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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADVANCEMENT

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Astrology, 256:Cancer is an expression (in the stage of great advancement) of the first half of the life cycle inAutobiography, 273:upon the Probationary Path and of no great advancement. 2. There are also a certain number ofDiscipleship1, 35:as a marvelous opportunity for his own spiritual advancement. All true disciples are equallyDiscipleship1, 680:you already accept as necessary to all spiritual advancement. These are the accepted requirementsDiscipleship2, 317:(ready for initiation) regards his personal advancement upon the Path as of less importance thanDiscipleship2, 352:and made certain self-determined progressive advancement in consciousness into closer contact withDiscipleship2, 670:of all the Masters; nor does it mean that your advancement is ahead of that of your group brothers.Discipleship2, 732:cause. So should it be on all levels of advancement, even such a relatively unimportant effortDiscipleship2, 750:the general pattern of your spiritual growth and advancement. Go forward with a sense of strength,Education, xi:to the problem. "The broad purpose of the Advancement of Learning (to use Bacon's phrase) is toExternalisation, 66:men and women of a certain aptitude in spiritual advancement. The responsibility of thought isExternalisation, 85:of attainment and the opportunities for work and advancement, or the obstacles [86] to progress;Externalisation, 318:for all, improved labor standards, economic advancement and social security. [319] Sixth, after theExternalisation, 617:is, however, the case today, so great is human advancement and the success of the evolutionaryFire, 368:causes, and not to the factor of the greater advancement of a certain group of human beings: First,Fire, 455:the need of serving the race as an essential to advancement may be proclaimed far and wide.Fire, 463:of one group upon another group, and the advancement of the lesser, by the means of the stimulatingFire, 994:ends, use them for his own temporal material advancement, and acquire in this way that which willHealing, 701:to heal and help indicates a fair measure of advancement upon the spiritual way. Such advancementHealing, 701:of advancement upon the spiritual way. Such advancement is required for correct finding of the rayIntellect, 33:can provide the means and opportunity for such advancement, many will gladly seek the way. TheMagic, 70:fed, nor the manner in which desire for selfish advancement can be gratified. [71] Magic, 230:For the initiate it oft lies betwixt spiritual advancement and the arduous work of staying with theMeditation, 215:comes the utilization of these facts for the advancement of vibration, and the wise development ofPatanjali, 138:in terms of the student's [138] small advancement. They are but English words which mostPsychology1, 12:this pioneering work. Always the individual of advancement and of poise has been able to do thisPsychology2, 510:indicate a high stage of evolutionary advancement. Rays, 5:sheath is thus materialized a very high stage of advancement is marked, but the earlier stages canRays, 142:Chamber at Shamballa are now of [142] greater advancement than he; the "Supernal Three," theRays, 142:from Venus are of greater - far greater - advancement. Otherwise, all initiates of the sixthRays, 155:possible to admit the initiate to further advancement upon the Way. It is believed to be safe forRays, 203:We enter here into a consideration of realms of advancement of which even advanced humanity has noRays, 277:of responsibility which characterizes all human advancement upon the way of life. It is this basicRays, 292:must undertake which will make him more fit for advancement, or some process of apprehension whichRays, 410:many ashramic adjustments. Owing to this advancement, owing to the increased sensitivity of theRays, 484:disciples who work undeviatingly for spiritual advancement (with pure motive), and who are orientedRays, 655:plane of mind, has governed human thinking and advancement; God in nature (i.e., the planetary
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