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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADHERE

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Autobiography, 271:to which the entire group is trained to adhere, but they will do so easily and without controversy.Discipleship1, 247:they are producing in you much needed changes. Adhere closely to my instructions and carry forwardDiscipleship1, 260:- will produce a great stimulation unless you adhere closely to my instructions. The effect will beDiscipleship1, 325:I change not your meditation and will ask you to adhere to it until next May. This is for you aDiscipleship1, 342:But whilst working in my group, will you not adhere to my instructions and refrain from criticismDiscipleship1, 363:the work with your wisdom and ripe experience. Adhere to the simple outline indicated by me in myDiscipleship1, 368:physical plane life to discipline, self-imposed; adhere to that discipline at all costs. You canDiscipleship1, 500:mental body. Those upon the Path do not always adhere to the rules. This type of governing mentalDiscipleship1, 519:serves to clear both your vision and your path. Adhere, therefore, to it with closeness andDiscipleship1, 586:lie open before you, will you choose two and adhere to them even when the novelty palls and youDiscipleship1, 618:is ever, as I have already told you, to adhere to and carry forward the next duty and toDiscipleship2, 130:This will not be easy at first, but if you adhere faithfully to instructions, you will consciouslyDiscipleship2, 458:you will have to set for yourself each year, and adhere to it. Its theme must grow out of the workDiscipleship2, 458:meditation. Work out your own, but let it adhere to the general concept with which I haveDiscipleship2, 692:to humanity. It forced you almost fanatically to adhere to certain ideas and concepts which wereDiscipleship2, 720:over-stimulation of which you are the victim. Adhere strictly to this injunction. One of theDiscipleship2, 763:meditation work, my brother, I would have you adhere to the Full Moon procedure outlined earlier byExternalisation, 17:aspirant, so that he may be on his guard and adhere with care to the rules and instructions. HeExternalisation, 115:forces and the conservative attitudes which adhere to the well-known and the familiar, and whichGlamour, 23:only all men of goodwill within the world aura adhere to their appointed task. When the Buddha wasGlamour, 225:of the light upon the glamor. They must also adhere faithfully to the formula given. This is one ofMagic, 22:or the theoretically biassed scientists we will adhere to the well-used terminology and seek toMagic, 54:to attempt to organize their minds and adhere to their meditation work. The organizing of the mindMagic, 115:along some lines less than that of those who adhere to basic principles, seen in the light of theMagic, 372:subject, however, it is the part of wisdom to adhere to wide generalities until the whole matterMagic, 486:to allow the matter of the astral plane to adhere to the mental thought-form. Fight the matter outMeditation, 295:to the forms laid down, to ponder and wisely adhere to the prescribed instructions, and toPatanjali, 87:is perfected. This translation does not adhere to the exact Sanskrit terms. It conveys neverthelessPatanjali, 201:all forms. This paraphrase of Sutra 40 does not adhere to the technical translation of the SanskritProblems, 128:a theological school to which he will choose to adhere. His own God-illumined mind will search forPsychology1, 325:except in so far as is needed to force it to adhere to group or soul purpose. These servers who arePsychology2, 108:false and wrong. This is the way of separation. Adhere to the way of integration which is of thePsychology2, 662:affiliate with them. They emphasize the need to adhere to certain formulated beliefs, such as theRays, 125:concerns their ability to accept and adhere to a self-imposed discipline. Through the means of thatRays, 680:and sometimes evil men is not sound; it does not adhere to the true communistic platform, but is
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