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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADEPTS

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Magic, 381:of the left hand path. When the Ibezhan adepts (again under instructions from the Masters atMagic, 382:can pass on. 10. The work of the Ibezhan adepts and the mysteries of the Temple of Ibez are stillMagic, 382:and are being carried on by the masters and adepts in physical incarnation throughout the world.Magic, 383:Mind are the main characteristics of the Aryan adepts. I use the word "undifferentiated" in theMagic, 388:human beings. Groups: such as The Hierarchy of Adepts. The integrating Group of Mystics of the NewMagic, 398:masses will never know. With the Hierarchy of adepts I do not propose to deal. The books upon theMagic, 399:formation or precipitation from the Hierarchy of adepts has become possible. On the physical plane,Magic, 434:on the planet; for, forget not, that the adepts utilize primarily the intuition. These energiesMagic, 475:to all save the members of the Hierarchy of Adepts for long ages to come. The directional words areMagic, 525:It includes on the one hand the hierarchy of adepts who have deliberately incarnated on theMagic, 585:being. Thus only those souls flower forth into adepts in any specific generation who have "troddenMagic, 616:proclamation found in the archives of the adepts which covers some of the stages in the magicalMagic, 618:by the knowers of the race, the Hierarchy of Adepts has gathered its personnel. Meditation, 46:equal accomplishment to the better known Eastern Adepts. Ponder on this. It needs much wiseMeditation, 112:the aim of the present method to offset. If the adepts of the dark path attained great powers inMeditation, 135:direct all on to eventual perfection. The White Adepts cooperate in this. The Dark Brothers whoMeditation, 164:with the Logos of our planet, is known to the adepts as well. So the scale is mounted, and theMeditation, 177:much used, except in rare cases by initiates and adepts, who, as a general rule, work through theMeditation, 303:the path of the occult student and the Himalayan adepts know adequately how to protect theirMeditation, 304:fourth root-race and has two fourth root-race adepts at its head. A Branch in process of formingMeditation, 305:with another. The Trans-Himalayan school has its adepts as known to you, and others Whose Names areMeditation, 352:Master, a Chief. In this book it refers to those Adepts who have gone on and taken the sixthMeditation, 353:Hierarchy. This Hierarchy is formed of chohans, adepts, and initiates working through theirMeditation, 359:or the "mystery speech" of the initiated adepts all over the world. It is a universal language, andPatanjali, 31:his Christ body. Strictly speaking those adepts who have achieved non-attachment but who havePatanjali, 45:moderately and are called the "discriminative adepts" as they permit no excesses of any kind. TheirPatanjali, 52:The primeval Lords, or Sages, are those great Adepts Who - having "tasted experience" under the LawPatanjali, 74:under consideration and the clue to why the adepts are as yet still studying this treatise on yoga.Patanjali, 106:great magical work in which all true yogis and adepts participate. Patanjali, 124:connotes (to the occult student) one of the adepts, we have chosen to translate the word asPatanjali, 277:is seldom employed except by initiates and adepts in connection with their pledged disciples. [278]Patanjali, 313:become aware of the world of the Masters, Adepts and Initiates and thus contact them in full wakingPatanjali, 315:in theosophical circles as Mahatmas or high adepts - able to walk through space unseen, arePatanjali, 354:teaching of the most profound kind and those adepts who have specialized in the science of sight,Patanjali, 419:of Raja Yoga. In the hidden literature of the adepts the following stanzas sum up the state of thePatanjali, viii:of the physical frame. The problem before the adepts of that time was to teach human beings, whoPatanjali, ix:Here and there Orientals (with a few Western adepts) have availed themselves of those rules andPatanjali, x:the years 1965 and 2025. Towards this end the adepts of the East and of the West are unitedlyPsychology1, 50:of initiation as taught by the hierarchy of adepts. Lower Expression: Religion. Ray III - HigherPsychology1, 354:is a steadily shifting one, and that the adepts of the Aryan race will be higher in development,Psychology2, 185:the method of influencing the minds of the adepts and initiates. These latter, in Their turn,Psychology2, 186:been fundamentally confined to the Hierarchy of adepts and initiates, both in and out ofPsychology2, 207:These are the Masters of Life, the perfected adepts. Psychology2, 477:This is however seldom done even by the adepts, for the powers of the soul - spiritual perception,Psychology2, 490:include the help proffered by real initiates and adepts through their working disciples andPsychology2, 571:one of the Masters or of the entire Hierarchy of adepts; he may hear words spoken and thus feelPsychology2, 576:The number also of the initiates and adepts, present in incarnation in order to carry forward thePsychology2, 586:of the Atlantean cycle - were given by the Adepts of the time [587] to Their disciples. You mustRays, 169:but who are not yet Masters. They are largely adepts upon the third and fifth rays, and work withRays, 232:is this Aquarian influence which has given the adepts of the Black Lodge the power to bringRays, 603:involved, the Black and the White Lodges of adepts were also implicated, and the first major fightRays, 737:has recognized Him, and with the Black Lodge of Adepts He will have nothing to do. He will mitigateSoul, 137:of the lives of the great mystics, saints and adepts of both hemispheres will give much informationTelepathy, 3:the method of influencing the minds of the adepts and the initiates. These latter in their turnTelepathy, 3:been fundamentally confined to the Hierarchy of adepts and initiates, both in and out ofTelepathy, 4:and the immediate needs sensed by the working adepts. He then presents the new idea, new discovery,Telepathy, 4:discovery, or the new revelation to the group of adepts (telepathically, of course, my brother)Telepathy, 4:of international peace. He presented it to the adepts in conclave and it was felt that somethingTelepathy, 6:two laws, has always been in operation among the adepts, the initiates and the senior disciples whoTelepathy, 7:through the illumined mind of the Hierarchy of adepts, we shall have the steady growth ofTelepathy, 70:Members of the Hierarchy (the Masters, the Adepts and Initiates of the third degree) are permitted
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