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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADVANCED

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Fire, 842:type. They are responsible for much of the advanced application of mechanical science to the needsFire, 851:a type of mental telepathy. The "coming-in" of advanced Egos from the inner round, or from otherFire, 854:would do well to ponder upon the effect any advanced Ego would be likely to have upon: Other EgosFire, 855:plane (the plane whereon the egoic bodies of advanced humanity, of disciples, and of initiates areFire, 856:of any particular series of Egos, and also by advanced Egos who are consciously working with theirFire, 858:It is only when he has reached a comparatively advanced stage (in comparison with that of animalFire, 858:to the conscious psychism which is displayed by advanced humanity, by disciples and initiates ofFire, 866:oft times temporarily causes the downfall of advanced souls. They cannot stand the force pouringFire, 893:stage, or returning to it when the form is in advanced decomposition. The connection is not purelyFire, 929:the creative activity of some greater, and more advanced, entity. As self-conscious evolutionFire, 963:the three sheaths, and in the case of a highly advanced man is the kundalinic fire as it swells theFire, 983:creative work, under law and rule, of the advanced man. We thereby set a standard and emphasize theFire, 998:be apparent why workers in white magic are ever advanced, and spiritual men, for the "reflection"Fire, 1006:streams of force or energy, emanating from advanced thinkers of every grade, from the planetaryFire, 1039:of 15,000 years, and many others which only advanced initiates know of or can follow; these canFire, 1046:man, and which is but dimly cognized by the most advanced Dhyan Chohan. 8 The four subdivisions ofFire, 1055:center in man, if the planetary Logos is of very advanced development. In the planetaryFire, 1079:earth chain, and entered upon subtler, and more advanced work. Then the activity gradually ebbedFire, 1129:20 Another factor which must be allowed for in advanced stages of development, is the third eyeFire, 1146:moon chain are distinguished, not only by a more advanced development, owing to the longer periodFire, 1147:on earth. They are not even now, however, as far advanced as the groups of units from the moonFire, 1150:through lack of rounded development, be very far advanced along certain lines but lack what isFire, 1151:this becomes apparent on the inner side, some advanced disciple puts the energy of that particularFire, 1179:to ours, but its planetary Logos is in a more advanced group of students in the cosmic sense thanFire, 1192:lower man). That Monad can - at a certain very advanced stage in evolution, and one far beyond thatFire, 1194:group of Monads who were the most progressed and advanced at the opening of the mahamanvantara. AsFire, 1232:heart of solar manifestation. Even then at that advanced stage all that he can be aware of, canGlamour, 31:as they essentially are. When he is a somewhat advanced aspirant, he is aware of the glamor andGlamour, 42:in early Atlantean times. Illusion arose among advanced human beings in later Atlantean days andGlamour, 85:of glamor and also the illusions of the advanced disciple, it will be seen how necessary it is thatGlamour, 107:[107] of the race, only surrounded the more advanced people. To understand what I mean by thisGlamour, 111:Self-pity is one of the major glamors of the advanced and sensitive man. It is the advanced peopleGlamour, 111:of the advanced and sensitive man. It is the advanced people who contribute the most to the worldGlamour, 135:of government which it is not possible for even advanced thinkers at this time to grasp. WhenGlamour, 158:and a certain initiation became possible for its advanced humanity. When a racial incarnation and aGlamour, 159:the light of your own soul-personality problem. Advanced humanity stands, as the Dweller, on theGlamour, 159:yet ready to absorb the Dweller. Humanity has advanced in consciousness to the very boundaries ofGlamour, 159:the precursor. This is the situation where all advanced aspirants are concerned. It can be yours.Glamour, 162:for ages) battling illusion, glamor and maya. Advanced thinkers, those upon the Probationary Path,Glamour, 177:the great standard of spiritual values whereby advanced humanity of both hemispheres seek to liveGlamour, 180:for what I here suggest is a formula for a more advanced meditation attitude. I said not form. Glamour, 198:by the mental unity and the clear thinking of advanced humanity. These, through the power of theirGlamour, 227:and of no importance where disciples and advanced aspirants are concerned. They are of value to theGlamour, 228:human family as a whole - particularly to the advanced person - is the Masonic Ritual. The reasonGlamour, 250:which can be swept into unique activity by the advanced disciple and initiate. [251] It is throughHealing, 22:man from seeing life as it truly is. Even the advanced man and the disciples are only beginning toHealing, 27:soul - a thing that is not possible except to advanced people. Through definite occult means, suchHealing, 31:of this will be somewhat apparent to the advanced esoteric student. As you know, the magnetic fieldHealing, 45:Higher mental Causal body Creative Artists - All advanced humanity - The Intelligentsia 4. ThroatHealing, 53:and still further complicate the problem of the advanced human being. This "problem ofHealing, 55:which are characteristic of those upon the more advanced stages of the Path. It will be seen,Healing, 55:system in its various branches. Frequently an advanced human being, such as an aspirant or aHealing, 62:did not satisfy the insatiable desire of the advanced man of the period. Soul force, flowing inHealing, 62:are too strong for them. They are now far enough advanced upon the evolutionary path so that theHealing, 63:to these dangerous characteristics. A relatively advanced stage upon the evolutionary path whichHealing, 66:that we would only consider the ills to which advanced humanity, the aspirants and disciples of allHealing, 66:humanity as a whole, or down the ages. The more advanced the aspirant, the greater probabilityHealing, 116:(which are unique and confined primarily to advanced humanity) will be the result ofHealing, 121:or realized, but explains why disciples and advanced people are susceptible to these diseases. WeHealing, 131:words of an occult manual on healing, given to advanced disciples, that "He who lives under theHealing, 167:are as follows: The inability of even the most advanced human mind to grasp themes and subjects asHealing, 169:head. All this, however, is facilitated by the advanced development of the solar plexus in theHealing, 175:nature; this is the reason why today so many advanced people die of heart disease. In the longHealing, 180:point in evolution of a disciple and not of an advanced initiate. It is not a description either ofHealing, 201:with the initiate consciousness and certain advanced disciples. There are inhibitions, blockages,Healing, 224:of various kinds, particularly afflicting advanced humanity. Insanities. [225] Cancer, so widelyHealing, 237:already beginning to show [237] themselves in advanced humanity. People will sin, commit evil deedsHealing, 238:of stimulation, affecting very largely the advanced types of humanity who - through interest inHealing, 241:of the laya-yoga of Atlantean days. Then the advanced student will control the centers by the powerHealing, 255:within the last few decades, medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds, the science of electricityHealing, 273:as yet known. It is not even yet in the field of advanced research. The new medicine cannot beHealing, 276:they appear to be today to the student of the advanced occult theories. Medical men in the New AgeHealing, 278:here and now; this is a natural reaction, and advanced thinkers seek to be able to do this at thisHealing, 292:though much nearer solar divinity than the most advanced human being is near to planetary divinity.Healing, 298:Lords of the Seven Rays are greater and more advanced in the spiritual scale than are those greatHealing, 349:a determining factor, but unless a healer is an advanced initiate and so able to work effectivelyHealing, 361:so much of the matter in the astral body of the advanced aspirant is taken from (and is thereforeHealing, 367:particularly those embodying the new and advanced truths, and that we are also in touch with theHealing, 368:potency. A few of the scientists among the most advanced are beginning to do this. The next stepHealing, 377:functioning in the illusory astral body, while advanced "spirits" are only functioning as minds,Healing, 378:any one wants to photograph him!), and the more advanced the person, the more difficult it will beHealing, 382:presence upon earth of a very great number of advanced and developed souls, and the coming of theHealing, 397:stages of mental effectiveness up to the most advanced thinkers and geniuses, capable of creativeHealing, 403:of evolution. If, we are told, the soul is very advanced, absence from the physical plane isHealing, 403:is prolonged, whereas the reverse is the case. Advanced souls and those whose intellectual capacityHealing, 404:child-races on the one hand, and those highly advanced people whose abstract minds are functioningHealing, 405:Karmic Necessity. This governs the life of the advanced disciple and the initiate from the time ofHealing, 412:and of the eternity of existence will have advanced out of the realm of questioning into the realmHealing, 456:the low grade human being who has scarcely advanced beyond the animal stage. What then of theHealing, 465:dimly indicated in the case of initiates and advanced disciples of that time; secondly, thoseHealing, 473:head for disciples and initiates and also for advanced mental types; the heart for aspirants, forHealing, 476:more withdrawn within himself. In the case of an advanced person, this process is consciouslyHealing, 477:and the material aspect is. Where the person is advanced, and therefore detached in his thinkingHealing, 488:"kama-manasic" individuals. As practiced by advanced people and disciples of all grades who areHealing, 490:and of his outgoing desires, or (where advanced people are concerned, functioning upon the moreHealing, 490:people are concerned, functioning upon the more advanced levels of the astral plane) sentient ofHealing, 492:here with the average man and not with the advanced human being, disciple or initiate. It is thisHealing, 494:a repetitive life, except in the case of very advanced people or disciples and initiates. But thisHealing, 497:(characteristic of the normal state of the advanced man) which can be called devachanic. It is notHealing, 502:of conscious dissolution as practiced by the advanced disciple or initiate. These later processes
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