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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADMITTANCE

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Astrology, 155:"going up" of the human being to the portal of admittance into the Hierarchy as well as the "mysticAutobiography, 262:entrance to the Mysteries and have found admittance, after fulfiling the requirements. I refer toDiscipleship1, 687:which must exist before the disciple seeks admittance into a Master's group, a gradually unfoldingDiscipleship2, 407:many will claim (as they have ever done) that admittance into the Kingdom of God is to be foundDiscipleship2, 634:way stretches clear before you. The hope of free admittance into the [635] room where the MasterEducation, 71:what every educator should aim to be. Third: The admittance of the fact of the Law of Rebirth as aExternalisation, 565:to human demands than that entailed by the admittance of disciples to Their Ashrams; it requiresMeditation, 317:A certain amount of care will be taken in the admittance of pupils to the school, and this willPsychology2, 212:so very long. The door will be opened, for the admittance of rare and peculiar souls who will bringPsychology2, 431:the future should arrive at a recognition and an admittance of the inner structure of the humanRays, 17:and approach to initiation, and his solitary admittance to the Temple [18] of Initiation. But thisRays, 115:this subject it should be remembered that admittance to Shamballa and a divine expression in lifeRays, 394:the headship of an Ashram, with a consequent admittance of many disciples to the initiation next inRays, 459:The reward of the disciple's effort has been admittance into the Ashram of some Master, increasedRays, 636:already made a major mistake by their original admittance of Russia - a totalitarian power, as wasReappearance, 129:they were initiate and were also conscious of admittance into direct relation with the Hierarchy.
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