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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADMITS

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Astrology, 168:purposes of the Hierarchy of our planet. Cancer admits the soul into the world center which we callAstrology, 168:world center which we call Humanity. Capricorn admits the soul into conscious participation in theAstrology, 168:world center which we call the Hierarchy. Libra admits the soul into the world center which we callAstrology, 299:that greater Lodge to which our fifth initiation admits a man and to which it brings him, as aAtom, 40:they rebuild exactly as before... Science admits the difficulty of drawing the line between theBethlehem, 219:opportunity. The fourth Word from the Cross admits us into one of the most intimate moments ofBethlehem, 272:they tread the difficult path to the gate which admits into that kingdom, become the only dear andDiscipleship2, 71:Divine Intervention and Answered Prayer. One admits of reciprocal energies, the other predicatesDiscipleship2, 480:even when, technically and theoretically, he admits responsibility? Let me tell you one or two ofFire, 109:opens up a door to a wider interpretation as it admits one into the mysteries of nature. ThoughFire, 492:the third factor is comprehended, and science admits the agency of mental fire as embodied inHealing, 204:done. From the standpoint of the esotericist who admits the fact of the centers, the glands are,Healing, 282:is moving rapidly in a right direction. When it admits, in relation to the physical body, thatHealing, 506:objectively familiar but which even psychology admits exist and which we believe must disintegrateHercules, 90:Aquarius; and the world savior in Pisces. Cancer admits the soul into the world center which weHercules, 90:world center which we call humanity. Capricorn admits the soul into conscious participation in theInitiation, 15:two things: An expansion of consciousness that admits the personality into the wisdom attained byInitiation, 123:he becomes ready for the sixth Initiation, which admits him to still higher conclaves. He becomes aMagic, 12:which is infallible, free from error, and which admits him to "the freedom of the heavens". TheMagic, 17:its existence satisfactorily to the man who admits only that which the concrete mind can grasp,Magic, 165:he can localize them, and in any case he admits theoretically that there is awakening intoMeditation, 171:concrete and its place in the divine plan. He admits the fact of the indwelling life butPatanjali, 301:system and eventually finds that portal which admits a man to the sevenfold cosmic path. Of this noPatanjali, 413:soul. The third eye simultaneously develops and admits its possessor into the secrets of thePsychology1, 201:we have been told is necessarily imperfect and admits of endless amplification. First Ray of WillPsychology2, 239:an expansion in consciousness, and each of which admits man more closely and more definitely intoRays, 38:the angle of the soul. The door of initiation admits "into a larger room" or sphere of extendedRays, 341:series of inclusive recognitions. Initiation admits the aspirant into membership in the Hierarchy.Rays, 356:Higher Evolution. The first door symbolically admits the initiate into the "heart of the Sun,"Rays, 392:nature of the Masters and still higher Initiates admits Them into His inner deliberations by meansRays, 532:It might be added that the factual ceremonial admits the disciple into full fellowship with theRays, 549:energy and using it. The use of this energy admits them with ease to a level of astral living whichRays, 558:"acute energy of divine mental perception" which admits the consciousness of the initiate into theRays, 591:of active intelligence. It is the energy which admits humanity (and particularly the trainedRays, 662:anent the more important truth that initiation admits a man into some area or level of the divineSoul, 27:conclusions are based on this premise. It fully admits the form and the structure, but lays theSoul, 85:is situated the entrance to the cerebellum which admits the current of spirit and distributes [86]Soul, 155:technique, is absolutely true; its truth is, he admits, relative and provisional. The person who
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