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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADVANCED

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Magic, 393:well remembered that the prime hindrance to the advanced and highly evolved personality isMagic, 402:with the failure on the part of even the most advanced disciples to preserve continuity ofMagic, 431:energies. The subject matter is therefore of so advanced a nature that it is useless for theMagic, 462:the first effect of the response of the more advanced of the sons of men to the formulas asMagic, 471:to deal; and with the Will of God the most advanced thinkers and philosophers are constantlyMagic, 502:the low grade human being who has scarcely advanced beyond the animal stage. What then of theMagic, 578:either directly (by right of initiation or of advanced discipleship) or indirectly, as being usedMagic, 578:as being used on the inner side by some adept or advanced healer, are linked with the hierarchy. AMagic, 610:Logos, of an incarnating soul, or of that advanced human being who has learnt to work as a whiteMagic, 623:aspirant is not in such danger as the more advanced and active disciple. He is in danger in threeMagic, 623:he is not sufficiently detached and spiritually advanced, he walks bemused in a cloud ofMeditation, 5:in outline are the forms built by the average advanced man of this generation. But when he stepsMeditation, 48:not of the world is the ideal, and only in the advanced stages or just prior to taking InitiationMeditation, 68:by its attractive force. These must be rather advanced groups, capable of clairvoyantMeditation, 86:and the other causal consciousness. The advanced man is the man who is linking up the two majorMeditation, 106:be apparent to you why - unless a man is very advanced - it is not wise to spend much time inMeditation, 106:devotee. This was the rule for the average. With advanced egos, pupils and disciples, it is not so,Meditation, 111:that higher will be continuous. With most of the advanced students at present all that is felt isMeditation, 122:"divine obsession" which is the privilege of all advanced souls, will be understood in the comingMeditation, 131:and demonstrates how hard it is for even an advanced disciple always to discriminate between theMeditation, 173:or even of business organization, be just as far advanced as the more highly considered ones whoMeditation, 259:he is assigned, with fellow disciples and more advanced Initiates whom he may contact in thatMeditation, 279:is assigned to special classes conducted by more advanced disciples under the supervision of theMeditation, 288:to or distance from initiation. Some very advanced egos may be working at this problem, and beMeditation, 307:founded and will be profoundly occult and an advanced school in direct communication with the innerMeditation, 307:her internal problems, a school for the more advanced grades, and for definite preparation for theMeditation, 308:or on the third ray, will take it at the advanced occult school in Italy. In this way the occidentMeditation, 308:position to house the headquarters for the more advanced school affiliated to the preparatory oneMeditation, 308:one in Sweden. In connection with the Egyptian advanced school will be a preparatory one in GreeceMeditation, 308:of the earlier endeavor. Preparatory Grades Advanced School Greece or Syria leading to Egypt MiddleMeditation, 309:is also planned a preparatory school for the advanced egos of the fourth root-race. This will beMeditation, 311:schools in their two divisions, preparatory and advanced, in the different designated centers underMeditation, 311:in an inconspicuous manner, and those pupils and advanced egos whose work it is to make theMeditation, 311:a situation whereon to found a preparatory or an advanced school. Generally speaking (for nationalMeditation, 311:big center or city, whilst the school for the advanced grades will be more isolated, and not soMeditation, 312:degree before he can pass on to the more advanced grades and work in the second school. TheMeditation, 312:lower man, and his training in service. The advanced school definitely prepares for Initiation, andMeditation, 312:deal with the kingdom of God within, whilst the advanced school expands that training into oneMeditation, 312:school he learns this mastery; in the more advanced school he can thus be trusted to make otherMeditation, 313:point, then the pupil will pass into the more advanced school, and will be taught how from hisMeditation, 313:of training, comparative seclusion, and this the advanced school will provide. Therefore theMeditation, 313:the city and will be readily accessible. The advanced school will be far from the crowded places ofMeditation, 314:work, whilst the mountains will imbue the advanced student with cosmic strength and will boldMeditation, 314:expanse of water and near some central city. An advanced school for the later grades, which willMeditation, 316:pupils by them and the basic laws that - in the advanced school - will be the subject of definiteMeditation, 317:he [317] must do if he is to pass on to the more advanced schools, and the school's chartsMeditation, 317:equipping of the pupil, and his passing into the advanced school in a condition to profit by theMeditation, 317:of students and the personnel of the more advanced school. Meditation, 317:- Future Schools of Meditation Personnel of the Advanced School October 16th, 1920 ...Today we willMeditation, 317:...Today we will take up the personnel of the advanced school, and the rules of admission to bothMeditation, 317:rules of admission to both the preparatory and advanced. This latter part will be largelyMeditation, 317:first point I seek to make here is that these advanced schools will be numerically small, and thisMeditation, 321:in solving. The rules for admission into the advanced school are far more esoteric and fewer inMeditation, 322:the united body of pupils. The buildings for the advanced schools, even though they concern us notMeditation, 322:have eyes to see. The main feature in the occult advanced school will be the central temple ofMeditation, 324:occult school but little concerning the advanced. This fourth point is one anent the grades andMeditation, 325:led on until he is fit to pass on into the more advanced college. We will as usual divide ourMeditation, 327:get results he will be able to pass on into the advanced school. It is the great test and mark ofMeditation, 330:He will be equipped and ready to pass into the advanced school, where he will be trained in usingMeditation, 331:before he is permitted to pass on into the advanced school. I have indicated enough to provide muchMeditation, 339:body at night under the direction of more advanced egos, working under the guidance of a Master.Patanjali, 15:of the Kumaras. Herein lies a hint to the more advanced students of this science as to the esotericPatanjali, 42:order as to be almost inconceivable to any but advanced disciples, but in an appreciation of thePatanjali, 63:be too strongly emphasized. Only at a very advanced stage of discipleship will it be safe for thePatanjali, 68:and is sensuous perception carried to a very advanced condition. It is misleading and, apart fromPatanjali, 80:becomes more mentally concentrated, and the advanced yogi can identify himself at any moment withPatanjali, 98:to elucidate, and, if meditated upon by the more advanced students, will be found to be of profoundPatanjali, 102:physical brain. This is only possible at a very advanced stage of yoga practice, and when the mindPatanjali, 135:from the savage state of infant humanity up to advanced degrees of discipleship; they cover desirePatanjali, 162:pure reason and divine mind. Later, at a very advanced stage he touches the one Life whichPatanjali, 216:the nature of the mystery is still only known to advanced initiates. The astral light is thrownPatanjali, 315:with clairvoyant vision around the head of all advanced aspirants and disciples. Dvivedi also givesPatanjali, 352:to the aspirant, begin to appear. Later to the advanced man another and higher range of vibrationPatanjali, 354:of sound are some of the most erudite and advanced in the hierarchy. The other senses are capablePatanjali, 379:be the study and teaching manual of even such advanced aspirants as the Masters of the Wisdom.Patanjali, 417:place of mental perception, yet this stage is an advanced and important one, and opens the door toPatanjali, 421:the stage of mental development either as an advanced man or as a disciple. He can discriminatePatanjali, 422:which bring success are the same for the advanced expert warrior and initiate as they are for thePatanjali, 425:indication that there lies before the initiate (advanced as he is) a still further progress,Problems, 135:and of a new dispensation. Humanity has advanced so far on the way of evolution that these demandsProblems, 146:directly guide and personally confer with His advanced disciples as they labor in the field of thePsychology1, xxi:and in its entirety is beyond the grasp of the advanced student. At the same time, it is a mostPsychology1, 17:and Deity apprehended. When we are more advanced upon the Path, we shall see naught but spiritPsychology1, 25:that is found within His body of manifestation. Advanced esotericists debate as to whether Mars is,Psychology1, 53:and includes those graded Lives, from the more advanced disciple up to the planetary Logos Himself.Psychology1, 57:the sum total of which he is a part. When more advanced stages and more rarefied and refined formsPsychology1, 60:and have reached the point where, through Their advanced stage of development, They are "impelledPsychology1, 108:is in telepathic rapport with some more [108] advanced disciple than himself, and his mind is beingPsychology1, 108:him, whereas in reality he has - through a more advanced chela than himself - tuned in on thePsychology1, 172:powers, and also to attempt to bring the more advanced types of men up to a standard of sensitivityPsychology1, 183:and of the eternity of existence will have advanced out of the realm of questioning into the realmPsychology1, 191:efficacy of a true understanding of these rather advanced occult teachings. If, for instance, youPsychology1, 219:structure is therefore offered in a more advanced and sublimated form, being gathered out of thePsychology1, 222:processes of the two highest kingdoms are too advanced for the average student to grasp, andPsychology1, 232:of enquirers, knowing full well that the advanced teaching of today, and the new ideas whichPsychology1, 243:the close of this round, the monadic ray of the advanced units of humanity will be so powerful thatPsychology1, 244:of man. They will express themselves in [244] advanced humanity as "aspects of the psyche," andPsychology1, 246:speaking, the vegetable kingdom is upon an advanced stage of the path of discipleship, and hencePsychology1, 276:equally and wonderfully a fact. That there are advanced souls whose life is divorced from thePsychology1, 294:will embody the dreams and ideals of the most advanced visionaries of today. The unthinking, the
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