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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADVANCE

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Astrology, 207:defects straightened out and some real advance effected. But the unconquered residue and theAstrology, 261:individual man which runs counter to the mass advance; the individual at this stage proceedsAstrology, 292:itself upon every possible occasion of every advance made by the form, and employs every influenceAstrology, 533:There is no power on Earth which can prevent the advance of man towards his destined goal and noAutobiography, 265:must ever precede practice. These schools will advance the teaching beyond the point reached in theDestiny, 106:There is no power on Earth which can prevent the advance of man towards his destined goal and noDiscipleship1, 5:methods to the newer circumstances and to the advance of evolution. Many tried disciples andDiscipleship1, 19:prematurely, owing to the exceedingly rapid advance made by humanity since 185o. Through theDiscipleship1, 153:and the next two years will see you making much advance in this matter, but you are only at theDiscipleship1, 199:Why? If it is true that the blind must advance by touching, but that those with sight move byDiscipleship1, 276:more definite discovery of yourself in order to advance towards greater usefulness. Some of thisDiscipleship1, 281:usefulness. In this there has already been real advance, but the effort can be carried stillDiscipleship1, 385:a firm Path which appears before you as you advance, dividing the field into two halves, andDiscipleship1, 385:and leading straight to the golden gates. As you advance along this path, imagine the two halves ofDiscipleship1, 399:Why? If it is true that the blind must advance by touching, and by keeping hold, but that thoseDiscipleship1, 431:on the path? If it is true that the blind must advance by touching, by keeping attached, and byDiscipleship1, 444:upon the Path? If it is true that the blind must advance by touching but that those with sight moveDiscipleship1, 749:It is a stage of discipleship which is far in advance of that attained by most disciples, becauseDiscipleship1, 750:disciple into an Ashram; he has to be taught to advance gradually from the periphery of the groupDiscipleship2, 252:the coming Aquarian Age will be greatly in advance of those who now function as the adepts ofDiscipleship2, 414:he knows or even senses in his effort to advance, to develop usefulness and to pass through theDiscipleship2, 633:to Disciples - W.D.S. 2. The stage of "advance." By this I do not refer to progress inDiscipleship2, 635:moments spent as you, from pillar to pillar, advance along the corridor, spurred by the needs ofDiscipleship2, 732:freedom will distinguish you or when you can advance with surety into the Ashram itself. AnyEducation, xii:mental, intuitional, social - if it is in advance of his present state is essentially spiritual inEducation, 41:life. These people are the custodians for the advance ideals of the current civilization, but theExternalisation, 31:reasons for the fact of their being a step in advance of anything hitherto possible on the physicalExternalisation, 63:and love human nature so well) at the little advance in loving thinking that some disciples haveExternalisation, 247:to sacrifice to the uttermost so that he may advance no further. Your work will, therefore, be of aExternalisation, 248:the forces of aggression from any further advance. This might mean fighting in the ranks of theExternalisation, 451:this great [451] and composite nation will advance towards a demonstration of brotherhood which mayExternalisation, 612:God is on His way and He cometh not alone. His advance guard is already here and the Plan whichFire, 253:to any extent, though One of Them is rather in advance of the others, and has the fifth principleFire, 419:can he realize that "I am That"; but that he can advance to a still further realization, and say,Fire, 465:the [465] body logoic produces a corresponding advance in the whole. No man, for instance, can makeFire, 691:(These correspondences involve a concept far in advance of what is possible even to an initiate atFire, 978:wall has to be dissipated before further [978] advance can be made, and this process is karmic andFire, 1270:them correctly; they concern realizations far in advance of the comprehension of man at this time. Healing, 277:they control. [277] This will mark a tremendous advance in wise and useful approach; it willHealing, 432:destruction, humanity has made a very rapid advance towards a more serene attitude in connectionHealing, 480:of pain. Medical science and surgical skill have advance by leaps and bounds - so much so that whatHercules, 177:and perform an act of service before he could advance upon Cerberus. He saw two people bound andInitiation, 29:degree, for his point in evolution is as far in advance of that of an adept as that adept's is inInitiation, 29:of that of an adept as that adept's is in advance of animal man. This will be somewhat elaboratedIntellect, 22:the widest good. We appreciate the enormous advance that has been made during the past two hundredIntellect, 102:quality emergent at a high level of evolutionary advance; and thirdly, as a psychical attributeIntellect, 124:the road for the rest of mankind. The advance into the unknown begins with a hypothesis, and aIntellect, 199:our responsibility, without having made any real advance upon the Way. Two pertinent questionsMagic, 453:be noted that much in these Instructions is in advance of modern thought and both theseMeditation, 118:work out from under karmic obligation [118] and advance toward ultimate liberation; besides this heMeditation, 271:group. Until he has learnt to do this he cannot advance into a closer relationship, but must remainMeditation, 299:and to their physical equipment. The rapid advance of knowledge, the spreading of the educationalPatanjali, 96:the atoms composing any tangible form, and can advance further and enter into the consciousness ofPsychology2, 118:Ability to serve marks a definite stage of advance upon the Path, and until that stage is reached,Psychology2, 219:Whose knowledge of the divine Plan is as much in advance of the Masters known to us as They are inPsychology2, 219:of the Masters known to us as They are in advance of the savage and of the undeveloped man? We doPsychology2, 270:about by a fresh approach by the soul and an advance towards its reflection, the personality, andRays, 39:ground is found upon the threshold of every new advance, until the third initiation has been taken.Rays, 112:majority of people and, secondly, with the rapid advance of the human consciousness into the realmRays, 142:concerning the Lives which are far in advance of the disciples of the world contains little ofRays, 149:with which to conform, to work with and to use. Advance into the world of spiritual values and intoRays, 149:(in which the initiate moves) is definitely an advance into simplicity. It is an advance from theRays, 149:definitely an advance into simplicity. It is an advance from the complications of theRays, 206:before the Planetary Logoi - are yet greatly in advance of the most developed members of theRays, 245:People are apt to forget that with each forward advance of humanity, the demands upon the HierarchyRays, 248:rule, the disciple is told that before he can advance to the mysteries which will be revealed toRays, 248:need to read with increasing care as they advance upon the occult way which leads to the Way of theRays, 325:effects, of the place the centers play in his advance and unfoldment, and of the play of energiesReappearance, 60:God is on His way and He cometh not alone. His advance guard is already here and the Plan whichReappearance, 126:in the progress of human consciousness. This advance will become definite and clear in a manner notSoulare as bad as the distrusters. Neither advance us toward a fair appraisal of that large body ofTelepathy, 63:and through an Ashram, and whose path of advance is as a shining light which shineth ever more
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