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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADJUSTMENTS

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Initiation, 61:here, that prior to the coming of the Christ, adjustments will be made so that at the head of allInitiation, 122:upon our planet. This concerns the making of adjustments, and the gradual application of energy inIntellect, 169:man quite a little time to learn the necessary adjustments. A second effect, as we have seen, isMagic, 129:consideration. These are days wherein many adjustments and changes are being wrought in the worldMagic, 280:carried out with precision, whilst the inner adjustments proceed in the silence of the heart. ForMagic, 325:out of past destruction. and present adjustments; they will see the setting loose of fresh lifeMagic, 638:rapidly in the case of a disciple, and thus adjustments are speedily made. I would like to pointMeditation, 192:but a synthesis of the others in actuality, for adjustments [193] in the matter of the three lowerMeditation, 193:creation of a funnel of communication. Those adjustments result first of all in the destruction ofMeditation, 328:review and communicate to the Head any necessary adjustments. (I would here remind you that thePatanjali, 62:to the demands later to be made upon it. These adjustments will be great and they fall into fourProblems, 15:value to study briefly some of the psychological adjustments which the nations must make withinProblems, 24:upon boundaries is stupidly over-emphatic. Adjustments have to be made; boundaries will have to beProblems, 177:race or creed. Time must be given for the needed adjustments and humanity must learn to bePsychology1, 298:which will eventually lead to the necessary adjustments in the department of sex? It most certainlyPsychology1, 300:heaven or hell; he will have to make his adjustments in the life of every day upon earth, whichPsychology1, 304:life, with its enforced relations, its scope for adjustments and adaptability, its demandedPsychology2, 114:the needed work be accomplished, the needed adjustments in the world can be made. The success orPsychology2, 242:the wonder of the power behind the present world adjustments! This instinct of Deity is closelyPsychology2, 401:appear that the necessary environmental adjustments are so hard and the equipment so inadequate toPsychology2, 462:the time of adolescence when so many difficult adjustments require to be made. It is too late to doPsychology2, 464:nature if it fails to do so. The necessary adjustments must be made or psychological, psychopathic,Psychology2, 534:frustration; this process produces those adjustments which must be made as the man becomesPsychology2, 634:largely on heredity and capital, and the modern adjustments in nations are rapidly fusing them intoPsychology2, 694:potent that naturally and sweetly the necessary adjustments can be made. The illumination of men'sPsychology2, 699:accomplished at the Wesak Festivals, the needed adjustments in the world can be made. The successPsychology2, 712:future, with its definite physical plane adjustments and its tentative suggestion for worldPsychology2, 741:understanding and bringing about harmonious adjustments. This will be done through the agency ofRays, 137:life and the needed individual eliminations and adjustments are now so well known (theoretically,Rays, 231:has created (and will increasingly create) major adjustments within the Hierarchy itself. TheRays, 410:joyous happening, but necessitated many ashramic adjustments. Owing to this advancement, owing toRays, 612:and a widespread recognition of the needed adjustments. Even the evil forces which still remainReappearance, 55:certain horror, must present its tests and major adjustments, plus painful and unavoidableTelepathy, 136:process has brought about the changes and adjustments needed for the full expression of the Will of
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