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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADVANTAGE

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Astrology, 355:influences of Gemini are peculiarly strong, due advantage will be taken in order to bring manAstrology, 543:if humanity so wills it and will take advantage of the Venusian influence to use the mind as theAtom, 6:for the position [6] then taken. A further advantage was found in the fixing in the minds of theAutobiographyto meet the need and often the inability to take advantage of opportunity because of mere lack ofAutobiography, 120:values and that he is quick and expert in taking advantage of the Gentiles. But the Jewish religionAutobiography, 185:and their niceness to the girls, taking no advantage of the girl unless the girl herself wereAutobiography, 257:work for me in the occult field has taken no advantage of the fact that I am one of the manyBethlehem, 10:he is expectant, standing in readiness to take advantage of the opportunity. The door into a worldBethlehem, 119:of such strength that the devil could take advantage of them in an effort to confound Him. We shallBethlehem, 123:divine nature. If thou art the Son of God, take advantage of the Fatherhood of God, and castBethlehem, 216:is sensible of the kingdom, is ready to take advantage of the words, "To day, thou shalt be with meDiscipleship1, 73:2. If the group fails to integrate and to take advantage of group opportunity and the particularDiscipleship1, 178:balance your development to the best possible advantage, and know with what forces you can work.Discipleship1, 178:and their utilization to the best advantage in order to bring about an understanding which willDiscipleship1, 211:I will indicate to you some work which can with advantage - prove of usefulness to your fellowmenDiscipleship1, 412:thus learning to organize your time to the best advantage, and leaving more time for service andDiscipleship2Djwhal Khul, known also as "The Tibetan," took advantage of the opportunity of the availability ofDiscipleship2, 150:of the loosed forces of evil which took advantage of the world situation, which obsessed the GermanDiscipleship2, 188:of meditation; they have a special and peculiar advantage over the average man who is accustomed toDiscipleship2, 555:you and because I know you will not take advantage of it. The further a disciple penetrates intoDiscipleship2, 740:assured, but seek during the coming year to take advantage of my suggestions. Discipleship2, 749:in nature) disciples such as yourself can take advantage. It carries the qualities of "embodiedEducation, 72:It is only by the demonstration of the advantage of the above methods of studying and trainingExternalisation, 379:and hitherto this has been turned to their own advantage by those who do not have the bestExternalisation, 425:and of this the Forces of Evil take constant advantage. The bombing of massed populations wasExternalisation, 476:knew that extremely powerful forces were taking advantage of human stupidity to intrude into worldExternalisation, 478:of suffering humanity to their own financial advantage. Therefore, when the war broke out andExternalisation, 489:of the loosed forces of evil which took advantage of the world situation, which obsessed the GermanExternalisation, 492:that date, and because the forces of evil took advantage of the state of war and belligerencyExternalisation, 545:politicians of all the nations will take full advantage of the situation to precipitate a war whichExternalisation, 554:and therefore it would be wise to take as full advantage as possible of the coming Festivals. ThoseExternalisation, 654:expression. The Masters will, however, take advantage of all the points attained by these kingdoms,Fire, 360:it is suggested for consideration that much advantage will be felt when men in large numbersFire, 446:also - from among the Lipika Lords - are taking advantage of this cosmic influence to transferFire, 568:evolution of the cosmos to the best possible advantage and with the least expenditure of force. ItFire, 715:laws were understood and the Knowers took [715] advantage of a peculiar electrical condition toFire, 715:occurred. Again time and opportunity were taken advantage of to open the door into the fifthFire, 716:is near at hand, the Hierarchy will again take advantage of the time and the energy to bring aboutFire, 750:This is a fact which is nevertheless taken advantage of when a superman, or great adept, becomesFire, 829:stimulate His centers. This fact is being taken advantage of by the Hierarchy on Earth to produceFire, 1126:and he knows well how to utilize it to the best advantage. He builds also an antahkarana, but ofGlamour, 190:arc in which - like the Creator, from advantage point of exterior direction - energy, force andHealing, 601:as well as spiritual healers will have a great advantage over the untrained healer, because theirHealing, 607:first time and on any substantial scale, to take advantage of these laws and rules. In the lastInitiation, 35:of the Solar Logos. The Hierarchy thus took advantage of the discriminative faculty of mind, whichInitiation, 35:and those who fought for material and selfish advantage. In the struggle of these influentialInitiation, 143:the work of the Initiator is facilitated when advantage is taken of favorable solar conditions. TheIntellect, 18:learning to take from each other to mutual advantage, and work in this field is one of theMagic, 303:to handle situations correctly and to the best advantage. Prevision seldom takes the form ofMagic, 344:By direct inhibition. This method can be used to advantage by beginners, but it is not the bestMagic, 505:to handle his body as he falls asleep, has an advantage over the man who never pays any attentionMeditation, 125:a weakness in some one spot, and this is taken advantage of. This type of obsession shows itself inPatanjali, 26:it conveys a hint to those capable of taking advantage of it. Tireless endeavor means literallyPatanjali, 256:the head, the aspirant is enabled to take full advantage of, and safely to cultivate the powers ofPatanjali, 414:that it can be used to the best possible advantage. This is what the three last means of yoga seekProblems, 18:of the Allies is great. Will they take advantage of the responsiveness of the German people toProblems, 158:in the rites of their religion and take advantage of the opportunity of united worship and prayerPsychology1, 189:and will therefore be in a position to take advantage of that new light and new information, and soPsychology1, 203:as to use his will power on the case to the best advantage. The characteristic method ofPsychology1, 284:his time and his group to the best possible advantage. This has always been an ideal, but it hasPsychology1, 371:of closer relations. This will lead men to take advantage of another effect of the seventh ray,Psychology2, 52:intelligent aspirant, who responds to, and takes advantage of the civilization and education of thePsychology2, 138:thus there will be no waste effort, and real advantage can be taken of the qualifications andPsychology2, 162:who will read this Treatise) has found it of advantage to write down for himself his own personalPsychology2, 196:the New Group of World Servers, and after 1942 advantage must be taken of this period, and specialPsychology2, 693:on the energy then available, and to take advantage of the vortex of force generated earlier at theRays, 231:disciples, and as members of my Ashram. Take advantage, therefore, of the opportunity forRays, 571:aware of that relation; it enables him to take advantage of this "approaching duality" and - by theRays, 605:seventh ray energy to be turned to the best advantage. Rays, 647:the Lord. It rests with humanity itself to take advantage of the proffered opportunity which thisRays, 658:(the second divine aspect) is added to and takes advantage of the liberty or release brought aboutReappearance, 151:in the rites of their religion and take advantage of the opportunity of united worship [152] and
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