. It might be added in closing, that this law is one thatFire, 241:when the cosmic Entity takes form, there is added to the active intelligence which is the productFire, 266:one final synthesizing planet - the Sun. Seven added to two added to one make ten. There are tenFire, 266:planet - the Sun. Seven added to two added to one make ten. There are ten centers in the GrandFire, 327:are entered upon. Much more might be further added to this list, but I have sought only to pointFire, 351:round and corresponding root-race sight was added to the other two, and the Self which hears, andFire, 398:nine of a major initiation, and when the six is added we shall have the resolution into one of theFire, 472:the conscious Builders. There is not much to be added at this point anent the deva evolution; muchFire, 625:is its reflection or correspondence) must be added the dominant note of the higher center, and, inFire, 723:and in the synthesis of those three have added qualities and vibrations for which we have no terms,Fire, 735:vitality through physical plane existence, and added color through astral experience. The finalFire, 736:is stored in the physical permanent atom. An added coloring, which is stored in the astralFire, 743:The old Commentary says: "The deva shineth with added light when the virtue of the will hathFire, 745:and acquire (by means of sentient existence), added faculty and power. H. P. B. has said thatFire, 762:worlds and the lunar bodies, but which has an added quality of "I-ness" or of self-consciousness,Fire, 816:body of the Ego or higher self. To this must be added a severe application of the laws of nature toFire, 921:said of this great mystery, though it might be added that from another angle of vision, they formFire, 947:of the vital fluids of the universe and this has added to the distress, as have certain distortionsFire, 959:as a means of contact. When to this ability is added that of utilizing with equal ease theFire, 1009:active in connection with the pituitary body, is added, and man becomes [1010] responsive toFire, 1037:from the two other major Rays. It might be added here that when this is recognized it will becomeFire, 1059:and with solar progress. Further, it must be added that the third type of motion to which ourFire, 1072:has seven, for the mind and the intuition are added. In the second kingdom there are three centers,Fire, 1077:though one more word in this connection might be added. In the potentially radioactive qualities ofFire, 1128:force can make itself felt through their medium. Added to these factors, must be mentioned theFire, 1162:Dragon of Wisdom." A third type of energy is added and, therefore, can be detected in theseFire, 1220:factor of the Aquarian age. It might here be added that the symbol for Law 2 was the [1221] originFire, 1222:which is the synthesis of the twenty-one added, thus making the twenty-two: Ray Methods of ActivityFire, 1257:One more fact of interest might here be added. This Path is sometimes called the "Lotus Path," asGlamour, 84:whole story of maya can be found. It might be added also (perhaps not wholly correctly butGlamour, 85:he finds himself. When to the power of maya is added the condition of glamor and also the illusionsGlamour, 99:This is rapidly taking place. It might be added that this is a long and slow process because theGlamour, 100:national and individual glamor, they have added a spiritual glamor which intensifies the fog. ThoseGlamour, 112:that the illusions of the mental plane are now added to the glamors of the astral plane. TheseGlamour, 156:- controls the negative Dweller. It might be added that the three signs - Scorpio, Sagittarius,Glamour, 168:- a thing hitherto quite unrealized. It might be added that when an appreciation of the meaning ofGlamour, 175:power, and the magnetic power of feeling is added to the cold form of thought. Ponder on this. ButGlamour, 204:after the dissipation of the glamor. In the added light which is now available, there will be aGlamour, 210:of matter; to the lesser light of matter is added the light of the soul and then these two blendedGlamour, 213:effective work can be done; to this work must be added persistence and patience. It is notGlamour, 214:world deception through glamor. To this will be added (perhaps as an aspect of the new worldHealing, 54:centered. To the above statements should be added a further fact, already mentioned, that: [55]Healing, 70:To their own engrossing concerns and worries are added those of their fellowmen with whom they mayHealing, 85:problems and relationships another might be added. This is the interrelation which must beHealing, 96:as it is called. To these powers must be added the ability to be en rapport with the one to beHealing, 110:high art of spiritual healing. To this must be added the knowledge that the form nature and theHealing, 143:of material phenomena be grasped. It might be added here that: The etheric vehicle from theHealing, 189:of the body depends." To these three I then added the blood stream as the conveyor throughout theHealing, 210:As evolution proceeds, there is gradually added to this inherent force an inflow of "qualified"Healing, 223:is powerfully fostered. To this must also be added, as a major adjunct of war, the will of NatureHealing, 227:the history of the past. To this concept must be added two others: First, that incoming souls drawHealing, 242:To this the [242] Science of the Breath will be added - not breathing exercises as now taught, withHealing, 253:cause grave concern, and to all this must be added psychological difficulty, mental diseases andHealing, 253:the truths for which these groups stand will be added to the work of the psychologist and theHealing, 254:the various categories of trouble must also be added a whole group of diseases which are moreHealing, 254:healing agencies mentioned above should be added the work undertaken by Members of the spiritualHealing, 255:modern techniques and methods have already been added to the various other sciences of whichHealing, 271:to the patient. To this will some day be added correct astrological interpretation, immediateHealing, 290:purpose involves him, and another factor is added to the previous categories of karmicHealing, 290:initiating of causes through world service is added to that which the individual has alreadyHealing, 291:the disciple, Hierarchical karma, [291] must be added to the well known Karma of Retribution withHealing, 291:disciple is already familiar; to it must also be added national and racial karma, plus theHealing, 293:our planetary manifestations. To these should be added (if it were only possible) the stanzas whichHealing, 358:projection of purely physical magnetism, which, added to the quota of available physical magnetismHealing, 359:and so stand free. The will of the healer when added to that of the patient, aids in the breakingHealing, 415:[415] through physical plane existence and added color through emotional experience. - PageHealing, 476:body is responding to dissolution. It might be added that a third activity is also present. It isHealing, 529:appreciate, connotes much technical knowledge. Added to this, the healer must also possess thatHealing, 537:processes. To these increasingly will be added many psychological methods of healing, and theseHealing, 537:the services of the spiritual healers will be added. In this way, a rounded-out approach to theHealing, 539:leaving him. To these difficulties must be added the fact that very few people are so completelyHealing, 601:years should be given to this; when to this is added the science of the trained medical man,Healing, 704:to give the patient the necessary confidence and added strength to bring about his own healing.Healing, 711:is employed and soul power is [711] added to the knowledge gained in the three worlds. The dynamicHealing, 711:use of energy in one of its seven streams, added to the sane understanding and work of the modernHercules, 20:he was developed and to these three factors is added a fourth, a soul in conscious possession ofHercules, 25:separates and cuts off. Through its use, Mercury added to the other gifts bestowed upon HerculesHercules, 100:ideas. It clothed itself in a mental sheath. It added to individuality, those combinations ofHercules, 155:beyond the mind reveals direction sure." he added. "The task awaits. Through Gate the ninth you nowHercules, 195:He paused. "One caution I can give," he added slowly. "Invoke the aid of Helius." Through Gate theInitiation, 21:kingdom, to this faculty of discrimination is added that of response to sensation, and theInitiation, 32:certain of the minerals or elements received an added stimulation, and became radioactive, and a
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