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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADULT

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Astrology, 367:thymus gland which is inactive at present in the adult person, owing to the fact that the heartAtom, 26:it God. Names matter not. It corresponds to the adult stage in the human being; it is analogous toAutobiography, 239:give man time to develop free will, to become an adult using his mind, making his own decisions,Autobiography, 281:devotional aspirants. The Arcane School trains adult men and women so that they may take their nextAutobiography, 283:the Arcane School II. The Arcane School Trains Adult Men and Women for their Next Step on the PathAutobiography, 283:you are taking part in a new experiment in adult education. This experiment is based on three majorAutobiography, 284:in the Arcane School. [284] What actually is an adult person? He is - from our point of view - aAutobiography, 284:consciously attempting to attain them. To be an adult has, in fact, nothing to do with the age ofAutobiography, 284:one functioning unity, then the man is an adult being. He warrants the name of "personality" andAutobiography, 286:in this manner. Finally, this experiment in adult education is unique in that the senior studentsBethlehem, 89:they cannot be acquired if a person has reached adult life without them." - Psychology and theDestiny, 86:child can turn into a controlled humanitarian in adult life and the influences potent in theDestiny, 89:lessen and the country will take its place as an adult among the nations. Its Gemini nature and itsDiscipleship1, 16:I would like to remind you also that you are adult and mature men and women who need not specificDiscipleship1, 55:treading of the Path of Discipleship. You are adult men and women and know the Way. The practicalDiscipleship1, 518:a mother's care for a child cannot persist into adult years. There may be a responsibility whichDiscipleship1, 662:and faults are those of a child and are not adult faults at all. You dream in a child's dreamDiscipleship1, 662:must grow up, my brother, for the world needs adult workers at this time and you can meet the need;Discipleship1, 662:hurt and damage. Face life steadily, like an adult who has learnt in the school of wisdom, that theDiscipleship2, 49:disciples, working under the new rules, and are adult aspirants. Your full moon work remainsEducation, 4:is more than a sincere effort to fit a child or adult to be a good citizen, an intelligent parentEducation, 13:attitude of the teacher, particularly towards adult aspirants. The true teacher must deal in truthEducation, 77:to retaliate for some injustice (based on the adult's lack of understanding his motivation), by anEducation, 93:to recognize more quickly than will the average adult, trained in the ways and attitudes of the oldExternalisation, 281:Men have transcended the child stage and are now adult, though not mature. Maturity is achievedExternalisation, 325:With them I shall not deal, for you are all adult souls and progress by defined service, not byExternalisation, 605:the only time it is recorded that Christ (as an adult) visited the Temple of the Jews, He created aFire, 750:to learn to guide and guard himself, as the adult man has to do in ordinary life; that the ultimateHealing, 159:develops and the thymus gland is returned to adult functioning activity. This is not as yet theHealing, 160:and full functioning of the thymus gland in the adult. There is as yet an unrecognized relationHealing, 160:man. As the pineal gland is returned to full adult functioning (as is not the case with adult man)Healing, 160:full adult functioning (as is not the case with adult man) the divine will-to-good will make itselfHealing, 160:the thymus gland similarly becomes active in the adult, goodwill will become apparent and theMeditation, 28:twenty-eight and thirty-five in the life of the adult. It is the period wherein a man findsProblems, 34:who would finally learn to think as they reach adult manhood. This is not an indictment ofProblems, 48:impulse to retaliate for injustice (based on the adult's lack of understanding his motivation), byProblems, 138:for infant humanity is today unsuitable for adult mankind. These are imperative changes. NothingPsychology2, 462:too late to do this usually when a person is of adult years and has for a long period of timePsychology2, 536:gland must eventually become more active in the adult than is now the case, just as the pinealRays, 324:centers, particularly those concerned with adult education, will take into calculation, normallyReappearance, 52:the only time it is recorded that Christ (as an adult) visited the Temple of the Jews, He created aSoul, 47:of children, and, when over-functioning in adult years, produces the irresponsible man or woman,
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