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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADMISSION

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Autobiography, 206:time, therefore, came when we decided to charge admission to my lectures even if it was only 25Bethlehem, 211:of sins through His blood as the reason for that admission. Bethlehem, 216:arrested his attention and forced from him the admission that this third Malefactor had "doneBethlehem, 216:nothing amiss." The factor which accorded him admission into paradise was a two-fold one. HeBethlehem, 240:Him. (2) Self-knowledge, and the consequent admission of failure. The promise 'I will guide theeDiscipleship1, 497:- D.E.I. To D. E. I. April 1938 MY BROTHER: Your admission into this group and the assigning to youDiscipleship2, 93:majority of them will not be kept waiting for admission to a definitely more positive penetratingDiscipleship2, 329:The time has to come wherein candidates for admission into an Ashram, and later, for initiation,Discipleship2, 585:by your sixth ray idealism, and the increasing admission of your second ray energy so as to controlDiscipleship2, 633:new disciple to the dual life to [633] which his admission to the Ashram has committed him - theExternalisation, 395:here before, and for liberation from evil and admission into good. One of the realizations emergingExternalisation, 529:adjustments incident to new alignments and the admission of new personnel is being watched over andFire, 88:it, will be far more insuperable than an admission of its existence. Scientists admit already theFire, 125:of continuity of consciousness and the admission into the personal life of man of "Life moreFire, 176:a complete reorganization, and a fresh admission of members into the great White Lodge. These factsFire, 398:a Heavenly Man, and a human being) involves the admission of certain deductions based onGlamour, 108:physically centered man who was on the verge of admission to the Path was aware of: The physicalHealing, 152:is regarded by the Masters as signifying admission to the Path. It is called an initiation, byHealing, 585:Discipleship, he will aid the discovery by frank admission; however, if there is no response fromInitiation, 17:system are but the preparatory initiations of admission into the greater Lodge on Sirius. We haveIntellect, 101:kinds, upon which we act, or to which we refuse admission if we do not like them. The mind has aMagic, 185:a man's record those conditions which negate his admission in this life. Magic, 186:likewise karmic and must be adjusted before his admission among other chelas becomes possible. AMagic, 187:so, but much must be done along this line before admission into a group of disciples; otherwiseMagic, 188:lower bodies, or to wait for that time when his admission may count the most. The third factor,Meditation, 46:later see these schools founded in each nation; admission into them will not be easy of attainment,Meditation, 210:by the pupil of the Great Ones by the admission of the colors connected with light. The synthesisMeditation, 294:is properly done, the aspirant will sound the admission word in his own key or tone, endeavoring toMeditation, 317:Tomorrow we will take up the rules governing the admission of students and the personnel of theMeditation, 317:of the advanced school, and the rules of admission to both the preparatory and advanced. ThisMeditation, 319:own effort and initiatory powers. The rules of admission into the preparatory school will beMeditation, 321:some vicissitudes in solving. The rules for admission into the advanced school are far morePsychology1, 103:stand, and to pave the way, first, for the admission of the soul as a sound hypothesis, andPsychology1, 131:of the energy of spirit. This is not really the admission or the recombining of a third light, butPsychology2, 138:Service, and they will be discovered through the admission of the Ray hypothesis and an observationRays, 214:I mean that certain lines of thought are refused admission; certain habits of thinking areRays, 346:training for some one initiation. This group admission will develop rapidly as the world settlesRays, 393:all within the Ashram. It is given by His admission to the conclave of the Masters, meeting everyRays, 545:themselves, and in the early stages of their admission to the Ashram and of their training, have aRays, 562:of an ashram is definitely affected by the admission of an initiate; he brings into it not only hisRays, 690:initiate's equipment capable of registering its admission and circulation through his three headReappearance, 88:approach will be favored; the rules for admission into that Kingdom will become objective; the lawsSoul, 147:or assumption are not based on structure, the admission of even the smallest and seemingly most
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