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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADEQUATE

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Fire, 1118:BE SAID." It is not possible to give students an adequate idea of the beauty of the egoic lotusGlamour, 28:this group, for my time is short and you have an adequate technical knowledge with which toGlamour, 49:Does your own interior satisfaction provide an adequate excuse for delaying the planned groupGlamour, 67:all struggle is warranted and will evoke its adequate reward. As pointed out in the tabulation (SeeGlamour, 81:sun. Therefore I would counsel you to pay more adequate attention to your meditation, cultivatingGlamour, 134:to indicate a way out of the past into a more adequate future. All the present ideals, expressingGlamour, 152:taken to induce right action. Only when there is adequate fusion within humanity as a whole doesGlamour, 241:- a realization of Being for which we have no adequate term. The technique of LIGHT becomes aGlamour, 268:agent for service; it is essentially a piece of adequate and useful equipment. It has, however, itsHealing, 33:there exist neither the terminology nor an adequate groundwork of knowledge on your part. ThisHealing, 183:that the consciousness of the indwelling man is adequate to his environment. The synthesis of theHealing, 193:prove more suitable for soul control and more adequate instruments with which to carry forward theHealing, 208:is usually to be found. There is a lack of adequate flow of energy; the energy distributed by itsHealing, 213:in the average man, and when the functioning is adequate [214] and the necessary interplay isHealing, 218:incorrect and unbalanced development, are not adequate to the task; they cannot protect the bodyHealing, 264:of self-defense and finding some [264] reason, adequate to them, to excuse the iniquity of theirHealing, 310:discomfort. No outer condition alone is adequate to produce disease, but the difficulty is thatHealing, 345:harmony of one brother in a group may not be adequate to produce harmony in another brother or inHealing, 369:inexplicable to you, for there is no terminology adequate to the latent truth. In this truth isHealing, 381:truth and factually proven; to you it may be an adequate hypothesis or a questionable andHealing, 418:and gradual cessation of the cyclic rhythm, the adequate vibration is achieved and the workHealing, 421:responsiveness, tuned to a higher key, of more adequate refinement, and vibrating to a differentHealing, 422:This purpose is the development of a more adequate form for the use of spirit; and when thisHealing, 428:a physical body of a certain caliber, adequate to the requirements and age of that soul. EnergizedHealing, 448:and later again rebuild for itself a more adequate form. It is the same under the great processesHealing, 451:of a better world, and the construction of more adequate forms of life and of more correct humanHealing, 509:in the process of reorientation can develop an adequate personality integration. This they willHealing, 512:aspect" (as it has been called) is quite adequate to the slow and tedious task of evolving theHealing, 530:plus the nadis which underlie it) is not yet adequate to the demands upon it. Time, however, willHealing, 541:itself, or by the natural and normal way of adequate vitality, and so enabled to throw off theHealing, 554:the patient's soul and the etheric body will be adequate to promote a cure, if that is the destinyHealing, 557:his healing power when that of the patient is adequate to the undertaking. I feel that I have hereHealing, 576:approach to their comprehension, but it is not adequate to the opportunity and the more mental typeHealing, 588:with forces, and good health, strong and adequate forms and vital activity result; the sameHealing, 597:body. This enumeration will usually prove adequate for all ordinary or average people. If, however,Healing, 609:form, and can eventually create a form which is adequate to its spiritual needs, it will be becauseHealing, 637:Chamber at Shamballa can find the needed or adequate substance by means of which to appear; TheyHealing, 656:is not needed; the soul of the patient will be adequate to the task. All that is needed is that theHealing, 664:picture has been altered. Individual men, in adequate numbers, achieved initiation and entered theHealing, 693:in control to such an extent that it can bring adequate illumination and ray potency; until it isHealing, 704:karma. [704] The aid of the healer which proved adequate enough to give the patient the necessaryHercules, 134:A balanced system of energies would be a more adequate definition; phrased differently, it might beHercules, 187:but which, back of them, do not bear any adequate concept. Decanates, Rulers and ConstellationsHercules, 207:and that freedom in service which is a more than adequate compensation for the temporary losses andIntellect, 22:of life as should be possible to people with an adequate system of training. We are smuglyIntellect, 34:will say; the possession, or the lack, of adequate educational advantages, differences inMagic, 39:which any one soul can express, and which is adequate for the purpose of enabling the spiritual manMagic, 78:This is one reason why India provides such an adequate school of endeavor. There knowledge ofMagic, 116:fullest expression, and thus tend [116] to more adequate completeness and more satisfactoryMagic, 139:planes they must be transmuted until they are adequate to the needs of the group of which theMagic, 174:is a blending of the Lights, but there is no adequate paraphrase of the terms used to cover theMagic, 215:that body are "driven forth" and better and more adequate atoms or lives are built in. TheMagic, 262:the life preceding the present. That form proves adequate for the average man and serves him tillMagic, 273:the magician go on building his form until its adequate potency is assured. Then let the "outerMagic, 278:they are ultimately to carry weight and gather adequate momentum to carry them through their lifeMagic, 279:The cycle of creation ends and the form is adequate in manifestation. The cycle of performanceMagic, 299:His Own peculiar trials and tests? How can words adequate be found to convey a cosmic struggleMagic, 315:who are sufficiently developed to respond with adequate sentiency and then to carry forward theMagic, 320:to translate these ancient formulas into adequate terms, but the above rough paraphrase will conveyMagic, 324:and response. When again the stimulation is adequate and the other conditions are resolved into theMagic, 326:of the Lord will be seen and which will prove adequate as an expression of Reality. Out of theMagic, 336:which will establish a civilization adequate for the work of the coming race. This work will beMagic, 337:them a synthesis will emerge which will prove an adequate platform upon which the coming cycle mayMagic, 356:of men themselves to this teaching is an adequate answer. The sense of immortality, the surety ofMagic, 391:many will find it possible to make the adequate extra effort, entailed in the taking of the firstMagic, 409:those competent to deal with the situation and adequate to the task of unification and synthesis.Magic, 528:only on so much vaster a scale, and with such an adequate inner alignment that students such asMagic, 534:cramps and distorts into one which provides adequate conditions for the next development ofMagic, 567:Where there is not sufficient energy, or adequate persistent attention, and when the thought of theMagic, 568:"directed attention" of the magician is not of adequate strength and duration to bring the formMagic, 571:on the physical plane of a personality adequate for its creative task and capable of those forms ofMagic, 581:contact, so that the solar Angel has a vehicle, adequate for [582] the expression of Reality. ThisMeditation, 33:connecting the two became ever more clear and adequate. This resulted eventually a shifting ofMeditation, 42:forms. The new forms are needed now and will be adequate. It is only after the middle period in aMeditation, 56:attracts around the permanent atoms or nuclei adequate matter for the purpose of manifestation, andMeditation, 59:to a greater extent, and so provide a more adequate vehicle for the illumination from higherMeditation, 69:Only those whose vibratory capacity is adequate will find their way there. I have given you enoughMeditation, 73:as desired: - if his physical body receives adequate application of the life forces of the sun, ifMeditation, 102:set in and build a new body that may prove more adequate to the need of the inner spirit. This is aMeditation, 107:matter sufficient for His project, and material adequate for the object He had in view. He had notMeditation, 116:type of physical vehicle that the Ego needs for adequate expression. [117] His associates andMeditation, 146:love of the man for his Master, and later (when adequate for the purpose) it is vitalized by theMeditation, 248:application of this color, or to arrive at the adequate shade. It is one of the basic colors to beMeditation, 265:rewards the struggling aspirant in adequate fashion... Tomorrow we will deal with the moreMeditation, 302:who all carry out specific work under proper and adequate supervision. Too apt are the TheosophistsMeditation, 345:that his lower vehicle gets sufficient rest, and adequate sleep. He rises early and retires at aPatanjali, 19:no form of any kind measures up to, or is an adequate expression of, the indwelling life. No truePatanjali, 110:carries us into a state for which we have no adequate terminology. The yogi of the East applies thePatanjali, 211:form so that it is moulded and wrought into an adequate instrument of expression. The idea is alsoPatanjali, 275:their mental control and equipment are not adequate, they cannot discriminate nor ascertainPatanjali, 328:set the law aside in any case unless there is adequate "weakening" of the cause producing thePatanjali, 368:has been so dealt with that now it serves as an adequate expression and means of service. The soulPatanjali, 382:and brought to a condition where they are adequate to the thought or desire of the man. Carried toProblems, 33:that our educational systems have not been adequate; they have failed to train children for rightProblems, 94:are sound economics, a living religion and an adequate educational system. In every country theProblems, 175:means of distribution by sea, rail and air are adequate. None of this will, however, take placePsychology1, 11:minds can be so drawn together and fused into an adequate synthesis, and if they (in theirPsychology1, 29:and for which we have neither words nor other adequate medium of expression? So it is. Just as thePsychology1, 55:and their latent sentiency so as to produce adequate refinement and sentiency, the vibrationPsychology1, 73:of that form nature that it is unable to make adequate or intelligent use of its destructive force.
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