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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADEQUATE

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Psychology1, 91:development, with mechanisms of varying kinds, adequate and inadequate. We find all of them,Psychology1, 156:by step we are mastering matter and making more adequate the mechanism of awareness and of contact.Psychology1, 160:years ago. Nevertheless, until there is a more adequate knowledge of ray qualities, and until aPsychology1, 285:to the new opportunities is, for the first time, adequate and synthetic. Hence the increasingPsychology1, 300:life of every day upon earth, which provides an adequate heaven and a more than adequate [301]Psychology1, 300:provides an adequate heaven and a more than adequate [301] hell. The spreading of this doctrine ofPsychology1, 327:bodies a certain percentage of atoms of the adequate vibrations and lightness. This secret ofPsychology1, 330:he dwells in the flesh, and it is for him an adequate field of unfoldment; in the process ofPsychology1, 334:and attractive. For this we do not make adequate allowance. Teachers, parents and educators wouldPsychology1, 372:and all that attends its entry has produced the adequate changes in the nervous system, it will notPsychology1, 385:and of destruction of old forms, prior to an adequate responsiveness to the influence of thePsychology2, 16:life after life, that will be increasingly adequate to its own expression. Produce that sensitivityPsychology2, 58:the material needed, and steadily making more adequate models as the pattern is visited. Some day,Psychology2, 59:the great Design, coupled with a better and more adequate equipment through which to carry on thePsychology2, 62:conditioned nature. A form is produced which is adequate to the temporary need of the soul andPsychology2, 136:An integrated, intelligent personality is adequate to deal with the working out of the server'sPsychology2, 157:of his motive. Only the desire to serve is adequate to bring about the necessary reorientation andPsychology2, 211:powers are greater than they are at present and adequate for that purpose. Psychology2, 223:It is the result of the ability - sometimes adequate and sometimes inadequate - of the innerPsychology2, 249:by the attempt to express divine ideas in adequate forms, according to the innate capacity and thePsychology2, 252:see to it that the seeds of the new forms are adequate to the desired intent. They must appreciatePsychology2, 277:these terms more clearly, nor can I find an adequate word for the phrase which qualifies thePsychology2, 303:presented is of sufficient difficulty and of adequate interest to merit careful consideration. IPsychology2, 315:are over-developed and over-stimulated without adequate conscious control by the soul. ThisPsychology2, 323:these latter, the average psychologist has no adequate explanation. [324] The integration of anPsychology2, 324:defined as: An equipment which is becoming adequate in three directions of contact. ThePsychology2, 342:intensifying and becoming more correct and adequate as time passes. The self within, or identifiedPsychology2, 364:It is this realization which will provide adequate incentive for alignment. This alignment or sensePsychology2, 418:a lack of desire impulses, a failure to register adequate dynamic incentives, immaturity and [419]Psychology2, 420:unable to hold the link within the brain with adequate positiveness. But, speaking as one whoPsychology2, 425:as yet, no true language-form, for we have no adequate terms, and in which word-symbols mean butPsychology2, 459:amelioration of the condition, the providing of adequate care of the patient and the protection ofPsychology2, 477:and psychometrical facility - are usually adequate to the demand and the need to be met. IPsychology2, 499:and leave the student of psychology to make adequate application of the information, when facedPsychology2, 654:individual, national ambitions. The providing of adequate food, raiment and housing facilities toPsychology2, 655:take our stand and, given right opportunity and adequate aid, the work of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 656:selflessness and wisdom, and if they demonstrate adequate skill in action, they [657] willPsychology2, 685:Beings Who are seeking to help the planet, more adequate channels of service. Three Masters fromPsychology2, 703:and perhaps desirable because it provides the adequate incentive towards the needed effort. ThePsychology2, 712:This is essential if the human being is to find adequate time for the unfoldment of hisPsychology2, 713:the world a vision of sufficient clarity and an adequate incentive to enable him to work withPsychology2, 725:numbers and spheres of influence are entirely adequate to bring about the desired changes, if theyRays, 29:power of the Spiritual Triad is not, therefore, adequate to hold the personality steady and theRays, 116:young man," initiate though he was, was not yet adequate to the requirements, so he went sadlyRays, 135:of a better world, the construction of more adequate forms of life and of more correct humanRays, 139:- thus actuating mental perception if deemed of adequate importance. However, it should be borne inRays, 164:and later again rebuild for itself a more adequate form. It is the same under the great processesRays, 167:are studying ideas for which we have, as yet, no adequate language. Briefly, we have consideredRays, 178:of being and of activity for which we have no adequate or illustrative words. The four higherRays, 183:is to change the present forms into the more adequate forms demanded by the descending life and itsRays, 203:with ideas and concepts for which we have no adequate terminology and which are of such a natureRays, 300:their underlying unity. When this unity assumes adequate proportions in the eyes of mankind, a realRays, 303:The five senses and the mind principle are adequate to bring that about. It is not his task toRays, 309:and manifests anew through the medium of more adequate forms of expression. The soul, however,Rays, 328:much that I could say (if words existed of an adequate nature) will not be said. Those that haveRays, 340:and for these experiences we have as yet no adequate language. All that is possible is to indicateRays, 374:and power from Shamballa, and this inflow is adequate to hierarchical need) as it seeks to aid notRays, 397:Master a vision of possibility. This vision is adequate to the task of drawing Him forth from theRays, 414:by the initiates that there is a good and adequate reason for the relation and that the followingRays, 439:Them that They know that Their equipment is adequate to the undertaking and that They can, withoutRays, 510:briefly the effect of the Word of Power. When adequate stability has been acquired, the discipleRays, 529:nor would the human constitution prove adequate to the imposed task. I have in these previousRays, 531:process in its earlier stages. When an adequate number of disciples will have succeeded in relatingRays, 540:he knows then why this planet is - for wise and adequate reasons - the planet of distress,Rays, 547:of its creative construction, the Antahkarana is adequate to permit some contact with the AshramRays, 611:There are other factors, but these will be adequate to demonstrate to you the increased expressionRays, 674:Today, desire for peace at any price, for adequate food, warmth and housing, for the restoration ofRays, 703:and that the "strength of your heart" may be adequate to the undertaking. Rays, 723:inevitably to cosmic perception. We have no adequate word for this quality or type of sensitivity,Rays, 734:go when the invocative appeal of any planet is adequate. Think not that They come to put wrongRays, 738:upon Earth give us each and all a fully adequate task and something for which to live and work, toRays, 757:expression in understandable terms, and adequate translation before its widespread use becameReappearance, 95:the workers are there and the power to work is adequate to the need. Above all else, the HierarchyReappearance, 140:and the same old interpretations are deemed adequate to meet man's modern needs and enquiries. TheyReappearance, 162:the Christ will be done. Numerically, they are adequate to the task and need only reassurance andReappearance, 171:true financial trusteeship and the deflection of adequate sums of money into channels which willReappearance, 178:a tiny sum of money each year, there would be adequate funds for His work; the needed trusts andReappearance, 178:financial generosity and the reason always seems adequate. Therefore, the second prerequisite isReappearance, 180:if his incentive and spiritual expectancy is adequate to the task ahead. Only that is of importanceReappearance, 185:numbers and range of activities are entirely adequate to bring about the changes which will enableReappearance, 188:Who waits in His high place until the demand is adequate and the cry clear enough to warrant HisReappearance, 189:must be accepted if the incentive is to prove adequate. It is with this thought that we look intoSoul, 11:a way unexpectedly rich in suggestion for a more adequate training of the individual, but in a waySoul, 34:are functioning normally, there will be no adequate response [35] to the information telegraphedSoul, 35:present speculation has been replaced by more adequate and better [36] grounded knowledge, we willSoul, 73:allowed each its place and never succeeded in an adequate answer to the question as to how the mindTelepathy, 24:written and spoken words are not in themselves adequate to account for the display of modernTelepathy, 81:nature that aeons have elapsed in developing the adequate discriminative sensitivity and inTelepathy, 104:outstanding needs of the disciple is to develop adequate sensitivity to ashramic impression andTelepathy, 115:is due to the fact that few people think with an adequate clarity or with the energy required; theyTelepathy, 137:that certain energies are as yet unable to make adequate impression upon the human consciousness,Telepathy, 152:representative of the spiritual man and entirely adequate. The nadis, in their turn, [153] areTelepathy, 160:are made when the etheric body has in it an adequate measure of the substance of the lowest of the
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