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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADEQUATELY

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Fire, 232:and matter so that a body is produced that will adequately express Spirit. Merge the essence withinFire, 253:others, and has the fifth principle vibrating adequately, while certain others are in process ofFire, 259:the bridge between higher and lower mind, is adequately constructed. When the lower is under theFire, 365:so that the Atlantean root-race found them adequately equipped to cope with life conditions. ThisFire, 464:of men, whose fourth spirilla is functioning adequately. In these last two cases we are dealingFire, 571:the matter is too abstruse to express more adequately. It is in this analogy that the basic ideaFire, 617:and devas find their force expression most adequately through man, with all that is included inFire, 626:by those who have expanded their consciousness adequately. [627] The buddhic plane, or fourthFire, 965:of evolution, the alta major center vibrates adequately. When the triangle of force that theseFire, 971:the imagination, or power of visualization, is adequately vivid, the second part of the gestationGlamour, 16:is obvious that I cannot deal with the subject adequately in one instruction, and we will take theGlamour, 36:illusion on a large scale, for the race is not adequately mental nor has the illusion (which is, asGlamour, 39:fully play its part and the Dweller is seldom adequately realized. I would here remind you of aGlamour, 125:astral, emotional and glamorous - but that he is adequately equipped to handle it, did he but knowGlamour, 195:The rules for the Technique of Light have been adequately laid down in the Raja Yoga system ofHealing, 49:centers which are not properly equipped, or adequately developed, to handle the force. The above isHealing, 79:focal points or centers the life force cannot adequately flow, and therefore you have a definiteHealing, 82:inability of the outer tangible form to respond adequately to the inner and subtler impulses. HereHealing, 103:conversation, and the work done would not be adequately effective. From the physical standpoint,Healing, 107:you have an astral or emotional body that is not adequately or properly controlled, you have inHealing, 142:blood to the nervous system has not been as yet adequately developed in modern medicine. Much,Healing, 156:which this new spirit could function more adequately. The heart center corresponds to the "heart ofHealing, 157:only when the mental faculties have been adequately developed and have reached a fairly high stageHealing, 213:the psychological response of the person is not adequately grasped. Nothing is known, factuallyHealing, 377:of themselves, plus the providing of adequately sensitive plates or their equivalent, which willHealing, 442:physical plane, it fails to fulfil its mission adequately. - Page 537. Healing, 614:that it is an automaton. If you can grasp this adequately, we can safely proceed to theHealing, 640:of the spirit of the earth. If that pull proves adequately strong, the friction within the atomicHealing, 650:of healing best suited to that ray; then, when adequately efficient and able to use facility andHealing, 706:in interpreting for himself if he reflects adequately and lives spiritually. Here are the sevenInitiation, 9:subject is such that in order to deal with it adequately one [10] should be able to write from theInitiation, 17:if one may so express it, although this does not adequately convey the idea. Words so oftenIntellect, 139:a void of immense solitude whereof no mortal can adequately speak... When, afterwards, theseIntellect, 155:with the purely mystic way, and have not studied adequately the technique of the East, to confoundMagic, 35:it to develop and grow so as to house more adequately the indwelling life, and which drives allMagic, 69:man can know the times and seasons and can adequately discern the subtle distinction between aMagic, 133:never lays upon one human being more than he can adequately accomplish. He can and does train HisMagic, 136:in many people, and their sense of values adequately adjusted before this group, which mustMagic, 174:they should be enabled to act accurately and adequately as transmitters and interpreters. Magic, 186:to [186] personally deal with him, for he can be adequately helped in other ways and has, forMagic, 341:to respond and in the sensed incapacity to do so adequately, lies one cause of the sense ofMagic, 377:of certain facts that have never been adequately considered. It is an acknowledged fact inMagic, 407:of every national unit so that it can adequately perform its international duties, and thus formMagic, 428:can I relinquish in order that I may help more adequately? - that and more than that lies ahead ofMagic, 485:that few people have the power to clothe them adequately in mental matter, and those few are soMagic, 504:of the consciousness through a web which is not adequately clear and through an orifice which isMagic, 537:physical plane, it fails to fulfil its mission adequately. When the factor of spiritualMagic, 610:creations and organizations which will more adequately embody the life of God in the Aquarian AgeMeditation, 186:in proper geometrical manner, each center is adequately vitalized, every power is sufficientlyMeditation, 248:are scattered throughout the communication are adequately followed up they will form the basis ofMeditation, 280:when he has purified himself and is vibrating adequately, naught can withhold all knowledge fromMeditation, 303:the occult student and the Himalayan adepts know adequately how to protect their pupils, providedMeditation, 332:amount of training, will fill the need fairly adequately. As evolution proceeds the polarization ofMeditation, 335:When these four requirements are attended to adequately a definite process of elimination proceeds,Patanjali, 79:sheaths is attained, and the lower man can then adequately reflect the higher or spiritual man. NowPatanjali, 84:of Christian mysticism, has been frequently and adequately covered. Patanjali, 102:words employed in this sutra can only be adequately translated into clear terms by the use ofPatanjali, 109:The sutratma or thread is functioning adequately and the lower bodies are aligned upon it,Patanjali, 190:idea in very beautiful words and the method is adequately brought out. He says: "WhenPatanjali, 202:tend to provide a form through which spirit can adequately function; The protection of the purifiedPatanjali, 206:"gentle stillness" of the vehicle so that it can adequately reflect the Christ principle, or thePatanjali, 282:is dissipated. At present this can be adequately accomplished by the seer through a concentrationProblems, 112:of the white man, and this statistics will adequately prove; the cry that paternalism is what thePsychology1, 14:thus expressed them tritely and succinctly and adequately, had we but the development to know it.Psychology1, 51:until the soul is awakened and consciousness is adequately recording the known. The planes orPsychology1, 55:organized equipment of the human body when it is adequately refined and sufficiently developed: ThePsychology1, 171:departments of human evolution might be adequately served. At the same time They organized thePsychology1, 253:of no scientific import at all; but it covers adequately the karmic divisions and the generalPsychology1, 258:sentiency and awareness, and the inner urge was adequately strong, the life forced itself intoPsychology1, 313:manifestation of divine powers. To portray adequately the wonder and the destiny of the humanPsychology1, 324:to bring real value to the group and to serve adequately the group need. In true esotericism, therePsychology1, 379:find no better name for it - so as to express adequately its functional effect - than the words,Psychology1, 428:of no scientific import at all; but it covers adequately the karmic divisions and the generalPsychology2, 140:into dominance before the personality ray is adequately known or controlled. Other serversPsychology2, 159:the five senses to emerge in humanity) has been adequately developed in the aspirant, and he knowsPsychology2, 167:squirrel stores its nuts. The storehouse now is adequately full... Sudden a spade descends, for thePsychology2, 194:energies. When the groups are functioning adequately and have achieved, not only an internal groupPsychology2, 214:command of the personality. These have oft been adequately outlined by disciples down the ages, andPsychology2, 216:eventuate before the hidden implications can be adequately comprehended. If it seems simple andPsychology2, 315:centers for the gaining of experience, are not adequately responsive to their environment for thePsychology2, 344:towards reality. That period has been adequately covered, for all present purposes, by science,Psychology2, 366:light comes the revelation expressed for us so adequately in the closing words of the fourth rayPsychology2, 379:we call the Aryan Race, or to what might be more adequately called the Aryan consciousness, forPsychology2, 552:Energy is carried to the throat but is not adequately used and there is a [553] consequentPsychology2, 556:appointed ends. I wanted to make these points adequately clear because they have a definite bearingPsychology2, 587:to work on the lowest astral levels is adequately perceived, then in due time the needed effortPsychology2, 650:number of men and women [650] in the world, adequately developed, so that they can contact it andPsychology2, 708:of words [708] today that this new art is most adequately expressing itself. The art of music willPsychology2, 719:on the physical plane that the lessons cannot be adequately learned because the immediate physicalPsychology2, 730:had not suffered enough and therefore was not adequately sensitive to others. It had no innerRays, 18:of the dedicated individual, but are regarded as adequately grasped by humanity; they have beenRays, 46:not possible in these brief instructions to deal adequately with the will aspect of divinity, norRays, 91:in evolution warrant a truer picture which - if adequately grasped - will enable the disciple toRays, 93:The subject is too vast and intricate to be adequately considered here. The above truth does,Rays, 178:(confronting the initiate) is to function adequately in response to the life of the planetary LogosRays, 208:in evolution, whose rays are "shining through" adequately, and who can evidence some one quality,Rays, 212:functioning intelligently and demonstrating love adequately. We now come to the third factor whichRays, 219:The goal and the main objective is not adequately emphasized in their consciousness. The groupRays, 245:Their techniques of work in order to meet adequately the demands upon Them. It is far easier forRays, 367:God" as your personality - when expressing adequately the soul and later the Monad - conditions
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