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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFAIRS

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Discipleship1, 688:developed stage as world perception where human affairs are concerned, and frequently works out inDiscipleship1, 688:intelligently and consciously when personality affairs are dropping below the threshold ofDiscipleship1, 705:in an Ashram are primarily occupied with world affairs. As a group they are pledged to world work;Discipleship1, 705:to reach the minds of those directing world affairs and world happenings. The outer happenings are,Discipleship1, 714:from its own interior considerations and egoic affairs to those of its shadow. When this happens,Discipleship1, 730:in Shamballa for the regularizing of world affairs. More than this it is not necessary for humanityDiscipleship1, 737:pain as it demonstrates from day to day in world affairs; it requires also a "divine indifference"Discipleship1, 738:the disciple to see his little personal [738] affairs - physical, emotional and mental - in termsDiscipleship2, 26:life - a life of active participation in world affairs and a life of intense mental and spiritualDiscipleship2, 42:is of more importance to you than the petty affairs of your individual lives and your humdrumDiscipleship2, 44:then he proceeds to subordinate himself, his affairs and his time to the need of the hour,Discipleship2, 44:values, he will discover that his own private affairs are taken care of, his capacities areDiscipleship2, 45:in the midway place, between the world of outer affairs and the inner world of meaning. His firstDiscipleship2, 65:to Shamballa; they are relatively unaffected by affairs and happenings in the three worlds, evenDiscipleship2, 68:are today prone; they need to realize that world affairs are not and cannot be molded or determinedDiscipleship2, 68:in the possession of the disciple. World affairs and conditions have necessarily to be based uponDiscipleship2, 68:disciples in all nations were to condition world affairs and control entirely the political,Discipleship2, 74:know what decisions humanity will make in world affairs, or if mankind will profit from profferedDiscipleship2, 80:not only among men and in connection with world affairs but critical also in the Hierarchy itself.Discipleship2, 81:Last year was one of decision - as public affairs have demonstrated - decisions which were notDiscipleship2, 82:ever in the future guide or take any part in the affairs of the Arcane School. That is the task ofDiscipleship2, 145:the concept, seeing its relationship to world affairs, its usefulness and spiritual value toDiscipleship2, 151:moment; this will be conditioned by world affairs and by my understanding of a certain esotericDiscipleship2, 164:a recognition of those who implement world affairs and who engineer those steps which lead mankindDiscipleship2, 166:and of those who stand subjectively behind world affairs, the spiritual Directors of our life. TheyDiscipleship2, 166:by his practical interest in current world affairs and not in religious and church matters only; heDiscipleship2, 169:form in all national, public and community affairs. The history of humanity has been that of theDiscipleship2, 226:to bring about the reconstruction of human affairs and thus purify and beautify our modern world toDiscipleship2, 227:world interest and with what knowledge of world affairs you may possess. See the mass of menDiscipleship2, 231:the great attractive and selfless agent in world affairs. Discipleship2, 277:with service and with human and planetary affairs, and are capable of several interpretations -Discipleship2, 336:location, but must involve similarity of world affairs and civilization. This physical planeDiscipleship2, 339:to do much else than relate it to individual affairs, if they were going to familiarize the publicDiscipleship2, 353:will appear in some form or other in human affairs and constitute a great obstruction (apparentlyDiscipleship2, 357:so below," and the reorganization of planetary affairs which is taking place at this time isDiscipleship2, 358:which are the immediate results of world affairs; from their reaction, from the quality of theirDiscipleship2, 359:they move with care and right direction. Thus affairs are changed on Earth." To the aspirant, theDiscipleship2, 361:an easy task, as the present state of world affairs demonstrates. Then comes the final phase ofDiscipleship2, 395:hierarchical impression in the world of everyday affairs. It is one of the hardest lessons toDiscipleship2, 426:of the seventh ray) is already organizing human affairs and these three great coinciding events inDiscipleship2, 428:of opportunity and decision in general human affairs; hence the extreme gravity of the presentDiscipleship2, 465:my Ashram, as I remain in close touch with world affairs in relation to their immediate workingDiscipleship2, 544:[544] The relationship of the Ashram to world affairs. The responsibilities shouldered by membersDiscipleship2, 567:spiritual will as it can affect and direct the affairs of the personality is another thingDiscipleship2, 568:for you, therefore, a somewhat unusual state of affairs in the life of discipleship. You have beenDiscipleship2, 590:disciple who is working in the world of human affairs to strike the happy medium between soundDiscipleship2, 630:and the germ of the revelation to the practical affairs of living. You will then find taking placeDiscipleship2, 684:radiance no matter how dark the night of human affairs may be, have ourselves to rest back on theDiscipleship2, 718:of your life should be simplicity in all affairs and in all relationships. To this simplicity IDiscipleship2, 732:beautifying and the spiritualizing of the day's affairs will give you no time for any reaction toDiscipleship2, 750:stand and daily work. Such a state of affairs leads to a static situation and to a constantEducation, 4:all that transpires in the three worlds of human affairs. It is all the above, but should also beEducation, 47:and thus changed for all time the trend of human affairs. These moments produced the Magna Charta;Education, 60:individual aspirant, to community life and world affairs, or to the immediate conditioning levelsEducation, 62:both in relation to themselves and to world affairs, and to begin to relate that which is seen andEducation, 63:for excluding such an important aspect of human affairs from their reasoning and thinking and fromEducation, 64:themselves as spiritually [64] superior to such affairs and - in their ivory tower - concentrate onEducation, 68:all individual, community, national and world affairs. If this is done, then the light willEducation, 72:some decades must elapse before such a state of affairs can become possible and usual, but you willEducation, 74:because his parents are too busy with their own affairs to give him the needed time - busy withEducation, 89:and a sound and constructive outlook on world affairs. It will take a long time to bring thisEducation, 91:many decades must elapse before such a state of affairs will be actively present - but it will beEducation, 102:money. Little by little this disastrous state of affairs (which reached its climax in the earlyEducation, 106:man in the street is becoming a factor in world affairs. He is reached on all sides by the pressEducation, 124:idealistic philosophy to the life of practical affairs. Today man does both these things. What,Education, 125:is the all-engrossing topic today in world affairs. With it newspapers, radio dialogues andEducation, 128:status. This has entirely altered the aspect of affairs and the first group, therefore, of whichEducation, 130:The family group (like all else in human affairs) has shared in the general separativeness,Externalisation, 4:is directed or focused at this time on human affairs, and that some of Them are also preparing toExternalisation, 5:in mind by the worker in the field of human affairs if the present crisis is to be rightlyExternalisation, 71:- together - will determine the trend of world affairs. To repeat briefly: 1. The first and theExternalisation, 79:for cooperation, are preoccupied with their own affairs have no sense of immediacy and prefer toExternalisation, 87:which is responsible for the state of world affairs at this time, is that of the Jews; they, as aExternalisation, 96:unfoldment as a determining factor in world affairs. Small groups which correspond to the illuminedExternalisation, 110:hold, as always, the key to the study of human affairs as a whole. Just as the aspirants andExternalisation, 112:is the first major international crisis in human affairs and covers a period of twenty-eight yearsExternalisation, 136:values as the dominating factor in human affairs) is identical with the conflict which takes placeExternalisation, 141:dedicated to the ending of the present state of affairs. To engineer some dramatic and universalExternalisation, 149:factor in consciousness, who respond to world affairs and conditions increasingly as souls, and whoExternalisation, 178:the minds of those who were in touch with human affairs; immediately certain nations took sidesExternalisation, 211:spiritual urgency of this high moment in human affairs. The three Full Moon periods of April, MayExternalisation, 214:these higher tendencies and bring into human affairs selfish acquisitiveness, emphasis uponExternalisation, 216:peace, kindness and goodwill to rule world affairs and control the policies of the governments.Externalisation, 222:group of men who are capable of changing world affairs and inaugurating - under the stress andExternalisation, 228:and your emotional reactions to present world affairs. It concerns also your soul tension, yourExternalisation, 233:understanding and correct attitudes in human affairs. I would say to those who cry, "Peace, peaceExternalisation, 234:warring groups, hiding the wider vision of world affairs and the needs of humanity as a whole.Externalisation, 240:deprive mankind of its right to settle its own affairs, decide its own issues and make progress byExternalisation, 252:with humanity's right to handle its own affairs, and it must be timed in such a way that the bestExternalisation, 254:and free neutrals can give a right lead to human affairs. Aggression, fear, terror, foreboding andExternalisation, 260:make divine purpose a fact in conditioning world affairs. Had they not so responded to theExternalisation, 260:imposed upon them, the course of world affairs and world events might have been very different. IExternalisation, 264:appearances - more capable of handling his own affairs and determining consciously his own events.Externalisation, 310:Aspirants are preoccupied with their own little affairs and with their own small efforts, insteadExternalisation, 316:disciples and leaders marked a crisis in world affairs. The Eight Points (see Page 318) formulatedExternalisation, 326:The next twelve months will be decisive in human affairs. By the end of 1942, chaos and difficultyExternalisation, 327:and the complete disorganization of all human affairs in every country in the world - directly orExternalisation, 340:will assume the upper hand and control human affairs. The difficulty with which the Hierarchy wasExternalisation, 341:Will-to-victory. The stage of reorganizing world affairs when the war is over. This should properlyExternalisation, 359:in the lives of men today, in the world of human affairs, in the realm of human thinking and in the
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