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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AEONS

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Astrology, 81:great illusion along which he has traveled for aeons from Aries to Taurus, via Pisces and -Astrology, 95:of individualization. This process culminates aeons later in the reversing of the wheel and theAstrology, 106:satisfaction of desire and ambition as the aeons pass away. When he reorients himself and mountsAstrology, 116:brought into captivity by the soul, but for long aeons the situation is reversed and the soul isAstrology, 148:fifth kingdom in nature have been working for aeons, and expresses the end of the enforced task andAstrology, 173:The door of initiation stands ever open, but for aeons of time man prefers the open door in Cancer.Astrology, 179:individual self-conscious man. Gradually, as the aeons have slipped away, the instinctual natureAstrology, 231:the Virgin-Mother has hidden from expression for aeons. This final judgment, as far as thisAstrology, 234:sex. Humanity will inevitably work it out as the aeons slip away and as the herd instinct givesAstrology, 251:word goes forth again and again throughout the aeons: "And the Word said: Let choice be made." TheAstrology, 255:matter and prepared that substance (over untold aeons) for its work in this solar system. It is inAstrology, 291:adjusted, aligned and oriented during many aeons of time; behind this active form, as it steadilyAstrology, 323:as potencies by the individual for many aeons of time and not until the life of the form and theAstrology, 326:and there evoke response. "Those who in distant aeons have pledged themselves to save and serveAstrology, 341:the soul's intent. In space and time, for long aeons, form controls and hides the soul. This isAstrology, 349:and the Seven Sisters. A.A.B.). Thus for aeons, the Great One stood, His consciousness inturned,Astrology, 366:separative, isolated ego; it is inimical for aeons to the aspiration of the imprisoned soul,Atom, 45:and selective power, but will, in the course of aeons, reach that more advanced stage ofAtom, 69:atom there lies a tremendous goal, and as the aeons slip away the [70] life that animates that atomBethlehem, 66:the last part of the way. Consecrated from past aeons to this very work of world salvage, He hasBethlehem, 140:Behind the manifestation of Jesus Christ lay aeons of experience. God had been expressing HimselfDiscipleship1, XIII:philosophy that seven great divine Emanations, Aeons or Spirits (in whom we live and move and haveDiscipleship2, 132:of influence naught can be. Disciples have, for aeons, been using the energies and forces found inDiscipleship2, 208:all together within his Mind for the many, many aeons of manifested existence. As I have beforeDiscipleship2, 210:of the Buddhas of Activity, and they spend the aeons of their planetary service: In activeDiscipleship2, 226:which has dominated [226] mankind for untold aeons; billions are also needed to bring about theDiscipleship2, 252:that which was the goal of initiation in earlier aeons and perceives these things normally and asDiscipleship2, 253:perception. He sees himself, and that - for aeons - the disciple has ever been able to do. But nowDiscipleship2, 270:now be revealed and known, because the work of aeons is culminating in a general soul contact,Discipleship2, 287:- he will complete the task, no matter how many aeons it may take. The initiate, on his tiny scale,Discipleship2, 315:Hierarchy. That cycle of sharing has seemed for aeons too far away to be considered; when, however,Discipleship2, 325:and it is this for which they have worked for aeons. Another factor is that many disciples areDiscipleship2, 326:as it is esoterically called - witnessed it many aeons ago. It is to this unknown and mysteriousDiscipleship2, 624:the soul has consistently identified itself for aeons, and - if I may so express it - it is theEducation, 144:body and the soul vehicle. One is the result of aeons of incarnating life and becomes in time aExternalisation, 169:first time, truly possible on a large scale. For aeons, the Hierarchy has struggled alone to helpExternalisation, 235:And we, the teachers on the inner side, who for aeons have aided in the preparation of humanity forExternalisation, 404:which have conditioned the masses of men for aeons. Human unhappiness is founded primarily uponExternalisation, 409:existing. The kingdom of man appeared on Earth. Aeons passed away whilst primitive man continued toExternalisation, 524:and in this sense much can be noted. For aeons and for countless cycles, the Hierarchy hasExternalisation, 525:touch with those who are not even disciples. For aeons and for cycles, the Members of the HierarchyExternalisation, 527:in nature (as they gradually unfold over the aeons) and then, via these, to the seven centers inExternalisation, 533:all the worlds the Purpose of the ONE Who for aeons will abide; as They impel that Will toExternalisation, 581:principle of imprisonment and has, for untold aeons, engrossed the attention of the human being, toExternalisation, 674:etheric level. These energies have for untold aeons been directed from the fourth or lowest of theExternalisation, 692:areas, magnetized in past centuries, and even aeons, by Members of the Hierarchy. This is done soFire, 19:the sacrifice of Flame, arrived, and for aeons hath endured. The timeless Ones entered into time.Fire, 22:within the hidden diamond, the Youth of Timeless Aeons, assisteth in the work. The inner burningFire, 26:The first shall be the last and time be lost for aeons." The obedient Sons of Mind connected withFire, 127:sever his connection with the higher self for aeons of time. H. P. B. has somewhat touched on thisFire, 334:and from the angle of vision of man endures for aeons; His life is the basis of the comparativeFire, 346:of work accomplished during incomprehensible aeons of endeavor. 28 The earlier solar system wasFire, 710:condition, is now ready for full activity as the aeons slip away, and is complete in all itsFire, 740:Ray. The time is not yet, but lies countless aeons ahead. It is the first appearance of theFire, 802:attention to the fact of the karma of the past aeons, kalpas and that unknowable period in whichFire, 829:so choose - follow the normal process, and take aeons of time to effect what some are choosing toFire, 838:and no outer warmth ascended to Their place. The aeons passed. The glow increased. The Spheres tookFire, 839:It lights not yet without; it simply glows. The aeons pass away, the cycles come and go. SteadilyFire, 840:Who watches, silent hitherto, through countless aeons. They send forth breath. Something preventsFire, 903:of the fourth ether, and from thence in long aeons, find their way to the cosmic fourth ether, theFire, 933:great involutionary life must remain for many aeons a mystery. His etheric body is now in processFire, 992:Ego from the Monad, entailing a wait for many aeons until another solar system has its being. InFire, 1036:their pralayas very rapidly; others spend untold aeons, and hence it is impossible to say thatFire, 1048:group, or Heavenly Man, pursued through long aeons, causes the phenomena of the variousFire, 1070:are certain focal points of energy which, as the aeons gradually sweep along, bring the atomicFire, 1218:and the crucifixion of the units throughout the aeons, and their realization of their essentialFire, 1249:love each other, yet each seeketh for many aeons the path of hatred. They hate and kill each otherFire, 1277:that Word whose ears have been closed for eleven aeons. It is never heard within the realms ofFire, 1279:the Essence, and through the progress of the aeons to perfect the great triplicity. Hid is theFire, 1279:becomes as one, and all is peace for aeons. Time ends; space disperses; naught is. Darkness reignsFire, 1281:deva lord who hears the Word go forth as the aeons pass away; That which sounds forth the tripleGlamour, 196:knows that the nature of the soul is light. For aeons, he walks by means of the light engenderedGlamour, 203:basic expression of pure selfishness appeared aeons ago. Later, as evolution proceeded and desireHealing, 245:animals and the forms of human beings for untold aeons, and yet our planet is not a charnel houseHealing, 250:of disease and of contamination. For untold aeons, the bodies of men and of animals have been laidHealing, 305:a definite materialism. In these so distant aeons that marked attainment, whereas in this solarHealing, 406:pass. He underwent this "transformation" many aeons ago, during the great cataclysm [407] whichHealing, 584:man than is the energy of the soul, which for aeons has tried to grasp effectively its point ofHealing, 584:the solar plexus center or the personality. For aeons, however, the energy of the heart center andHealing, 589:mind. That vague abstraction, the monad, for aeons of time seems unrelated in any way to the soulHealing, 590:at-one-ment. The abstract mind remains also for aeons of time something inconceivable and outsideHealing, 593:factors for the mass of human beings for long aeons or until such time as the soul "pays attention"Healing, 608:is the source of all life and consciousness, for aeons all the soul does is to preserve the form inHealing, 663:of humanity as a race, and as a result of aeons of wrong living, of selfish purpose and of greed,Healing, 664:the long hard way of evolution, in which aeons are taken to arrive at relatively small results, orHealing, 664:system, only faintly present, and many, many aeons would still lie ahead of humanity before evenHealing, 669:Lodge, and not the problem of humanity; for aeons the Hierarchy has handled this problem, and isHealing, 691:in himself the knowledge and the wisdom of aeons of struggle and of patient endurance. NothingHercules, 2:but watch his steps." [2] The swiftly passing aeons ran their course. The great wheel turned and,Hercules, 7:There is an immense past behind humanity; aeons and aeons have come and gone; the wheel ofHercules, 7:is an immense past behind humanity; aeons and aeons have come and gone; the wheel of existenceHercules, 32:treading the path of liberation from form. For aeons, this life force has been applied to selfishHercules, 139:word goes forth again and again throughout the aeons: "And the Word said: let choice be made." TheInitiation, 4:from many systems, but in the progression of the aeons an ordered harmony will eventuate, and theInitiation, 31:of a mental body. Left to himself for long aeons animal man would have eventually progressed out ofInitiation, 189:system, passing eventually, in dim and distant aeons, to the cosmic planes. One group passesInitiation, 210:to the lower needs, trained thus through many aeons. Lo, when the hands are helpless held, andIntellect, 138:states of being. The soul identifies Itself for aeons with the forms through which contact has toMagic, 64:study, it becomes apparent that we have, for aeons of time, identified ourselves with the form; weMagic, 276:of the race and this knowledge was in past aeons the prerogative of the initiates of the time. Held
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