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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADMITTING

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Autobiography, 57:a lecture - a time I always enjoy - I don't mind admitting I don't know when I don't and that isAutobiography, 157:truths of the Ageless Wisdom. Their policy of admitting nobody into the E.S. for spiritual teachingDiscipleship1, 539:One of the key words which I gave you when admitting you to the group was the word understanding.Discipleship2, 194:the Spiritual Triad) can be regarded as a door admitting the consciousness of the soul-infusedExternalisation, 462:and leaders of important world groups are admitting the failure of their church, or theirExternalisation, 640:today from an initial error. That error was the admitting of a totalitarian Power into its nations.Externalisation, 653:in the world, for distribution; They are rapidly admitting new disciples into Their Ashrams, and asFire, 125:the center at the very top of the head, and admitting entrance to the downflow from the Spirit. ByHealing, 69:do either help or hinder. Many are already admitting that. That in itself is much. When, therefore,Initiation, 109:endeavor, and much may depend upon the wisdom of admitting a man to high office and to a place inMagicis a prime requisite and leads to the portal admitting to a kingdom, a dimension and a state ofMagic, 168:His senior disciples as to the advisability of admitting the aspirant within the group aura, and ofMagic, 185:next point that a Master has to consider before admitting a man into His group is whether or noMagic, 337:vitalists, or that group of psychologists who, admitting the fact of the structure, yet regard itMeditation, 114:Hall of Wisdom, the same Gate of Initiation, admitting all into the inner sanctuary... InPsychology1, 104:for the ordinary phenomena then current without admitting its existence. Rays, 176:is seen as the entrance or doorway and as the admitting agency into something other and larger thanRays, 345:man making spiritual progress, the Hierarchy is admitting groups all the time, particularly inRays, 570:it will enable mankind to pass through the door admitting them to the first initiatory process. ItRays, 633:energy to the other [633] points and admitting a free circulation between all points around theSoul, 49:There is an act of volition, a display of will. Admitting that without the adrenal cortex such
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