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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFAIRS

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Externalisation, 369:at this time is a return to the state of affairs prior to the outbreak of war, and theExternalisation, 379:[379] part can I play in the vast arena of world affairs? How can I prove myself useful andExternalisation, 384:Plan and follow the guiding hand of God in world affairs. The real work of reconstruction will beExternalisation, 398:its active part in the reconstruction of world affairs. If this can be successfully accomplished,Externalisation, 399:fellowmen; and - upon the plane of practical affairs and living - to do two things: Carry forwardExternalisation, 403:guidance or reasonable light upon their affairs; and I know too that He feels with an aching heart,Externalisation, 407:live and work and oversee human and planetary affairs. It is called by many names by many people.Externalisation, 445:your aid and your support in the arena of world affairs. I have myself laid my plans before you.Externalisation, 448:true movements conditioning long cycles in world affairs have at their center a triangle throughExternalisation, 449:because they will have given a trend to world affairs and to human thinking which will work out inExternalisation, 452:of evil, working upon the inner side of human affairs and dealing mainly with the psychologicalExternalisation, 452:can emerge with clarity and dominate human affairs. Out of the [453] immensity of planetary evil,Externalisation, 455:relations, national parties and general human affairs. It is not for me to tell you what humanity,Externalisation, 456:arrive at a right orientation as regards human affairs. Let us therefore look at the three phasesExternalisation, 461:doing this, they frequently have a wide grasp of affairs and are keen politicians, but all theyExternalisation, 467:application of knowledge, through love, to the affairs of men. It is understanding, pouring outExternalisation, 473:out their own salvation as men and women of affairs, as business men, as husbands and wives,Externalisation, 476:of human stupidity to intrude into world affairs, and that potent groups of evil beings wereExternalisation, 484:relationship which should distinguish human affairs in the future. Those who will be directlyExternalisation, 490:moment; this will be conditioned by world affairs and by my understanding of a certain esotericExternalisation, 515:find harmonious influences? Is this a state of affairs in which They can work and live? Are theExternalisation, 519:They definitely influence the tide of human affairs. The Hierarchy directs and controls, more thanExternalisation, 564:of Them is yet working at the very center of affairs; in order to be of greater service in TheirExternalisation, 566:and humanitarian aspirants and workers in world affairs and in all departments. These two groupsExternalisation, 569:certain strictly mundane approaches to worldly affairs. For instance, there are adepts who areExternalisation, 570:outer and recognizable physical control of world affairs. The time for this will be dependentExternalisation, 572:well as objectively - of the direction of human affairs. This direction will be in virtue of theirExternalisation, 581:constantly aware of and influential in human affairs; it will come into full expression when theExternalisation, 582:energy will be directed to practical world affairs and to the education of the general public, andExternalisation, 582:conditioning wisdom. The implementing of human affairs to bring about this unfoldment inExternalisation, 592:Master Jesus, and this belief will alter world affairs and mankind's entire attitude to life. TheExternalisation, 593:who today struggle in the maelstrom of world affairs, and who seek to solve the world crisis, thatExternalisation, 597:concealed (though not hidden), He has guided the affairs of the spiritual Hierarchy, of HisExternalisation, 600:through dynamic but logical changes in world affairs, and through action taken by the masses of theExternalisation, 608:enter the public arena, play His part in world affairs and prove the scope of His mission. He willExternalisation, 613:apt to emphasize the present complexity of human affairs and events; these they believe areExternalisation, 616:is at least in process of controlling economic affairs, and when the churches have begun to cleanExternalisation, 618:to many advents at crucial times in human affairs, and to many world Saviors - of Whom the ChristExternalisation, 620:the task of organizing and rearranging his affairs so that the spiritual way of living mayExternalisation, 634:today as one group; on the outer side of world affairs, they may not be aware of each otherExternalisation, 643:often told you, the final decisions in world affairs have to be made through mankind's deliberateExternalisation, 644:disciples who are working in the World of outer affairs and those directly responsible to theExternalisation, 650:both), and demanding the settlement of material affairs with small attention - if any - to theExternalisation, 662:judgment, the adaptation of present affairs to the desired future, the coordination of the work toExternalisation, 670:the energy of goodwill, basic changes in world affairs will take place. I would ask all workers forExternalisation, 682:in the midst of the noise and chaos of human affairs. I lead a normal and, I believe, useful lifeExternalisation, 698:to be found today actively functioning in human affairs and struggling, under adverse conditions,Fire, 109:In connection with the planet a similar state of affairs may be found. Later information may beFire, 305:to work it off, or, literally, to "wind up his affairs." So do the Heavenly Men, for They likewiseFire, 407:next round, the work of the Lipikas who handle affairs in connection with our system outside theFire, 483:[483] whole Brotherhood in material matters and affairs, and Their concentration upon the forceFire, 543:his participation intelligently in world affairs until he enters the spiritual kingdom at the firstFire, 557:body. This will bring about a condition of affairs inconceivable to us, and only to be somewhatFire, 599:their appropriate Logoi, Who manipulate world affairs through the three departments, of which theFire, 714:of the world and who has undertaken to mould the affairs of it, in obedience to the law. If theFire, 724:that nothing can then arrest the onward march of affairs. Under Him work a number of cosmicFire, 781:but in the Earth chain a peculiar condition of affairs was brought about through the planetaryFire, 792:round. One hour of Brahma - Concerns interchain affairs. One Brahmic minute - Concerns theFire, 804:of his own home, and the initiator of his own affairs. Though he may be the meeting place of forcesFire, 948:distinguished has brought about a condition of affairs unparalleled in the system. A giganticFire, 994:the ranks of the black masters. Such a state of affairs can only be offset through the cultivationGlamour, 46:consciousness of man, we have such a state of affairs as the period of the Inquisition in its worstGlamour, 97:this pair of opposites in the field of human affairs and in the field of individual average humanGlamour, 166:in the lives of men today, in the world of human affairs, in the realm of human thinking and in theGlamour, 190:from the above that the mode of handling world affairs, states of consciousness and conditions inGlamour, 213:rendering them effective instruments in world affairs, penetrating and dissipating glamor andGlamour, 229:[229] consciousness from all world and personal affairs and center it upon the work to be done. AtHealing, 127:today, causing the appalling disruption of human affairs, culture and civilization. The entireHealing, 238:past all human tolerance in handling human affairs; in the other, the heart center opens up and theHealing, 291:lack of thought and there is attached to affairs but little true sense of guilt. There may beHealing, 327:has therefore to resign himself to a state of affairs which lies outside his individual control. AHealing, 327:and a willingness to submit to them and leave affairs to work themselves out. This particular lifeHealing, 367:case. How can I explain to you the true state of affairs? Only symbolically, I think. As we lookHealing, 428:eating and drinking, and all the periodic affairs which he is accustomed to pursue. Healing, 455:and occupied on its own plane with its own affairs. - Pages 496-497. Before I take up this subjectHealing, 483:will finally inaugurate that cycle in human affairs wherein disease and ill health will beHealing, 494:as an individual - with his own plans, life and affairs - as he was on the physical plane, but heHealing, 667:around Sanat Kumara and Their interest in the affairs of men, two things happened: The will aspectHealing, 693:to use them in this interim period in world affairs. We are passing out of one age into another,Hercules, 7:evinced by individuals in their own petty affairs may be natural and normal, but it is neverthelessHercules, 20:guiding his own life, and handling his own affairs. It was necessary, therefore, to rid himself ofHercules, 168:always occupied with our own problems, our own affairs. Casting pearls before swine: talking aboutHercules, 175:which is beginning to demonstrate in world affairs will result in a group loneliness rather than inHercules, 186:alone spiritually in the handling of one's own affairs with complete forgetting of one's own selfHercules, 186:with complete forgetting of one's own self and affairs in the welfare of the particular section ofHercules, 201:may mean by that word, is en rapport with world affairs, it seems to me he might try anotherInitiation, 32:with us, controlling its destinies, guiding its affairs, and leading all its evolutions on to anInitiation, 38:As has already been stated, at the head of affairs, controlling each unit and directing allInitiation, 42:some of those immediately connected with Aryan affairs in India, Europe and America, and those whoInitiation, 46:World at Shamballa, and the entire guidance of affairs rests in their hands, and in those of theInitiation, 54:decades held an authoritative position in Indian affairs. He works in close cooperation with theInitiation, 58:especially with the future development of racial affairs in Europe, and with the mental outgrowthInitiation, 58:Master R. takes hold, on the inner planes, of affairs in Europe, his name as Francis Bacon isInitiation, 92:seeks ever to expand his consciousness in the affairs of daily life can he expect to achieve thoseInitiation, 104:Lodge, and that the "Silent Watcher" over the affairs of men has taken notice. Initiation, 105:longer before interfering with the trend of affairs, as the karma of the planet would have beenInitiation, 105:scrutiny given to everything concerning the affairs of men by the various Planetary Existences. ItInitiation, 106:relatively exempt, and will proceed with his own affairs. And yet withal there is the closestInitiation, 110:a human unit. They are too occupied with greater affairs and with group activities to have anyInitiation, 199:themselves, their occult work or knowledge, the affairs of those associated with them, and the work
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