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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADHERENCE

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Astrology, 215:same time by idealism, governed by a fanatical adherence to their national destiny as theyAstrology, 375:in the average man (and this is literally wilful adherence to personality aims) or as intelligentlyAstrology, 375:of love - in the advanced man. This connotes adherence to soul purpose. People who are TauriansAstrology, 485:to the spiritual values and an unalterable adherence to the good of humanity. Aquarius is - withAstrology, 592:synthesis of creation, or persistent endeavor, adherence to vision and complete sacrifice, and allAutobiography, 157:co-executives, but our sense of justice and our adherence to the governing principles wereAutobiography, 273:criticism on other schools, teaching exclusive adherence to the leader and loyalty to that leader'sBethleheminspire in this Twentieth Century that fervent adherence and service which in former ages could beBethlehem, 26:own organization leaders; they have stressed adherence to authoritative teaching and rules of life,Bethlehem, 26:rules of life, and have not primarily emphasized adherence to the still small voice of the soul.Bethlehem, 203:at length, but it might be defined simply as adherence to that which we should have outgrown, theBethlehem, 280:and the reason, Dr. Dewey tells us, is that "...adherence to any body of doctrines and dogmas basedDestiny, 22:furiously and under the cloak of so-called "adherence to principle" for what appeals to you. MostDestiny, 52:States, Italy and Spain. It is the fanatical adherence to an ideal which is responsible for theDestiny, 113:response to a major world need, or some potent adherence to some current ideology. This indicatesDiscipleship1, 17:if there is the loyal link of love, if there is adherence to the group ideal and if there is mutualDiscipleship1, 21:willingly and with eyes open, though no rigid adherence to such rules is ever expected. TheDiscipleship1, 124:it. There has been, at the same time, a steady adherence to the chosen way and to your groupDiscipleship1, 189:has been fanned to a flame by your faithful adherence to the ordained duty. This warrants a furtherDiscipleship1, 236:Your sixth ray personality produces an intense adherence to your ideals and to the truth, as youDiscipleship1, 342:of this experimentation can you give faithful adherence to the imparted instruction? You can at anyDiscipleship1, 447:where the sixth ray is concerned, and fanatical adherence to people or schools of thought. That isDiscipleship1, 582:a disciple is concerned) predicates intense adherence to a line of thought, [583] to an idea, aDiscipleship1, 583:These may be right or wrong but the tendency to adherence is powerfully present and can be a greatDiscipleship1, 617:of this life must be given to the steady adherence to the duty of the day and to an intense innerDiscipleship1, 689:important, that how you feel about it and your adherence to it seemingly fades out. You becomeDiscipleship2, 318:already presented. There is here usually a close adherence to the esoteric teaching of the time,Discipleship2, 459:is strong and elastic (ponder on that term) and adherence to the rules will ensure success. MyDiscipleship2, 507:by your patient persistence and your undeviating adherence to the service of the Hierarchy. ForDiscipleship2, 556:through this life. I urged on you a steadfast adherence to established spiritual habits. EnoughDiscipleship2, 708:a steadfastness of purpose and an unswerving adherence to duty and dharma and a capacity toDiscipleship2, 714:and the carrying through of a project and adherence to a plan bring through energy on to theDiscipleship2, 741:has an ordered rhythm, and there is a steadfast adherence to a plan which is carried through at allExternalisation, 84:word in every country, group loyalty, group adherence to the leader, and group methods. SuccessExternalisation, 243:recognized; blindness, nationalistic ambitions, adherence to ancient territorial demands andExternalisation, 309:to the Avatar? It is feeling and fanatical adherence to a loved ideal which frequently standExternalisation, 317:have believed." The following of the meditation, adherence to the instructions given, persistenceExternalisation, 368:and their decisions as to loyalties and adherence are clarified. The spirit of freedom isExternalisation, 586:directive is not hierarchical possibilities but adherence to the purposes of Shamballa, in action,Fire, 88:lies in quality and method more than in detailed adherence to a specified action at any given timeFire, 789:and the interaction between the two causes an adherence to, or aggregation around, the etheric bodyGlamour, 119:of the dramatic or of importance, or a fanatical adherence to groups of ideas, inherited from theGlamour, 123:RAY VI The glamor of devotion. The glamor of adherence to forms and persons. The glamor ofGlamour, 146:opposed (often under the guise of a strenuous adherence to what you regard as right principles) areInitiation, 75:of the difficulties, and in a single-hearted adherence to the good of the group, with aInitiation, 183:of tests and trials, and in that inner adherence to the voice of the God within, which is the markMagicuse of the truth imparted. Third, that a dynamic adherence to the chosen path and a steadyMagic, 7:of the Ageless Wisdom is asked to give blind adherence to any presentation of truth; he is asked,Magic, 85:that in obedience to the next duty and [85] adherence to the highest known form of truth lies theMagic, 137:out for those with clear vision, uncompromising adherence to the truth as sensed, and capacity toMeditation, 41:you have the fighting for ideals and the devoted adherence to a cause, as demonstrated under theMeditation, 70:for the new building. In serenity and steady adherence to the next duty will come theMeditation, 112:living, of climatic inertia and of a rigid adherence to forms and to the strictest rules of livingMeditation, 155:us. Strict obedience to the law, and steady adherence to the rules laid down, with skill in actionMeditation, 193:when united purity of motive and an unselfish adherence to the good of all can be found, will thisMeditation, 223:consideration. September 3rd, 1920 In the steady adherence to the next duty and the planting of theMeditation, 223:the law loose in the individual life? Simply adherence, as stated above, to the highest duty and anMeditation, 251:powers. They are personifications of one-pointed adherence to one line of thought, and theirPatanjali, 188:for the work of Eastern occultism than strict adherence to the requirements laid down by the MasterProblems, 96:(which is everybody's privilege) and a close adherence to those of their own race. Other groupsProblems, 172:against united world action; it is fanatical adherence to an ideology and national immaturity whichPsychology1, 385:States, Italy and Spain. It is the fanatical adherence to an ideal which is responsible also forPsychology2, 36:of the Plan, must be the way for you. Adherence to the rhythm of the planet will release the hiddenPsychology2, 38:steadiness which leads to proved endurance. Adherence to the chosen Way, and ignoring of the pairsPsychology2, 41:for right revelation of divinity and light; Adherence to right action; The revelation of glory andPsychology2, 42:Ray Six Violence, Fanaticism, Wilful adherence to an ideal, Short sighted blindness, Militarism andPsychology2, 106:behind a sense of righteous responsibility, an adherence to principles as they appear to thePsychology2, 187:willingly and with the eyes open, but no rigid adherence to the letter of the law is ever asked orPsychology2, 456:tainted with this psychological trouble of blind adherence to ideas and of personality devotionsPsychology2, 675:If, however, there is skill in action and an adherence to the principles of harmonious cooperation,Rays, 11:for the work that has to be done. In the steady adherence to self-appointed rules comes the gradualRays, 480:and the interaction between the two causes an adherence to, or aggregation around, the etheric bodyRays, 576:of an equally pronounced and often fanatical adherence to the program of aspiration and of devotionRays, 579:qualities of ideological recognition, devoted adherence to truth as sensed, profound reaction toRays, 582:imprisoning ideologies, and a fanatical mental adherence to mass ideals, with no understanding ofRays, 582:devotion to human welfare and to a one-pointed adherence to the Plan of the Hierarchy; allRays, 583:a crystallization of all thought and a fanatical adherence to mass idealism. [584] These tendenciesRays, 659:quality of will; it is of the nature of a strict adherence to a fixed intention. At each transitionReappearance, 109:it is one of interpretation, of fanatical adherence to some pet truth and always - exclusiveness,Reappearance, 142:in the dark caves of man's thinking; fanatical adherence to human interpretations has taken the
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