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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADEQUATE

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Discipleship2, 231:the impasse which [231] at present prevents adequate funds pouring into the work which theDiscipleship2, 255:of work. Has what the past has given proved an adequate preparation for that which will be theDiscipleship2, 301:and in order to make the work of the New Age adequate and to establish a closer rapport withDiscipleship2, 348:and abstruse realities - abstruse because the adequate mechanism for their comprehension has notDiscipleship2, 354:seven, because what you now have will prove adequate for many years of study. Each of them, inDiscipleship2, 356:much. I shall not be able to give you full and adequate interpretations or write you at length uponDiscipleship2, 381:a point of light, in the Kingdom of God. When an adequate number of members of the fourth kingdomDiscipleship2, 404:Logos in order to create a manifestation adequate to his unfolding intention and planetary service.Discipleship2, 430:to question all that makes you personally feel adequate to the initiatory demands, and to look forDiscipleship2, 439:lie ahead, but the reward of revelation is adequate compensation for all that must be endured asDiscipleship2, 443:of your fellowmen could provide for you an adequate field of service. It would enlist both yourDiscipleship2, 465:orientation and your fixed psychic determination adequate to the undertaking? Can you do it withDiscipleship2, 466:your Master wants to see you do, is for you adequate spiritual focusing. The deep love of all yourDiscipleship2, 486:is not adequately dynamic; it does not make adequate impress on the outer conditions of living.Discipleship2, 499:the Master R. should help you much in taking adequate action in cooperation with A.A.B. and F.B.Discipleship2, 536:knowledge will be needed; you are however adequate to the task, and these distinctions andDiscipleship2, 546:directed towards the soul. When your focus seems adequate then see (by the power of the creativeDiscipleship2, 579:your two Triangle members will provide you with adequate focal points for soul emphasis. Here IDiscipleship2, 598:quality you have (for this incarnation) an adequate and full supply. Let your fellow workers catchDiscipleship2, 603:of conscious aspiration. But the compensation is adequate if disciples would be more occupied withDiscipleship2, 611:attitudes so completely that the recognition of adequate reward supersedes the realization of pain.Discipleship2, 629:will inevitably come if you care enough and have adequate patience. The past two years have beenDiscipleship2, 631:are doing in your present field of labor present adequate opportunity for living and progress. MyDiscipleship2, 695:of the Soul, Book I:17.) In these words you have adequate work for the remainder of your life.Discipleship2, 700:plane existence with a different and more adequate desire nature - a desire nature which has everDiscipleship2, 718:the physical [718] demonstration becomes adequate to the demand and commensurate with the forcesDiscipleship2, 727:better minds than yours. Your equipment was not adequate. There was the glamor of spiritual powerDiscipleship2, 751:to change the stable rhythms of a high grade and adequate personality for the eager forward lookingDiscipleship2, 754:you are attempting to do and can then do it with adequate results. I would ask you to do it twiceEducationstriving to delineate a theory of education adequate to the new world that is emerging. In such aEducation, 3:to be true, has tested in the past and found adequate. But each age has a differing standard ofEducation, 54:correspondences for which we have as yet no adequate words. Cooperative goodwill is all that can,Education, 69:steps are: First: The development of more adequate means of understanding and studying the humanEducation, 127:world, but even here it is impossible to make adequate allowance for the subtler impressions andEducation, 135:today as never before to provide better and more adequate living conditions. War has consequentlyExternalisation, 103:the word I am attempting to translate is more adequate than the above) become impossible. I haveExternalisation, 108:secondly, comes the building of the new and more adequate outer expression. This accounts for theExternalisation, 114:the strength of the life which is seeking more adequate expression; the educational systems, havingExternalisation, 122:The minds of men were undeveloped and not adequate to such a task, any more than is the mind of aExternalisation, 171:The need for group sacrifice has not met with adequate response, except in those cases where it hasExternalisation, 196:Sound common sense can solve it. There are adequate resources for the sustenance of human life, andExternalisation, 197:one of distribution. Secondly, this premise of adequate supply handled through right distributionExternalisation, 198:order will inaugurate this simpler life based on adequate food, right thought, creative activityExternalisation, 203:so bring in a way of living which will provide adequate supply of the necessities of life throughExternalisation, 209:world conditions which will give all the nations adequate food, the necessities of life, andExternalisation, 226:clearly in mind and submitting yourselves to an adequate temporary discipline. For the two daysExternalisation, 227:two reactions to the world crisis can prove adequate to bring in that outside assistance whichExternalisation, 227:state that the focus and the emphasis is not yet adequate to guarantee this extra-planetaryExternalisation, 249:[249] Forces of Light. It is not easy to give an adequate translation or paraphrase of thisExternalisation, 265:of their own idealism (making frequently no adequate balancing physical effort to bring thisExternalisation, 270:this invocation is rightly used and voiced by an adequate number of people, those who can in someExternalisation, 285:to satisfy man's demand for truth and prove adequate to answer his ceaseless yet intelligentExternalisation, 295:love and light is possible. Today the moment of adequate tension in the life of humanity has beenExternalisation, 296:Who waits in His High Place until the demand is adequate, and the cry clear enough to warrant HisExternalisation, 302:and the massed intent of humanity will be adequate to the needed demand and strong enough to callExternalisation, 321:which, if evoked by man himself, will prove adequate to do two things, Lay the foundation for aExternalisation, 349:the men and women of goodwill. Will they prove adequate for the task? Will they brace themselvesExternalisation, 366:wounds of war, and build a new world structure adequate to the intelligent demands of the masses.Externalisation, 390:make that supreme effort (rendered from an adequate "point of tension") so that humanity may beExternalisation, 396:to invoke the will-to-good and only this is adequate. This is an important statement and one onExternalisation, 443:that time, if the educational work done has been adequate, sane, wise and sound, then these ArmiesExternalisation, 453:the goodwill of humanity itself is employed with adequate invocative power. If this goodwill findsExternalisation, 469:be so. None of these pictures is accurate or adequate; they are not true in any sense of the word.Externalisation, 486:the workers are there, and the power to work is adequate to the need. The three Full Moons which weExternalisation, 489:difficult to translate into understandable and adequate phrases, the very ancient word-forms whichExternalisation, 519:may express itself through developing and adequate social, political, religious and economic worldExternalisation, 519:resultant civilizations. These can then provide adequate forms, temporarily [520] useful for theExternalisation, 520:for that which is better and which will prove adequate and not limiting to the awakeningExternalisation, 537:new energies and their emerging qualities are adequate to the task, and will alleviate much andExternalisation, 572:which they believe signify that these men are adequate to the demanded job, and whom they thereforeExternalisation, 623:true financial trusteeship and the deflection of adequate sums of money into channels which willExternalisation, 629:a tiny sum of money each year, there would be adequate funds for His work; the needed trusts andExternalisation, 629:generosity, and the reason always seems adequate. Therefore, the second prerequisite is forFire, xii:discovering the needed knowledge with adequate rapidity. The emphasis in this book will be found toFire, xiii:Thus is form brought to the point where it is an adequate medium for the demonstration of theFire, 115:effect liberation, and permit a later and more adequate form to be employed. A further chain ofFire, 129:and gradual cessation of the cyclic rhythm, the adequate vibration is achieved, and the workFire, 132:responsiveness, tuned to a higher key, of more adequate refinement, and vibrating to a differentFire, 133:This purpose is the development of a more adequate form for the use of the spirit; and when thisFire, 138:and their directing, energizing centers, make adequate response. Hence it is only in due course ofFire, 144:matter by the method of attracting an ever more adequate type of matter in the process ofFire, 231:aspect, so that the former proves entirely adequate as a body of expression for the latter. TheFire, 231:takes full authority. The form becomes wholly adequate; the fusion of the two poles of Spirit andFire, 235:A perfected solar system, or the form, adequate to the needs of the indwelling spirit. Here aFire, 315:for we are necessarily handicapped by lack of adequate terms, but the main ideas only are those IFire, 391:Earth scheme will no longer provide for them an adequate place of nurture. Entities will come inFire, 440:found slowly coming into being, but along more adequate lines. It will consequently be apparent howFire, 463:responsiveness to force or prana will be more adequate. During the sixth subrace, disease as weFire, 508:on the three planes, the central life has an adequate point of contact which can originate theFire, 547:of group responsibilities, and to a more adequate solution of group problems. [548] The study ofFire, 552:to utilize his material sheath, or sheaths, as adequate transmitter of such contact. The mostFire, 552:plane (the only one we can study). It is not yet adequate, and does not fully express the logoicFire, 620:and the form grows and evolves, becoming more adequate. Physical Plane - Manifestation. TheFire, 621:will work out to fruition as the form becomes adequate as a medium of expression. 2. Deva forceFire, 687:waited until the three lower planes became adequate in vibratory response. We are here speaking inFire, 719:piece of work. This round will provide no bodies adequate to their need. The next round may do soFire, 1063:vision, both of which must be dealt with if any adequate concept of this subject is to be reached,Fire, 1063:life, great or small, which has been turned with adequate frequency, so that the volatileFire, 1089:conditions were such that the occupation of adequate forms became possible. The correspondence isFire, 1106:atoms of substance (ever of a better and more adequate quality) and the expulsion of that which
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