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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFAIRS

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Psychology2, 241:the planet in connection with his tiny personal affairs. It is this universal capacity to work andPsychology2, 252:kingdom, however, a new condition or state of affairs will be found. The outer phenomenalPsychology2, 252:realm of consciousness a very different state of affairs will be found. A Master of the WisdomPsychology2, 319:being fought out and, therefore, that present affairs must be viewed from the angle of a basicPsychology2, 329:it conscious and dynamic in the world of human affairs. When this conscious realization isPsychology2, 398:and those of us who are students of world affairs well know how unknown real love is. Even today,Psychology2, 402:but even they, if they are students of human affairs, of sociological conditions, and of humanPsychology2, 450:Ones is entirely focused owing to planetary affairs, in one particular direction. A synthesis ofPsychology2, 451:spiritual government and in the world of human affairs? First of all and predominantly, thePsychology2, 570:of the sitter, which are concerned with his home affairs, his business or are built up around hisPsychology2, 604:- detached, unmoved, and untouched by normal affairs or human calls. This is sometimes also broughtPsychology2, 631:nature that Those who stand behind world affairs and the development of humanity have been hard putPsychology2, 635:they are the determining factor in world affairs. The masses suffer from world conditions and fromPsychology2, 635:ones who have the controlling vote in national affairs. They are today swept by uncertainty, byPsychology2, 636:who are steadily influencing the trend of world affairs, sometimes for good and sometimes forPsychology2, 636:of human conditions, and the betterment of world affairs along certain lines which seem to themPsychology2, 639:recognized by the intelligent observer of world affairs. Nothing that is here said must be regardedPsychology2, 645:application of good will by action in the affairs of every day life, in every country throughoutPsychology2, 649:partisans and the groups pro and con in world affairs - come to fruition and constructive activityPsychology2, 657:world control and prominent place in world affairs, through the power of their thoughts and thePsychology2, 658:of energy which is attempting to guide human affairs; their know something of the detail of thePsychology2, 664:be in a position definitely to affect world affairs. One of their functions will be to bring intoPsychology2, 666:few years in order to turn the tide in human affairs, avert possible catastrophe and bring in thePsychology2, 675:good will will produce this third group in world affairs. In a few years' time, if the work isPsychology2, 676:will to affect definitely the trend of world affairs. Psychology2, 676:that should govern human relations in world affairs, that they can work with power in the field ofPsychology2, 676:adjust difficulties in every department of human affairs is unbelievably potent. But as yet, thatPsychology2, 678:immortality becomes a known accepted fact. World affairs and modern life conditions will then bePsychology2, 683:will be possible, and the complexion of world affairs can then be changed. This can be done; not byPsychology2, 691:energy of sufficient potency to change world affairs, provided the sons of men play their part? DoPsychology2, 691:organized effort to change the current of world affairs by an [692] increase in the spirit of lovePsychology2, 692:place of your own heart. The arranging of your affairs so that the week of the full moon can yieldPsychology2, 701:soul of the world is taking cognizance of outer affairs, preparatory to taking hold of the worldPsychology2, 701:and more determined preoccupation with the affairs of its shadow, its dim reflection, thePsychology2, 705:and thus express a conditioning factor in human affairs. When there are a sufficient number ofPsychology2, 705:is the task of the Workers in the field of human affairs: to awaken the soul ray to potency in thePsychology2, 710:all that they are and do. They dominate in world affairs, in the realm of art or in the world ofPsychology2, 719:to synthesize it with the state of world affairs as far as we know it, that the problems before thePsychology2, 722:women in the world who are today active in world affairs. From the side of the Hierarchy and thePsychology2, 733:and economic - can change the aspect of world affairs in the space of a few years. If there is notPsychology2, 734:set forth is true, and if what we know of world affairs gives in any way a true picture of thePsychology2, 737:can eat and sleep and reproduce and the ordinary affairs of life can proceed along the usual lines.Psychology2, 748:They must refrain from all interference in the affairs of any political or religious group. TheyRays, 48:however, dealing with a world of meaning and of affairs which are not yet manifesting in any way.Rays, 67:- as yet - as Sound affects humanity and human affairs. Forget not my earlier teaching upon theRays, 85:for the cyclic events and consequences in human affairs. Rays, 157:which have naught to do with the petty little affairs of the personality - unimportant andRays, 215:of the disciple with personalities and with the affairs of civilized living and physical planeRays, 271:ruler, and its ministers responsible for home affairs (or interior relations), and its foreignRays, 287:symbols. The application of soul energy to the affairs of daily life and the establishing of thoseRays, 330:of the Hierarchy were guiding and directing the affairs of humanity as far as innate free willRays, 333:consciousness will permeate and color all human affairs. It is this condition - so imminent and soRays, 371:the intelligent application of the Plan to human affairs. The Science of Impression, which governsRays, 413:decisions on the physical plane in human affairs; this deeply spiritual and mysterious successRays, 473:signifies a great and critical moment in human affairs and an opportunity hitherto unparalleled inRays, 546:reactions or the intrusion of personality affairs are eliminated. Later on in his training, theRays, 574:in the new civilization. To reorganize world affairs and so initiate the new world order. This isRays, 578:the situation which is today governing world affairs. [579] The united activity of these two greatRays, 597:human living and human desires and also human affairs and attitudes, and will lead eventually (inRays, 614:in the human family and is dominating human affairs; everywhere in the life of the individual, inRays, 615:in His proposed spiritual interference in world affairs. Through the medium of these members orRays, 621:regarded as indicating a turning point in human affairs. This trend is impulsed by a weariness ofRays, 626:immaturity and childish interpretation of world affairs, her lack of thinking capacity and herRays, 637:by him in his consideration of general human affairs; he needs to see in all world conflict theRays, 639:Conflict is a controlling factor in human affairs at all times, and peculiarly today. The PrincipleRays, 640:What may I foretell in relation to human affairs and of the future ahead of the race? I wouldRays, 668:sexes and to this our novels, plays, movies and affairs of all men bear testimony. CreativityRays, 674:makes the astral plane loom so large in men's affairs and in world decisions. This is so dominantlyRays, 675:must emerge; out of the present fog of human affairs humanity will also emerge eventually. TheRays, 676:hitherto unknown. Even a casual glance at world affairs will reveal the truth of this statement.Rays, 700:knowledge, expressing itself as wisdom in all affairs - hence the titles of Master of the Wisdom orRays, 721:the group which makes final decision anent human affairs. It was a decision made by this group ofRays, 745:the "iron curtain") die out a different state of affairs will gradually supervene and a trueRays, 749:by keeping the citizenry in ignorance of world affairs, and secondly, by giving them biassed newsRays, 749:or a garbled or distorted slant on world affairs, as is the case in most other countries,Rays, 749:daily developing and his ability to grasp world affairs is growing. That is one of the greatest ofRays, 751:keep her word or to cooperate in righting world affairs? The task which the Hierarchy wishes to seeRays, 759:this Invocation is doing much to change world affairs - far more than may appear to your eyes. MuchRays, 760:thinking of humanity, in human goals and human affairs. For implementing this I would ask you toReappearance, 33:and of Those Who stand subjectively behind world affairs, the spiritual Directors of our life. TheyReappearance, 33:past by his practical interest in current world affairs and not in religious and church mattersReappearance, 36:Master Jesus, and this belief will alter world affairs and mankind's entire attitude to life. TheReappearance, 37:who today struggle in the maelstrom of world affairs, and who seek to solve the world crisis, thatReappearance, 43:concealed (though not hidden). He has guided the affairs of the Spiritual Hierarchy, of HisReappearance, 47:through dynamic but logical changes in world affairs, and through action taken by the masses of theReappearance, 56:enter the public arena, play His part in world affairs, and prove the scope of His mission. He willReappearance, 66:unseen (and usually unrecognized) behind world affairs. The sphere of His activity will be known toReappearance, 67:upon which He normally works. Just as human affairs have effects upon His action, so greatReappearance, 69:point of tension is now controlling the affairs of the spiritual Hierarchy and its many groups ofReappearance, 112:relations will become so evident that world affairs will rapidly be adjusted and the new era ofReappearance, 113:divine expression to manifest itself in human affairs - individual, communal, national, andReappearance, 116:agent for a better understanding of world affairs. When Christ was here, in person, before, HeReappearance, 121:Hierarchy were openly guiding and directing the affairs of humanity, as far as man's innate freedomReappearance, 125:taught that just before He came, this state of affairs would be found and that everywhere the falseReappearance, 132:lives of men anew today, in the world of human affairs, in the realm of human thinking and in theReappearance, 140:without guidance or reasonable light upon world affairs; surely, He must feel (with an achingReappearance, 148:live and work and oversee human and planetary affairs. It is called by many names by many people.Reappearance, 161:the more difficult is his problem, for human affairs at this time seem so far away from this divineReappearance, 163:is at least in process of controlling economic affairs, and when churches and political groups haveReappearance, 165:to the many advents at crucial times in human affairs, and to the many world Saviors - of Whom the
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