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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADVANCED

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Destiny, 107:You have, as a consequence: Two groups of advanced Minds, both groups equally illumined by theDiscipleship1the coming New Age will be fitted to their more advanced development. The evolutionary progress -Discipleship1, 18:which none may touch, particularly in the more advanced stages. This second group of workingDiscipleship1, 43:be close enough to the comprehension of the advanced aspirants and the world disciples so thatDiscipleship1, 69:impression upon the minds of their disciples and advanced humanity; it is the problem of humanityDiscipleship1, 113:unfold and to manifest divinity into that more advanced condition which is expressed by the wordsDiscipleship1, 116:still remains unachieved for the majority of advanced humanity. This is the awakening of the ajnaDiscipleship1, 117:of the disciples in the group. The vibration of advanced second ray disciples. This can at times beDiscipleship1, 129:this life. Your problem is that of a versatile, advanced second ray type. You have a marked abilityDiscipleship1, 325:tide. Others have the duty of finding the advanced men and women of the world, the individuals whoDiscipleship1, 393:for you would not have understood; but you have advanced far since those days, my brother, and areDiscipleship1, 437:definitely assets and are the hall mark of the advanced disciple. This I think you know without myDiscipleship1, 451:really known and comprehended by those who have advanced beyond the third initiation) yet there areDiscipleship1, 631:and without the illumination of the soul. The advanced man and the aspirant [632] work from mentalDiscipleship1, 685:they have reached a certain [685] stage of advanced evolution. It is a process of continuingDiscipleship1, 706:stream of "loving understanding." They are more advanced disciples than you are - little as thisDiscipleship1, 715:of such an aspirant is to relate him to a more advanced disciple who will lead him gradually onwardDiscipleship1, 717:of the aspirants in the world and for highly advanced people with a humanitarian consciousness, theDiscipleship1, 723:under the guidance of a chela who is far more advanced than the chela in the Light (though not yetDiscipleship1, 724:by first becoming aware of disciples more advanced than himself and by learning to give due weightDiscipleship1, 725:disciples to be keyed to the note of the more advanced disciples in the group or is it to beDiscipleship1, 725:to a generally lower average to suit the least advanced? Let us put it in another form: Are theDiscipleship1, 725:to the attitudes and points of view of the more advanced? These questions prove a fundamental [726]Discipleship1, 728:of all stages of unfoldment, from the most advanced to beginners, such as those who read theseDiscipleship1, 728:of the Ashram. Must the senior and the more advanced initiate-disciples halt, or wait and step downDiscipleship1, 728:down their activities so as to give the less advanced the time and opportunity to measure up toDiscipleship1, 728:assure beginners that they cannot hinder the advanced members of an Ashram, but that they can throwDiscipleship1, 740:a focal point of power to some degree. The more advanced the disciple, the greater the force orDiscipleship1, 741:and clairaudient powers are indicative of the advanced type of high spiritual unfoldment. TheirDiscipleship1, 749:of emergency and is sure of his response. He has advanced from the point when he was being trainedDiscipleship1, 751:to the Master. It becomes the task of more advanced chelas to protect the Master from the violentDiscipleship1, 756:atom, or the intuitional vehicle of the advanced disciple. The love petals of the egoic lotus. TheDiscipleship1, 756:activity is of so high a nature that only the advanced initiate-chela can register it. It isDiscipleship1, 760:the outer world; his work is more impeded by the advanced aspirants than by the intelligentDiscipleship1, 761:gathered together into esoteric groups. The advanced accepted disciple has always his own groupDiscipleship1, 765:fact that I am attempting to deal (in these more advanced stages) with awareness which have noDiscipleship1, 765:or correspondence in the experience of even the advanced aspirant. When we are considering the lastDiscipleship1, 766:difficulty in the treading of the Path. The more advanced a disciple the more dangerous suchDiscipleship1, 769:much distortion of that call creeps in; only the advanced disciple either brings it throughDiscipleship2, XIII:present day astrology but of much importance in advanced stages of discipleship. He knew the exactDiscipleship2, 11:in an ashram is under the guidance of a more advanced chela and that "the Master is receivingDiscipleship2, 22:for those who need its aid, but the more advanced work can be made exoteric. This plannedDiscipleship2, 25:little known up to the present time, even to advanced disciples, but which it is intendet [26]Discipleship2, 65:between such disciples as you and the more advanced initiates is that your basic orientation isDiscipleship2, 81:year of peculiar testing and trial, and the more advanced the disciple the greater has been hisDiscipleship2, 98:do you feel that you have definitely advanced upon the Path? If so, upon what grounds do you baseDiscipleship2, 133:soul and the fourfold personality, or if he is advanced enough in knowledge, the Spiritual TriadDiscipleship2, 134:purpose. I am therefore indicating a far more advanced stage, and I do so for two reasons: One isDiscipleship2, 137:by the divine will, eludes as yet the most advanced. The work of the next few centuries will bringDiscipleship2, 154:of the divine thought to him by those more advanced than he. He must learn to make his own contactsDiscipleship2, 159:as yet grasp the purpose of Sanat Kumara. Only advanced Members of the Hierarchy and initiates ofDiscipleship2, 165:is, of aspirants and disciples. That of the more advanced disciple (as far as I can) and of theDiscipleship2, 187:the disciple. His work lies primarily with the advanced, pioneering thinker and not with theDiscipleship2, 201:planetary center called Humanity. a. The more advanced members of the group are affiliated withDiscipleship2, 207:by use of mental energies; others may not be so advanced and, in them, mental energy may be inDiscipleship2, 208:abstract thinking (and this includes the most advanced thinkers upon our planet) of the nature ofDiscipleship2, 234:masses of humanity (from [234] those of the advanced intelligentsia down to those of the unskilledDiscipleship2, 243:with which they are all faced. The more advanced among them are conscious of impendingDiscipleship2, 251:of this formula is not difficult for the advanced student to grasp in connection with himself. TheDiscipleship2, 262:in which all disciples can share and for which advanced aspirants can prepare themselves. Discipleship2, 265:its [265] simplest interpretation, and yet an advanced one from the angle of the neophyte (whichDiscipleship2, 276:grasp of the disciple and the initiate is now so advanced (relatively speaking) that the oldDiscipleship2, 279:with inaugurating [279] a new and more advanced attitude towards initiation is the offsetting ofDiscipleship2, 282:in the world of causes, until such time as he is advanced enough to work in the world of being. TheDiscipleship2, 287:but on [287] such high levels that only the advanced initiate can grasp it. b. This sacrifice wasDiscipleship2, 311:the initiate is presumed to work from a more advanced standpoint of comprehension than does the manDiscipleship2, 316:is that of "Growth through Sharing," and that advanced humanity can now share the work, theDiscipleship2, 317:in the hierarchical life. This involves, for advanced humanity, a noticeable increase in vitalityDiscipleship2, 317:cooperation and methods of working; for the more advanced disciple, it is the Ashram and directDiscipleship2, 318:first quarter) there is the imparting of a more advanced body of teaching. This teaching will onlyDiscipleship2, 320:be remarked that these formulas are attempts by advanced aspirants to confine within due limitsDiscipleship2, 325:upon the part of the Masters of the more advanced condition and a pronounced saving of time as theDiscipleship2, 329:clearly to his co-disciples and to those more advanced than he is, exactly what is lacking in hisDiscipleship2, 333:attributes of others than are the more advanced disciples in the Ashrams. The advanced disciple mayDiscipleship2, 333:the more advanced disciples in the Ashrams. The advanced disciple may be - and is - well aware ofDiscipleship2, 341:indications were fruitful and of use even to the advanced aspirant. Discipleship2, 347:it is most necessary to impress on advancing and advanced disciples is that of "initiatedDiscipleship2, 362:energy under control. Disciples who are not so advanced, and who are therefore closer to humanDiscipleship2, 368:with hierarchical initiations and not with those advanced stages of unfoldment which are referredDiscipleship2, 374:the medium of disciples and aspirants and of advanced humanity, working - consciously orDiscipleship2, 378:does not demonstrate as it does with average advanced humanity, as applied goodwill, but itDiscipleship2, 399:You can see from the above how abstruse all this advanced teaching must necessarily remain - veiledDiscipleship2, 429:hierarchical endeavor. Their work lies with the advanced thinkers in the human family who areDiscipleship2, 433:to be done or the service to be rendered. An advanced initiate, however, works from a point ofDiscipleship2, 467:ignorance has not been realized, even by advanced students. The thousand-petalled lotus remains aDiscipleship2, 480:he is faced, even when dealing with the least advanced or dynamic among his neophytes. What are theDiscipleship2, 517:the sixth intensify each other. Were you not the advanced disciple which you are, they would beDiscipleship2, 517:and manipulated by the ignorant or the less advanced upon the Path - have endeavored to interfereDiscipleship2, 564:of the Master at its center or heart. The more advanced the Master, the more of the energy ofDiscipleship2, 575:be definitely pronounced and the investigator advanced enough to have reached the stage of aDiscipleship2, 576:to be given by the Arcane School in the more advanced courses to be given in the future. After theDiscipleship2, 576:provide evidence that they are ready for this advanced training and for this you, as a group, mustDiscipleship2, 585:not; you will enter your next incarnation having advanced in discipleship, and will rapidly achieveDiscipleship2, 599:and sincerity - all characteristics of the advanced disciple. The glamor which holds you isDiscipleship2, 608:If you were to [608] move into the more advanced Ashram you might find that you could not do this,Discipleship2, 617:the lesson and earned the right to undertake advanced work. It is hard for disciples to realizeDiscipleship2, 618:work. In the doing of the meditation work of the advanced group and your presentation of theDiscipleship2, 630:you but grasp it - constitutes a definitely advanced form of meditation. You will find thisDiscipleship2, 667:instructions as given in the papers of the advanced section of the Arcane School. All of you haveDiscipleship2, 669:out of karma. It is difficult for even an advanced disciple at this time to comprehend the nature
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