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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AEONS

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Magic, 635:are a few brief years in a comparative cycle of aeons? What is a second of time in a span of man'sMeditation, 100:The at-one-ment has been made and the work of aeons is completed. All this is brought about throughMeditation, 100:reached its apotheosis. Little by little as the aeons slip away and the lesser cycles run theirMeditation, 257:of return to the All-Self. Ever, throughout the aeons, does the Prodigal Son arise and go to hisPatanjali, 127:are the five wrong ideas or concepts which for aeons of time and throughout many lives, prevent thePatanjali, 159:illusion. It is this which forces man for long aeons to identify himself with the things of thePatanjali, 194:which it ignorantly identifies itself for long aeons; Delusion, the process of wrongPatanjali, 268:Logoi, The seven great Lords, The seven Aeons, The seven Emanations, The seven Prajapatis, andPatanjali, 292:vehicle, of longer duration and persisting for aeons, and increasingly revealed in its beauty uponPatanjali, 321:spirit. We regard ourselves as the not-self, for aeons of time and forget our sonship, our unityPatanjali, 419:hath slain and veiled the Real for many lengthy aeons is itself slain, and with its death thePsychology1, 20:ancient and true. We find reference to the seven aeons and the seven emanations and to the life andPsychology1, 22:the one Life sought expansion, and the seven aeons or emanations came forth from the central vortexPsychology1, 47:latent behind all the [47] myriad of forms. The aeons will see these two energies steadilyPsychology1, 132:refined and most highly developed aspect. As the aeons pass away there is a growing intensity ofPsychology1, 256:was scarcely appreciable. In those distant aeons, much transpired which has been lost in the darkPsychology2, 174:He passes into light with open eyes, he who for aeons long has groped the darkened corridor. HePsychology2, 237:have held His purpose steady throughout the aeons and have motivated His creative processes. GreatPsychology2, 360:not along the many lines which, in the space of aeons, you have woven. These hold thee prisoner. BeRays, 54:great mental reversals and divine paradoxes. For aeons the Word of the soul and the Sound ofRays, 58:are slowly taking place. It has taken many aeons, for evolution (especially in the earlier stages)Rays, 87:destruction of much planetary evil, focused for aeons in humanity as a whole and brought to theRays, 104:the great life cycle of the soul, persisting for aeons, the time is nearing when form-taking andRays, 177:the Plan for which the Hierarchy has worked for aeons. Just as the disciple enters the world ofRays, 224:based upon the renunciation of that which for aeons has connoted beauty, truth and goodness, andRays, 235:and through our planetary Life for countless aeons. Each time that they cyclically make theirRays, 243:of this type of creative art is the result of aeons of conflict, pain and suffering. The Jews, as aRays, 259:in the personality stage and during the elapsing aeons since individualization, he has thought onlyRays, 266:to which he has been subjected for aeons. The principle of intelligence controls him and theRays, 269:Buddhas there is a basic relation, established aeons ago and steadfastly held, between our planet,Rays, 302:hast thou to reveal? Only that which has for aeons long existed and has for aye been here. TheRays, 381:far otherwise. The time came in those distant aeons when a certain percentage of human beingsRays, 384:and expanded until the time arrived - several aeons ago - when all seven Ashrams were fullyRays, 404:the key because they entered by that door in aeons long gone by." All the Masters (and not onlyRays, 428:reality by all men everywhere. It has survived aeons of opposition from the principle of enslavingRays, 440:the realm of dark light, but many face for aeons towards the clear cold light of spiritualRays, 484:disciple becomes the creating agent. For aeons, he has built and has used his vehicles ofRays, 576:astral plane, because that has been for untold aeons the level of his major polarization and theRays, 667:of the personality in the three worlds has for aeons nurtured the germ of this new life andRays, 710:experience (garnered in the life cycle of many aeons of incarnation) are now the sole possession ofRays, 727:- a sensitivity which has developed through many aeons of lives and of vital experience. TheRays, 753:never intended that men should deal. For untold aeons, the Hierarchy has stood like a shield,Reappearance, 22:human welfare. This effort, in the light of past aeons of human history, is a relatively new thingTelepathy, 73:possessed of an innate potency of sight; for aeons he has seen in the three worlds, and many haveTelepathy, 80:purpose of Sanat Kumara; all of it, during the aeons, achieving a group potency and a respondingTelepathy, 81:from all the seven kingdoms in nature that aeons have elapsed in developing the adequateTelepathy, 129:lesser and the weaker until gradually - as the aeons swept by - the seven Centers were created andTelepathy, 150:of the etheric plane changes considerably as the aeons pass away, according to the direction or theTelepathy, 153:It was this "esoteric emanating change" which, aeons ago, produced animal-man. I give this as anTelepathy, 170:Eternal Pilgrim to the Father's Home after many aeons of experience, as well as that which produces
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