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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADVENT

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Astrology, 680:borne in mind by the occult student that: This advent signalized the taking of a physical vehicleAstrology, 680:literally the coming of the Avatar. That this advent was brought about by a definite systemicAutobiography, 239:therefore, lies the significance of the second advent of the Christ. He will come bringing HisAutobiography, 288:religions. The Christian looks forward to the advent of Christ, the Jew is still expectant of theBethlehem, 49:still nearer as time went on; and before the advent of Christianity men recognized Him as theBethlehem, 184:of God who had triumphed over matter. After the advent of Christ, the door stood wide open for allBethlehem, 193:and distinguish; and so with the [193] advent of mental development there has been, for a longBethlehem, 225:ourselves and all past believers prior to His advent, but with the Cosmic Christ, so unmistakablyEducation, 40:present racial attitudes, at least up until the advent of Christ, Who wrought great changes in theExternalisation, 222:their particular mental or emotional bias. The advent of Christ, or His "second coming," isExternalisation, 286:Western world in the return of Christ and His Advent or second Coming, and in the prophesiedExternalisation, 299:the Love principle of the Deity. Prior to the advent of the Buddha, light, aspiration, and theExternalisation, 328:nothing can frustrate its establishment. To the advent of this new era the destruction itself bearsExternalisation, 471:Speaking symbolically, the first step after the advent of the spirit of the resurrection will beExternalisation, 504:the construction of the thought-form of the advent or second Coming, has now been completed. ThereExternalisation, 510:Coming, has been accomplished. No date for the advent do I set, but the time will not be long. TheExternalisation, 513:of the work He did in connection with the last advent, and remember likewise that in the turning ofExternalisation, 616:sacrifices, and thus ensure the success of His advent. [617] Another factor militating against HisExternalisation, 654:and unavoidable compromise. The coming or the advent of the Hierarchy on earth will not bring theExternalisation, 660:have created in anticipation of His coming or advent. The movement toward expectancy andFire, 386:borne in mind by the occult student that: This advent signalized the taking of a physical vehicleFire, 386:literally the coming of the Avatar. That this advent was brought about by a definite systemicFire, 425:has seldom been brought out in teaching. The advent of the Lords of the Flame, the electrical stormFire, 428:of this fourth Ray at any time (and such an advent may be looked for towards the close of thisFire, 455:to the purely manasic groups) is the proposed advent of certain members of the Hierarchy (initiatesFire, 455:and ward off the menace incident to the advent of the other group. The arranging of this and theFire, 462:us now consider the immediate present, and the advent of this seventh ray of ceremonial magic. TheFire, 687:the Earth scheme, the analogy is hidden in the advent of the Egos in the third round, in the thirdFire, 723:the material nature of our solar system, Their advent is literally the appearance in a physicalGlamour, 159:of recognition - an event of which the advent of Christ two thousand years ago was the symbol andInitiation, 28:nor to consider the conditions preceding the advent of those great Beings. This can be studied inInitiation, 30:The Immediate Effect The result of their advent, millions of years ago, was stupendous, and itsInitiation, 32:man, began his career. Another result of the advent of the Hierarchy was a similar, though lessIntellect, 26:they are necessarily almost complete, and their advent into our consciousness is sudden." -Magic, 355:by that which he has discovered. But with the advent of the light, he becomes aware of a new (forMagic, 377:in occultism that for our earth humanity the advent of the occult Hierarchy was epochal; it broughtMagic, 391:and with the coming in of the new age and the advent of the Christ in due time and in His own placePatanjali, xiii:of teaching which, tip to the time of his advent, had been given orally for many centuries. He wasProblems, 131:the faint stirrings of new life following the advent of Pope John XXIII can be nourished andPsychology1, 122:its source of the prevailing ray, present at the advent of the new. At this time the sixth ray isPsychology1, 281:names but which is usually referred to as the advent of Christ. This, as you know, may be an actualPsychology1, 357:an event of an importance equal to that of the advent of the fourth kingdom, when men made theirRays, 94:because He has always been with us, whilst His advent will evoke a responsive vibration from theRays, 615:three modes of His appearing, of His coming, His advent and of His physical recognition byReappearance, 5:their problems. The coming of the Avatar, the advent of a Coming One and, in terms of today, theReappearance, 12:of the human attitude to God, prior to the advent of the Buddha, the Avatar of Illumination. ThenReappearance, 110:be true especially during the early days of His advent. The sword which He wields is the sword ofReappearance, 130:obviously blended through the stimulation of the advent of the Hierarchy and of its Head, theReappearance, 164:sacrifices, and thus ensure the success of His advent. The advanced thinking, the success of theTelepathy, 132:has hitherto been paid. It coincided with the advent or the arrival of the Lords of Flame from theTelepathy, 134:world must be prepared. It will also produce the advent or appearance of many AVATARS, bringing
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