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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADEQUATELY

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Rays, 418:be given, for there is no word in our language adequately available. The above information will,Rays, 435:just finding his place within an Ashram, seem an adequately difficult undertaking and one thatRays, 457:to you that when the personality is becoming adequately magnetized from the spiritual angle, itsRays, 510:human terms the outline of a process which, if adequately followed, will enable you to make realRays, 539:light, to walk in a greater light, to prove more adequately than [540] heretofore his capacitiesRays, 544:of the soul and the personality I have dealt adequately in other writings and in the teaching onRays, 576:is not yet developed and cannot, therefore, adequately take control. He discovers that he lives inRays, 687:anent this initiation. The whole theme is adequately dealt with in a book written by A.A.B.Reappearance, 11:humanity is not yet sufficiently developed or adequately oriented to the life of the Spirit to bearReappearance, 84:disciples in the world are to prepare mankind adequately for His appearing. Much can be done if menTelepathy, 10:someone seeking rapport. When these streams are adequately strong, they act like a boomerang andTelepathy, 18:petalled lotus). This heart center, when adequately radiatory and magnetic, relates disciples toTelepathy, 122:Plan until the antahkarana is to some measure adequately constructed, though not yet perfected. ItTelepathy, 174:Whether the nature of the controlling rays is adequately clear. Whether the point at the center andTelepathy, 190:the thousand petalled lotus, when the man is adequately developed. This center is the agent of the
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