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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADVANCED

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Healing, 508:and the brain is the major characteristic of all advanced human beings - the bad, the very bad, theHealing, 508:to lower and selfish ends. Students who are more advanced are dedicated to the purpose of producingHealing, 537:that the ordinary man (obviously not at this advanced point in evolution) can perform theseHealing, 546:identity with all is not to be found, except in advanced disciples and initiates; the massHealing, 551:center if the patient is an ordinary and average advanced person; if he is quite undeveloped andHealing, 551:convey the needed information. If he is a very advanced healer, he will not use any form of psychicHealing, 552:There are conditions, for instance, in which an advanced disciple or a high initiate (for definiteHealing, 552:will be stronger in this case than in the more advanced type and the task of the healerHealing, 553:the cooperation of the personality of the advanced man; it is only the personality which requiresHealing, 560:present - unless (as can be the case in a very advanced disciple) he is deliberately taking onHealing, 563:colds in the average person, whilst in the more advanced man it leads to chronic bronchialHealing, 565:much concern in the metaphysical world: Why do advanced people, spiritual leaders and thoseHealing, 566:is responsible for many of the difficulties of advanced people, aspirants and disciples. ThisHealing, 573:healer available (either an initiate or an advanced disciple), these energies will be sent back -Healing, 575:the soul. In the case of the healing of a very advanced person who is consciously able toHealing, 579:of the halo could be seen around the heads of advanced Atlanteans. Magnetic purity became aHealing, 583:been present in the discussions and thinking of advanced men - and that since time began and theHealing, 597:people. If, however, the patient is a very advanced person, another form of enumeration will be inHealing, 597:ray when very active (as is the case with very advanced persons and those who have attained a highHealing, 597:One reason why the general health of all very advanced people is usually good is that pranic energyHealing, 601:Every initiate is a healer, and the more advanced the initiate the less is he occupied with theHealing, 601:healing mentioned above and the work of a less advanced healer, will be that those healers who areHealing, 606:This is more easily achieved in the case of an advanced person than in the case of the individualHealing, 610:This can be seen working out in the body of an advanced person or an initiate to a great extent andHealing, 629:order to arrive at understanding. Yet the more advanced the teaching, very frequently the moreHealing, 647:and not by the healer. If the healer is very advanced, his Master may instruct one of the servingHealing, 650:both methods interchangeably. All spiritually advanced healers use both hands. Healers are,Healing, 651:sound made by the healer. This presupposes an advanced stage of alignment and of concentration andHealing, 653:fulfil some duty, or if the patient is very far advanced spiritually and the Hierarchy requires hisHealing, 684:over" or the "discarding of hindrances" by very advanced disciples and initiates. This is madeHealing, 688:easily this can happen becomes apparent to every advanced teacher of occultism and esotericism whenHealing, 699:addition of this secondary stream implies quite advanced knowledge on the part of the healer, orHealing, 701:of the energies controlling him. The patient, if advanced, is liable not to seek his help, but willHealing, 701:the Ashram, if affiliated with one. If he is not advanced, the personality ray will be more easilyHercules, 9:This stage has always [9] been expressed by the advanced individuals down the ages, but neverHercules, 12:of Discipleship, and training many of the more advanced so that they can become the knowers andHercules, 71:cease to control. In the case of a more advanced disciple who has established contact with his soulHercules, 120:of love and understanding. It often happens to advanced disciples. The third constellation holdingHercules, 139:take; and it is all the more powerful the more advanced a human being is. You cannot control orHercules, 143:are to be at-oned in this great sign, an advanced sign of the integrated, conscious disciple; not aHercules, 209:This stage has always been expressed by the more advanced types of men, but never before has theInitiation, viii:who feel the possibilities involved are too far advanced for them, and that they need not occupyInitiation, viii:Manas The Ego begins to make its power felt in advanced men, and increasingly on the ProbationaryInitiation, 45:that a large number of the present more advanced human beings came into incarnation in the middleInitiation, 61:disciples has been delegated to initiates and advanced disciples, and certain of the Masters on theInitiation, 65:and the initiate passes into the Hall of Wisdom. Advanced Egos and the spiritually inclined, whoInitiation, 65:helpers are usually recruited from amongst the advanced Egos. The very advanced, and those on theInitiation, 65:from amongst the advanced Egos. The very advanced, and those on the Probationary Path and nearingInitiation, 66:Path Masters and Disciples Disciples and advanced Egos on the Probationary Path receive instructionInitiation, 69:is left in the hands of some initiate or more advanced disciple, who watches over his youngerInitiation, 79:which often causes the temporary downfall of advanced souls. They cannot stand the force pouringInitiation, 83:powerful effects than is the case with a less advanced man; his retribution and punishment will beInitiation, 88:taken in the [88] work of the macrocosm is very advanced. It is apparent, therefore, why it is onlyInitiation, 96:from the point of view of time are not so far advanced as our Earth scheme. These three majorInitiation, 97:exist not, except in the cases of those advanced beings who, having passed through the human stage,Initiation, 158:sees that which is committed to him. The more advanced group around the throne of office (the threeIntellect, 30:among educators of this need to lift the more advanced educational processes and so raise thoseIntellect, 35:function in a dimension of which even our most advanced thinkers know nothing? Have our presentIntellect, 61:The education and reorientation of the advanced human being must find its place in our massIntellect, 86:psychic or quasi-psychic matters of the more advanced representative of Western thought andIntellect, 99:I. The Stage of Concentration In all schools of advanced or intellectual mysticism, the first andIntellect, 168:The first are produced in persons but little advanced in the Way, and still full of selfhood;Intellect, 178:Through the mental and spiritual education which advanced meditation practices confer, the problemIntellect, 199:and Passions well mortified, who have already advanced and made progress in Prayer, and are calledIntellect, 211:tell us, and so the evidence seems to indicate. Advanced thinkers in the West, as we have seenIntellect, 229:the same results, and many more that are for advanced workers. There are meditation outlines whichIntellect, 237:that in a book of this description the more advanced practices and the more intensive work have noIntellect, 244:group activities and with the training of the advanced thinkers and leaders of humanity, throughIntellect, 245:does it occur to them that, should they be so advanced and so highly evolved as to have won theMagic, 7:and which will only be suspected by the more advanced members of the second. Within themselves theyMagic, 16:a new knowledge. The intuition which guides all advanced thinkers into the newer fields of learningMagic, 24:each will fail to interpret in terms of the more advanced reaction of those on a higher stage ofMagic, 25:Equally, though fewer in number, there are those advanced souls to whom the spirit and its natureMagic, 57:and through the very nature of things, advanced human beings, for it takes many cycles of lives toMagic, 58:of experience, and to follow the steps of that advanced humanity who have trodden ahead of him theMagic, 61:be apparent why workers in white magic are ever advanced and spiritual men, for the "reflection" isMagic, 69:upon the ladder of evolution. Only the highly advanced man can know the times and seasons and canMagic, 74:Center In the above lies a hint for the more advanced student (and he is the one who hesitates soMagic, 86:brain, which constitutes the problem of the more advanced men and races and of which the vastMagic, 112:must remember however that evolution must be far advanced for the ray of the monad to influenceMagic, 112:- Principles and Personalities With average advanced men, who are struggling to approximateMagic, 113:the much evolved, and in a lesser degree, the advanced ego comprehends not an initiate. The greaterMagic, 134:- the scientists of the world, the truly advanced religious men, the Spiritualists, the ChristianMagic, 150:in which he finds himself. This is called, in advanced cases, "the dark night of the soul " - theMagic, 169:be quiescent. They can only be safely used by advanced disciples and initiates. They are weaponsMagic, 174:at this time that those who are in any way advanced in evolution are having that evolution hastenedMagic, 177:use at times. The higher mental methods are more advanced and surer - even if rarer. Magic, 211:of Being Itself is only revealed during the more advanced initiations, and is only finally graspedMagic, 216:structure, the nadis and centers, and all advanced students know well how these are controlled byMagic, 247:the great transition becomes possible. For the advanced disciple and the initiate, the midway spotMagic, 247:head, almost entirely in the etheric body. The advanced worldly man is centered in the pituitaryMagic, 292:Emanating from: The coordinated form of man. Advanced human beings who are dominant personalities.Magic, 298:is no intelligible answer to be given. Only the advanced initiate can comprehend. Fear has itsMagic, 304:environment. It is possible also for the more advanced aspirant and those upon the Path ofMagic, 310:of the purely instinctual animal life. For the advanced pupil in the world, the solar plexus isMagic, 318:him. The process of insulation, which is a more advanced practice and calls for more magicalMagic, 319:for them I speak. Another method is still more advanced and is utilized by the initiate. Through aMagic, 351:taken on the inner planes and shown by a more advanced chela what is the work to be done, much inMagic, 354:who suggest, guide and control. Others more advanced work in smaller groups. They idealize more andMagic, 354:blue and rose. Back of them stand the still more advanced - the aspirants, probationers and
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