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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADDING

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Atom, 116:is ever lost; it is all something which we are adding to the total we are piling up, which willDiscipleship1, 373:ray, the third, is focused in your astral body, adding to its power, its glamor, and its hold onDiscipleship1, 456:and your environment. It is not for you the adding of increased work but the constant innerDiscipleship2, 14:apt to become a problem of fellow disciples, adding to their strain and necessitating an effortDiscipleship2, 553:the sound of the Ashram, enriching its volume, adding quality to its tone, and conveying the neededDiscipleship2, 574:learnt much, my brother, and I do not regret adding you to my group of accepted disciples. NOTE:Discipleship2, 710:in your personality should have the effect of adding strength and potency to the inflow of the loveExternalisation, 385:of the names and addresses of these people, adding also their capacities and functions if any, andExternalisation, 409:caused the appearance of the human soul and the adding of another kingdom in nature to the threeFire, 18:vibrant to the sounding of the Word, seeking the adding of the power, had waited for millennia,Fire, 437:force or quality passes and circulates, both adding, and at the same time abstracting, and returnsFire, 955:thought being sent upon the definite mission of adding its quota of energy and matter to some oneFire, 1218:human atom arrives at "fullness of life" without adding much to the general nature of his ownHealing, 70:a developed sense of prevision, men are today adding the difficulties that belong to someone else,Healing, 479:growing facilities which science provides are adding to man's capacity to help, to cure at times,Initiation, 172:some of the subjects to which it gives the clue, adding to this the information that in ourPatanjali, 294:his mystical [294] knowledge and awareness but adding to it the intellectual knowledge andProblems, 10:well-being and are visioning the possibility of adding their quota of usefulness and of stabilityPsychology1, 10:to remember that theirs is the responsibility of adding their quota to the sum total, and that thisPsychology2, 350:race, humanity is occupied with the task of adding still another aspect, that of the mind. To thePsychology2, 350:of livingness and sensitivity, he is rapidly adding reason, mental perception and other qualitiesPsychology2, 625:The intelligentsia of the race are adding to that mystical awareness (which is always there, evenRays, 684:occasionally in from the soul, via the mind, adding frequently to the complications but producing
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