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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADEPT

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Psychology2, 31:of consciousness of the illumined and liberated adept is such that language serves only to blindPsychology2, 420:happenings, and which enables the advanced adept to enter into the state of Samadhi. In the onePsychology2, 189:of higher degree [189] than that of the adept, and which is beyond the concept of the evolvingPsychology2, 593:life in form. To the clairvoyant view of the adept as He looks at the aspirant or disciple, itPsychology2, 593:and the disappearance of the form. The adept, by looking at the body, can tell just how long it hasPsychology2, 593:relation to consciousness and its contacts. The adept, when seeking information upon this point,Rays, 10:other from the standpoint of the aspirant. The adept can enter the world of form, can contact it,Rays, 155:a definite control of energy (and this the black adept also possesses), purity of motive (which theRays, 155:possesses), purity of motive (which the black adept can likewise have, if by purity of motive youRays, 155:intent), deep love of humanity (which the black adept never has), selflessness, willingness toRays, 175:the initiate's Master and another Master or an adept of the fourth initiation) is required beforeRays, 481:atom, and the causal body disappears, then the adept knows that the lower mind, the mental body, is
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