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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADEQUATE

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Astrology, 12:planet, but they have omitted to take into adequate consideration the emanating qualities andAstrology, 14:1051) The following is a list - incomplete but adequate for our purposes - of the major influencesAstrology, 32:the vehicle of expression and of response is adequate to the impact, and this statement is true ofAstrology, 91:the ray type before he will be able to cast the adequate horoscope of the soul. My remarks areAstrology, 188:- provided that the mechanism of awareness is adequate to respond. These forces in all the signsAstrology, 190:the intelligent use of all powers to bring about adequate satisfaction of desire, which is, in thisAstrology, 252:the hope of glory." There is no clearer or more adequate definition of this sign than that; I wouldAstrology, 276:bringing about such an activity in Cancer that adequate momentum can be set up which will produceAstrology, 291:necessary forms in the three worlds which are adequate for the expression of the knowledge whichAstrology, 341:who has chosen to incarnate. The building of adequate forms and the use and control of form areAstrology, 345:in time and space which will provide a field of adequate experience for the unfoldment of theAstrology, 469:Later, when these three energies have produced adequate effect and the needed planetary changesAstrology, 513:6. The horoscope, built around the Sun sign, is adequate for ordinary humanity. The exotericAtom, 62:substance, clothing itself in a form and shape adequate to its need and requirement, utilizing thatAtom, 63:relation becomes perfected. The form is then adequate to the needs of the life, and can beAtom, 65:itself that which will be more satisfactory and adequate. Take, for instance, the old religiousAtom, 66:and those same basic ideas, require a more adequate vehicle through which to function. ChristianAtom, 147:to ourselves the atoms of substance that are adequate to our needs, and through which we can makeAutobiography, 6:want to go there. I want to take a new and more adequate body and come back to gather up the oldAutobiography, 78:of death which has always seemed to me to be adequate. Death is "a touch of the Soul which is tooAutobiography, 177:husband and the children themselves have proved adequate protection. For one thing, I have neverAutobiography, 227:on the way. This same little son was more than adequate compensation for all she went through.Autobiography, 259:fully equipped with material, and under adequate control. With this foundation, knowledge may beAutobiography, 302:effect in the world, but must also have in it adequate opportunity for the gaining of thatAutobiography, 303:our work, would be not only intact but entirely adequate for the building of the structure thereonBethlehem, 20:unprecedented, and for which we have no words or adequate means of expression? The ancientBethlehem, 214:then, did not regard His death upon the Cross as adequate to that need. There was [215] noBethlehem, 249:The Oriental may believe that the earth provides adequate facilities for the training andBethlehem, 269:to men, for this world of ours still provides adequate facilities for the development of thoseBethlehem, 271:to us that "the highest, purest and absolutely adequate expression of the mystery of man is ChristDestiny, 6:planetary forces has not hitherto been adequate to invoke it and for its invocation the great LordDestiny, 18:Hierarchy at this time is to produce a wise and adequate fusion of the Shamballa and theDestiny, 52:and of destruction of old forms prior to an adequate responsiveness to the influence of theDestiny, 71:factors nor is history itself, as now given, an adequate guide. As said above, some nations areDestiny, 95:vision of the masses of people has not proved adequate to arrest, as yet, the materializing of thisDestiny, 133:in order to provide easier [133] indication and adequate protection. The training of the discipleDestiny, 143:deemed that the needed special impulse has been adequate and that the impetus given to the humanDiscipleship1, X:a conviction that this, hypothesis is backed by adequate testimony and planned experience. TheDiscipleship1, 18:that the coming effort of the Masters may prove adequate to the emergency. The third group is thatDiscipleship1, 31:superseded next century by a newer and more adequate teaching. Next came a happening of vitalDiscipleship1, 69:wisdom energy is the only type of force which is adequate to dispel the miasmas, the fogs and theDiscipleship1, 71:the spiritual momentum set up by all of you is adequate to the effort made and if you can carry onDiscipleship1, 73:upon the inner planes. The providing of an adequate instrument through which we can work must comeDiscipleship1, 131:or without arriving at some sufficient and adequate reason (not feeling emotion) for so acting.Discipleship1, 151:Its contacts with the circle's edge proved adequate. "There is but one great circle,' came a voice,Discipleship1, 157:might. As before I have told you, you make not adequate use of the meditation period and yourDiscipleship1, 163:awhile, my brother. The momentum at this time is adequate to carry the plans forward. Therefore,Discipleship1, 185:useful, and, therefore, constitute a more adequate test.... There is need for some physical care,Discipleship1, 269:It must, however, have in it - if it is to be adequate to the demands of this day and period ofDiscipleship1, 286:for another six months. There has not been adequate time for results. I particularly commend toDiscipleship1, 332:technical knowledge of these terms may not be adequate to true comprehension. You need to study inDiscipleship1, 342:which will be willing to give fair trial for an adequate time to those things which do not runDiscipleship1, 345:which I seek to see controlling is not yet adequate and it will not hurt you to continue theseDiscipleship1, 392:so that you can hear your voice, and thus pay adequate attention to your position and attitude. TheDiscipleship1, 404:environment claims your soul's attention will be adequate for your full spiritual employment, willDiscipleship1, 413:to this group of aspirants; sensitively you are adequate to the task; aspirationally, you desire toDiscipleship1, 414:into activity. When, however, there is not adequate use of spiritual energy, it gets "banked up" inDiscipleship1, 422:is ever the preparation for increased and more adequate service. It appears to me, an older brotherDiscipleship1, 435:in any manner which may be to you familiar and adequate then proceed as indicated... The followingDiscipleship1, 447:in conscious cooperation with the Plan, and with adequate skill in action, due to the lessonsDiscipleship1, 448:line: 2-4-6. Along that line you have a full and adequate equipment. You have only one major rayDiscipleship1, 456:Such problems provide not for you sufficient or adequate motive to warrant the strain and effort.Discipleship1, 469:can be separate and critical where there is not adequate knowledge. This is an initial part of theDiscipleship1, 473:of sustained effort and reiterated endeavor is adequate. Why then employ a different tool when theDiscipleship1, 489:the case, there is added strength and more than adequate compensation for any strain andDiscipleship1, 493:of the relative values, comparing your life of adequate possibility of expression, your wherewithalDiscipleship1, 498:and for this, your service will provide an adequate field. Astral calm, self-forgetfulness, and theDiscipleship1, 500:of second ray force which, finding no outlet adequate to the intensity of the forces broughtDiscipleship1, 513:day by day fight; but the power of your soul is adequate to bring release, and the love of thisDiscipleship1, 515:words) that perhaps you may not regard it as of adequate importance. Yet I tell you with love andDiscipleship1, 526:D. R. S. unchangingly bears for you are reasons adequate to me. Besides - my love is yours. We areDiscipleship1, 543:performance of the social round, is deemed an adequate expression of service. For some it may andDiscipleship1, 553:for it you must be prepared. You have, however, adequate light and sufficient strength to enableDiscipleship1, 563:particular lesson. You have equipment; you have adequate outlook; you have a mind which can beDiscipleship1, 572:the faith of the group members to a more than adequate trial. Many among your co-disciples presentDiscipleship1, 585:to groups on service and yet with no results, adequate to the force expended. Why has this been so?Discipleship1, 590:your life task and your major problem. You are adequate to the task, but only if you become trulyDiscipleship1, 617:and group service must, and will, provide adequate expression for all the powers of yourDiscipleship1, 637:to the Wesak Festival outpouring has been adequate. You are probably asking yourself why I have putDiscipleship1, 642:be sometimes noted when the point of tension is adequate. Watch for these experiences - intuitive,Discipleship1, 646:This instruction will provide you with more than adequate meditation material, and I would ask youDiscipleship1, 650:so much. It remains to render theory into more adequate practice, and at this you are alreadyDiscipleship1, 655:your love of the work and of your group brothers adequate to enable you to face your problem? IDiscipleship1, 674:is a blending of the Lights, but there is no adequate paraphrase of the terms used to cover theDiscipleship1, 681:all whom you recognize to be senior disciples; adequate care to take right action in circumstancesDiscipleship1, 713:blending of the Lights, but. there is no adequate paraphrase of the terms used to convey this name.Discipleship1, 724:required a long period of "bringing through" to adequate recognition in the mind and brain of theDiscipleship1, 742:is not an easy one but its compensations are adequate. Psychic sensitivity is involved in theDiscipleship1, 772:and human welfare. Nor is a negative attitude adequate to the solution of the present world crisis.Discipleship2, XIII:words "My Brothers," you will then know that an adequate measure of group-integration has beenDiscipleship2, 8:power of the Spiritual Triad is not, therefore, adequate to hold the personality steady and theDiscipleship2, 10:terms, you draw from me a correspondingly adequate instruction? [11] The limitation to the impartedDiscipleship2, 72:one united band treading the Path together is adequate reward. It will offset the usual lonelinessDiscipleship2, 109:a better and sounder appreciation, plus a more adequate meeting of hierarchical requirements inDiscipleship2, 149:difficult to translate into understandable and adequate phrases the very ancient word-forms whichDiscipleship2, 159:task is committed and, my brother, humanity is adequate to the task. This statement is borne everDiscipleship2, 171:disillusioned; devotion is no longer regarded as adequate or was won, not through devotion or theDiscipleship2, 203:keen and their meditational capacity adequate - they receive the inspiration and develop theDiscipleship2, 209:of this august Council, the Law of Karma finds adequate planetary guidance; this does not refer toDiscipleship2, 211:individual and group meditation - if it is of an adequate nature and quality - will be absorbed
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