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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADEPT

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Initiation, 90:the most intricate plans and charts. He becomes adept in the significance of color and sound, canInitiation, 90:of the lines of work that stretch before the Adept if he passes away from earth service. After theInitiation, 90:initiations. To achieve the sixth initiation the Adept has to take a very intensive course inInitiation, 104:existing between a human being and a perfected adept. From the standpoint of our planetary scheme,Initiation, 104:Existence is only contacted directly by the adept who has taken the [105] fifth initiation, and isInitiation, 109:for it involves ever a passing on of some adept or initiate to a higher grade or to other work, andInitiation, 123:- Chapter XII - The Two Revelations When the adept of the fifth initiation can work in line withInitiation, 156:used, and the time eventually comes when the adept employs formulas of words only as required toInitiation, 159:Word, and producing a planetary scheme; of an adept producing results for the helping of humanityInitiation, 164:obvious how necessary such knowledge is to the adept who seeks to work with the sons of men, and toInitiation, 179:known technically as a disciple, an initiate, an adept. He uses then each of the three higherInitiation, 180:as a Master of the Wisdom. He is simply an adept of a lesser degree. Secondly, initiations in whichInitiation, 181:for service that will be chosen later by the adept. This statement must be linked up with thatInitiation, 190:the greater system of Sirius revolve. Only one adept here and there has the necessaryInitiation, 198:applied, right motive, purified in the fires. An adept is a creator in mental matter, an originatorInitiation, 215:Secret Doctrine, and the Voice of the Silence. Adept A Master, or human being who, having traversedInitiation, 221:It is the body of manifestation created by the adept by an act of will for use in the three worlds.Intellect, 192:soul and the forms of this world, and for the adept, departure from lofty stations and gloriousMagic, 82:(as known in the three worlds) ceases, and the adept stands master of all causes and effects asMagic, 187:and its Thought-Forms Another factor that an adept has to consider is whether there are inMagic, 187:a cultural training which will make him an adept some day. Chelas train themselves and when readyMagic, 238:body. [238] The work of the initiate and the adept grows out of these achievements and they needMagic, 238:of the astral plane, he learns to function as an adept on that plane, to pierce through itsMagic, 432:lies in realms beyond the concept of the highest adept in our planetary Hierarchy. The planetaryMagic, 483:free from faults. Were he free, he would be an adept. All aspirants are still selfish, still proneMagic, 578:as being used on the inner side by some adept or advanced healer, are linked with the hierarchy. AMagic, 583:sake of clarity - we will tabulate. To become an adept it will be necessary for the disciple to:Magic, 583:carefully studied it will become apparent why an adept is a "rare efflorescence of a generation ofMagic, 583:generation of enquirers may only produce one adept. Why should this be so? For two reasons: First,Magic, 587:people, instead of simply living the life. The adept speaks no word which can hurt, harm or wound.Magic, 602:to the terms "accepted disciple, initiate, adept, master" would be negligible and much troubleMagic, 605:as yet totally unrealized except by the highest adept and the most exalted of the sons of God.Magic, 612:almost the final mystery to be explained to the adept) is how the merging of three fires canMeditation, 11:fourth Initiation; after that Initiation, the Adept makes for Himself a body of manifestation, aMeditation, 34:levels, the egos are in a similar condition. An Adept of their ray supervises their generalMeditation, 34:human kingdom. As to point of attainment. The Adept of their ray handles the general supervisionMeditation, 35:of the Ego in his evolutionary development: The Adept of his Ray. The Master of his group. AMeditation, 100:Triad, the work is completed, and the man stands adept. The at-one-ment has been made and the workMeditation, 158:six representative subray forms until he is adept, and knows the secret of synthesis. These formsMeditation, 163:on the five planes of human evolution. The adept receives instruction on their use, and can employMeditation, 163:and in a specific tone. When so sounded, the adept enters into the consciousness of that plane andMeditation, 178:of initiation. When a man is an initiate or an adept he needs not the protective rites, for it is aMeditation, 211:His solar system. We recognize it as color. The adept knows it as differentiated force, and theMeditation, 213:stands for a particular ray lies the power the adept wields. Meditation, 229:to emphasize in the above table is that to the adept the correspondence of all these is perfectlyMeditation, 265:until the time when he himself becomes an adept. They are: The period wherein he is on probation.Meditation, 339:The four initiations, prior to that of the Adept, mark respectively the attainment of aMeditation, 339:fourth initiation the lower vehicles go, and the adept stands in his intuitional body, and createsMeditation, 349:Secret Doctrine, and the Voice of the Silence. Adept A Master, or human being who, having traversedMeditation, 356:It is the body of manifestation created by the adept by an act of will for use in the three worlds.Patanjali, 19:expression of, the indwelling life. No true adept judges any expression of divinity through itsPatanjali, 31:is known. Nirvana, that condition into which the adept passes when the three lower worlds are noPatanjali, 36:stages of samadhi but is not the samadhi of the adept. It is a condition of intense internalPatanjali, 41:begins to form part of the brain content of the Adept or Master. He knows the plan as it is to bePatanjali, 47:is shown. This is the state of the master or the adept, of the soul who has come into itsPatanjali, 49:knowledge begins to expand. In the disciple, the adept, Master or Mahatma, in the Christ, thePatanjali, 53:ones, Accepted disciples are the disciples of an adept and of a Master, An adept is the disciple ofPatanjali, 53:the disciples of an adept and of a Master, An adept is the disciple of a Master, A Master is thePatanjali, 77:of space. Through this the man becomes adept, a creator on the physical plane and a cooperator inPatanjali, 77:God is found. He becomes a brother as well as an adept and knows [78] that brotherhood is a fact inPatanjali, 87:of samadhi". This is that condition wherein the adept can put the entire lower man to sleep, andPatanjali, 87:has created can be contacted and seen. Thus the adept can intelligently participate in the greatPatanjali, 90:Discovery, Identification, Realization. The adept can identify himself with or enter into thePatanjali, 96:thus producing the form. In creative work, the adept starts on the inside and - knowing the ideaPatanjali, 96:of some kind. The higher the level on which the adept works the more elevated the ideas touched andPatanjali, 121:to the fourth initiation. Raja Yoga makes him an adept and leads him to the portal of the fifthPatanjali, 124:This is the same in all men, whether savage or adept; the difference only lies in degree ofPatanjali, 130:law is well fulfiled, and man emerges well-nigh adept." [131] Finally, the man enters the Hall ofPatanjali, 131:that there remains much unknown even to the adept, and that the Christ Himself, the great WorldPatanjali, 131:the Hall of Wisdom, light fully shines upon the adept's ways. He knows and sees the seventh partPatanjali, 137:even when carried to its highest stage by the adept, is but a relative overcoming. As long as thePatanjali, 138:man has outgrown the third or animal kingdom. An adept, therefore, has transcended attachment toPatanjali, 147:and difficulty. The physical vehicle of the adept, though constructed of substance predominatinglyPatanjali, 190:bringing the aspirant into the group of some adept or spiritual teacher, and leading him also intoPatanjali, 196:words of power which are the equipment of every adept. Through an understanding of, The law ofPatanjali, 196:form, The manipulation of atomic substance, the adept not only sees truth in all things butPatanjali, 275:the three worlds is the distinctive mark of the Adept. Patanjali, 292:of them are entirely right, for to the trained adept the "central organ" is the causal vehicle, thePatanjali, 304:The purpose of our planet, gained by the adept through an understanding of the triplicity formedPatanjali, 328:or death. The same basic knowledge enables the adept to raise a dead body, as Christ did inPatanjali, 346:of levitation. It is the capacity of the adept to offset the attractive [347] force of the planetPatanjali, 347:that driving irresistible force found in every adept which bring about the fruition of his plans,Patanjali, 347:power - isatva. This concerns the power of the adept to deal with the elements in their five formsPatanjali, 348:the ninth, bodily perfection, results, for the adept can construct a vehicle adapted to his need,Patanjali, 349:or ugly, dark and cloudy. The astral body of the adept is a thing of radiant loveliness, lackingPatanjali, 352:Law of Vibration is studied and mastered, the adept can then turn to useful purposes all the powersPatanjali, 353:made." 2. Perception independent of organs. The adept is not dependent upon the organs of sense forPatanjali, 356:These three factors explain how it is that the adept can create at will and his freedom from thePatanjali, 356:this capacity is in itself relative, for the adept is freed from limitation in the three worlds ofPatanjali, 369:as untrue and misleading, for even the highest adept (note this term with care) is only gifted withPatanjali, 426:have carried the aspirant on from the stage of adept to that of the Christ. All that hindered,Patanjali, ix:of Raja Yoga, and the fifth initiation, that of adept, is the goal for evolving humanity. Thus, allPsychology1, 115:development. Aspirants learn to be master and adept by handling their own physical plane affairsPsychology1, 155:is called (in esotericism) the number of the adept. This simply means that the adept is one whoPsychology1, 155:number of the adept. This simply means that the adept is one who comprehends the nature of the 19Psychology1, 155:human consciousness. It does not mean that the adept has mastered and can wield these 19 types ofPsychology1, 155:Planetary Logos - The Ancient of Days. What the adept has done has been to bring his seven centersPsychology1, 346:F 0 R C E. 6 6 9 3 5 - 29 11. Number of adept, using energy. F 0 U R. 6 6 3 9 - 24 6. The creator,Psychology1, 347:emerges, which is the number of initiation. An adept of the fifth initiation is one who hasPsychology2, 30:to the seven Paths which open up before the adept of the fifth initiation. Absorption into the One
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