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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADEPTS

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Astrology, 647:are dim and uncertain reflections. The Adepts connected with it work not with humanity but concernDestiny, 36:learnt of the balancing group of initiates and adepts who work entirely with the material side ofDiscipleship1, 88:for which the energy of the Black Lodge of Adepts is responsible. This definitely complicates yourDiscipleship2, 136:as yet, being gathered slowly together by Adepts of the fourth initiation. Will you endeavor toDiscipleship2, 246:other of their initiate disciples, themselves Adepts or Masters. They have also retained in theirDiscipleship2, 252:in advance of those who now function as the adepts of today. I have warned you that discipleship isDiscipleship2, 467:established in the consciousness of its adepts, through initiation, the duality of all creation.Externalisation, 5:may take its next step forward. The Hierarchy of Adepts has been divided in opinion (if soExternalisation, 122:under the expert guidance of the initiates and adepts who employed their knowledge of the nature ofExternalisation, 128:of Darkness (the so-called "Black Lodge of Adepts") and the Forces of Light (the so-called GreatExternalisation, 433:White Lodge of Masters and the Lodge of Black Adepts. This started in Atlantean times and must nowExternalisation, 438:thereby deflect the Shamballa force which the Adepts of the Black Lodge have turned loose into theExternalisation, 527:or Ashrams are presided over by Masters and Adepts (of the fifth and fourth initiations), aided byExternalisation, 569:to worldly affairs. For instance, there are adepts who are authorities upon modern financialFire, 122:intelligent energy. He is the head of all the Adepts. Bodhisattva. The exponent of second rayFire, 122:exponent of second ray force, the Teacher of the Adepts of men and of Angels. This office wasFire, 180:force centers of which any particular group of adepts and Their pupils are the exponents. EveryFire, 410:44 Diversity from Unity. "Now, according to the Adepts of ancient Aryavarta, seven principles areFire, 417:who holds spiritual sway over the initiated Adepts throughout the whole world. He is, as said, theFire, 464:effect upon all those who are initiates, adepts and chohans, and brings their three major spirillaeFire, 472:and inextricable [472] to man; even the adepts cannot untangle the mystery beyond that of theFire, 480:danger of imparting the necessary knowledge. The adepts understand the transmuting process in theFire, 483:portion of the esoteric meaning given. Only adepts can speak with authority. - S. D., I, 188, 190.Fire, 639:lowest logoic vibration with which the greater Adepts are concerned is the cosmic etheric. TheFire, 678:this line, working in collaboration with certain adepts on the scientific line, who - through theFire, 678:of this third stimulation is very great. The adepts - working in conjunction with the great devas -Fire, 706:disciples of various degrees, initiates and adepts - will be left to pursue the natural course ofFire, 723:and which cannot be visioned by even our highest adepts. Their appearance in a solar system is veryFire, 745:III, 364, 365, 367.) Those of Avatars. Those of Adepts. Those of jivas seeking development. ToFire, 746:sixth and the seventh. I refer not here only to Adepts who "make the sacrifice," and choose rebirthFire, 746:rebirth for service on the planet, but to all adepts. Freedom to work on any Path must be gained byFire, 760:difficult question of the incarnating jivas, of adepts and of avatars may come if the studentFire, 884:by the efforts of the initiate, aided by the adepts who present him, and who each represent one ofFire, 884:three factors, The representing deva, The two adepts, The initiator, form, for a brief second, aFire, 892:"the serpents of wisdom" which is applied to all adepts of the good law. [893] The reptile kingdomFire, 928:Some Sanskrit mantrams employed by initiates and adepts. Mantrams connected with the differentFire, 981:is literally a great magical force, and the adepts or white magicians, through knowledge of theFire, 1037:and that it concerns primarily that group of adepts who are on that particular line of energy, andFire, 1057:are but the dim and uncertain reflections. The Adepts connected with it work not with humanity butFire, 1085:constellations. For purposes of study by the Adepts, they are each known by a symbol, and theseFire, 1089:can only be conveyed to the investigating Adepts through the medium of sound and symbol. TheFire, 1126:make themselves known to average man; it is the Adepts of the Good Law Who meet them the mostFire, 1140:the symbolic, or hieroglyphic writings of the adepts, 22 it is impossible for him to grasp theFire, 1141:which enables the Lords of Karma, and the Adepts of the good Law, to manipulate force or energy,Fire, 1171:may be thrown upon the problem as to why the Adepts of the left hand path in Atlantean days wereFire, 1171:the mystery is expressed thus: "They (the Adepts of the Left Hand Path) became thus separatedFire, 1224:is not possible to give the symbols whereby the Adepts know them, for in those symbols would beFire, 1235:cooperating with the plans of the Hierarchy of Adepts who work with ideas, and who seek to bringFire, 1237:forth "Know the One" and the words ring in the adepts' ears: "Search for that which is theFire, 1242:of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. Those adepts therefore who stay for a prescribed lengthFire, 1245:these groups will be the logical sequence. The adepts who stay upon this Path are distinguished byFire, 1245:the clue to the nature of this first Path. The adepts who choose this Path are called esotericallyFire, 1247:has also been upon the fourth ray path. Adepts who have been upon the fourth ray path and who passFire, 1250:used earlier in connection with the passing of adepts from off this second Path on to the SeventhFire, 1250:and of the method of employing such heat. The adepts use the "dry alchemical fires" to produce theFire, 1253:in mind when studying this cosmic path. These adepts are also called the "Lords of cosmic Maya" forFire, 1254:be expressed thus: [1254] Cosmic vision. These adepts are connected with the logoic third eye. DevaFire, 1254:form, and with it this particular group of adepts has nothing to do. Sight, hearing and the powerFire, 1255:system via the sign Sagittarius. The work that adepts on this path have to accomplish primarily isFire, 1255:Hierarchy which gives to man his egoic body. The adepts on our Earth planet who seek this path doFire, 1257:work are called in the mystic parlance of the adepts the "lotus lands." The curriculum is termed atFire, 1261:pass on to this path just as four-fifths of the adepts of suffering pass on to Path IV. InFire, 1261:also that we are only dealing with the adepts of the fifth Initiation, and are not taking intoFire, 1262:two great groups of asekha initiates. [1262] Adepts who pass upon the Ray Path have to possessFire, 1262:to point ever towards the north. These adepts of the fifth Path are the constituent factor whichFire, 1262:fifth Path is the one that the majority of their adepts follow. Adepts who are on this Path,Fire, 1262:one that the majority of their adepts follow. Adepts who are on this Path, therefore, will pass toFire, 1263:to the Sun and from thence to cosmic spheres. Adepts from other schemes are not transferred to ourInitiation, 24:today. These spiritual personalities, these adepts and Masters, have wrestled and fought forInitiation, 37:and expansion of consciousness. In turn these adepts and Masters had their places filled byInitiation, 51:work calls into activity beings and workers and adepts totally distinct from the servers of theInitiation, 51:progresses as a synthetic whole. The workers, or adepts, concerned with the evolution of the humanInitiation, 54:who is one of the best known of the Eastern adepts, and who numbers amongst his pupils a largeInitiation, 57:Ray of Love-Wisdom. He is the latest of the adepts taking initiation, having taken the fifthInitiation, 111:Initiator. The triangle of force formed by three adepts or three Kumaras. The sponsors. In the caseInitiation, 133:passing through the bodies of the two sponsoring adepts. For a brief second, the entire Lodge ofInitiation, 145:the ceremony; the remainder of the initiates and adepts stand in their various grades. The earlierInitiation, 217:a Chief. In this book it refers to mind an those Adepts who have gone on and taken the sixthInitiation, 218:Hierarchy. This Hierarchy is formed of chohans, adepts, and initiates working through theirInitiation, 224:or the "mystery speech" of the initiated adepts all over the world. It is a universal language, andMagic, 4:accorded to those who claim to be masters, adepts and initiates. My anonymity and status must beMagic, 25:Mystery to the members of the hierarchy of adepts. The nature of spirit, its quality and type ofMagic, 76:this much about this ancient text book of the Adepts. Magic, 102:all work under the guidance of the hierarchy of adepts; the stabilizing of the consciousness in theMagic, 106:as the radiance emanating from the bodies of adepts and saints, giving the effect of bright andMagic, 141:taught and lifted, and thus the Hierarchy of Adepts can reach the world. There are many other uses,Magic, 182:for the data available in relation to the Adepts is more potent than the steadfast investigationMagic, 184:ever the textbook of disciples, initiates and adepts, for therein are found those rules and methodsMagic, 216:work of human reconstruction which certain adepts are carrying on, and to the magical work of theMagic, 263:in the three worlds and that in the world of adepts. His vibration does not synchronize, prior toMagic, 320:to aid, are the three energies with which all adepts work." It is almost impossible to translateMagic, 359:Age and the Future The work of the Atlantean Adepts was to impress upon the world consciousness theMagic, 359:the use of the word God. The work of the Aryan Adepts is to impress upon the world consciousnessMagic, 378:for the mysteries, and to have a band of Adepts, and Chohans who would function in dense physicalMagic, 379:of this branch the Himalayan and southern Indian adepts are the representatives, though the work isMagic, 379:7. A word now as regards the work of the Ibezhan adepts and Their mysteries; it is necessary hereMagic, 379:way different and necessarily so, to that of the adepts at this time. Their objective was toMagic, 379:state of his consciousness. The Ibezhan adepts had to deal with a humanity which was in itsMagic, 379:and it was part of the work of these early adepts, working under instruction from Shamballa toMagic, 381:physical polarization. The work of the black adepts and the followers of the left hand path. When
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