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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFECT

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Astrology, 8:or qualities. You thereby, and in some measure, affect your environment and those whom you contact.Astrology, 15:streams of energy which definitely play upon and affect our planetary life, such as those comingAstrology, 23:it might be said that: The zodiacal signs affect primarily the man who lives below the diaphragm.Astrology, 24:working in conjunction with the zodiacal signs, affect primarily those who live above theAstrology, 24:the following four types of force because they affect what might be called the personality of ourAstrology, 51:the physical plane expression of the man; they affect potently the personality aspect; theirAstrology, 84:system of energies, in so far as they affect and condition a human being, the theme of the ThreeAstrology, 114:to him from Uranus or Pluto, for instance, which affect the soul life far more than they do theAstrology, 196:beginning, in any definite and clear manner, to affect human response. Their effect has beenAstrology, 255:Hierarchies and the evolutionary processes which affect the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human.Astrology, 265:from the other nine signs as these energies affect individual aspirants. They are: Leo - The CrisisAstrology, 283:and Venus. It is in this sequence that they affect him and carry him forward on his desired way,Astrology, 297:it is the physical Sun and its influences which affect the man, stimulate the bodily cells andAstrology, 297:through Neptune upon man. These stimulate and affect the heart, the throat and the ajna centers.Astrology, 327:the rays just as individuals are, and these rays affect them, via the ruling planets. I have hereAstrology, 334:signs of the zodiac and these all definitely affect the human family and the unit in that familyAstrology, 363:We have here considered the rays which directly affect our planet, the Earth, which are focusedAstrology, 370:been considering and the last of those which affect humanity. It is also the second sign which -Astrology, 393:humanity as a whole. The two rays which directly affect the sign are, as we have seen, the fifthAstrology, 403:- find their way to certain planets. Thus they affect and condition units of life upon each ofAstrology, 411:related to the first Ray of Will or Power and affect the Monad. Systemic energies pass through theAstrology, 411:astrology) the Ray of Attractive Coherency and affect the soul. Planetary forces impinge upon andAstrology, 411:to the third Ray of Active Intelligence and affect the personality. To this I earlier referred, butAstrology, 417:statements anent certain major triangles which affect humanity and seek to prove their effect andAstrology, 464:effective on our Earth, and which, incidentally, affect humanity exhaustively. Their name isAstrology, 481:influence and combination of energies as they affect the aspirants and disciples of the world whichAstrology, 484:concerned with the forces and energies which affect the consciousness aspect of the human being,Astrology, 484:are general, not so easily discernible and which affect the masses of men, and those which are moreAstrology, 495:are, therefore, great Triangles of energy which affect the mental response apparatus of humanityAstrology, 506:non-sacred one are very different, for one will affect primarily the life in the three worldsAstrology, 636:immaterial Forces and spiritual Entities that affect matter and guide it. (S.D. Vol. III, 337)Atom, 47:concern himself. We deal with things as they affect us personally, and all that occurs to others atAutobiography, 9:Our hours of stress and strain appear to affect our consciousness (that curious recording agent ofAutobiography, 148:to me and, although I have never permitted it to affect my actions, I have had to fight it everBethlehem, 8:has remained obscured and fails sufficiently to affect our lives. In our myopic study of the letterBethlehem, 109:and because none of these aspects of life could affect Him, we too can stand free, assured of ourDestiny, 16:this truth and to respond to it does not affect the issue. It simply makes your individual lot andDestiny, 83:and appears nowhere among the influences which affect the German nation. Venus rules Taurus [84]Destiny, 88:closely allied and together they can potently affect the German race and influence it towards aDiscipleship1, 27:the subject of glamor as it affects or might affect this particular group of disciples in myDiscipleship1, 34:may in the future become initiates, it will not affect your relation to your fellow-disciples inDiscipleship1, 47:faults are interesting only in so far as they affect the life of your group; they must be handledDiscipleship1, 57:This is not the "don't care" spirit which will affect the disciple's attitude to other people. ItDiscipleship1, 92:neither the higher trend nor the lower pull will affect him? One or other of these three conditionsDiscipleship1, 127:upheaval in your life and, therefore, naturally affect your solar plexus, producing a period ofDiscipleship1, 136:some definite task to perform - work which may affect the governing forces of the world in subtleDiscipleship1, 208:pendulum between past and future as they both affect the present; secondly, in the adjustment whichDiscipleship1, 222:influence you can call into play and thus affect other people's lives. You know also the powerfulDiscipleship1, 327:of precision in relation to those concerns which affect the lower man, remember that thisDiscipleship1, 349:of the bodies does the factor of time primarily affect and why? "Occult abstraction" takes place inDiscipleship1, 369:this, you can work to change conditions and to affect certain lives. This work will not be trulyDiscipleship1, 397:of "the joy of the Lord is your strength" affect my daily life? a. In what ways can I demonstrateDiscipleship1, 400:my being full of joy? How does a joyous spirit affect my fellow men? In what way can I mostDiscipleship1, 408:is of no importance, except in so far as it may affect the group as a whole. This is the point toDiscipleship1, 430:will be the effect in my life? How would this affect the group in which I seek to work? Would thisDiscipleship1, 452:possess fifth ray personalities as you do, can affect many minds and lay the foundation for livesDiscipleship1, 509:that you will realize that the things which affect the personality and which come from the point ofDiscipleship1, 576:of this inner quiet. This will in no way affect or change the goal of your work; it will not negateDiscipleship1, 576:you seek to help my work. It will, however, affect the quality and the rhythm of what you seek toDiscipleship1, 586:me for a moment how these first ray vehicles affect your demonstration in the world. Let us studyDiscipleship1, 596:nor did your active worldly life seem to affect in any way your fiery devotion and persistenceDiscipleship2, 62:of men from among whom they have emerged, can affect that decision in the slightest degree. AnyDiscipleship2, 67:of the soul (upon its own plane of being) affect profoundly and fundamentally the personality lifeDiscipleship2, 164:recognitions must be evidenced by humanity and affect human thinking and action if the totalDiscipleship2, 170:is the utilization of this knowledge in order to affect the public consciousness. These are pointsDiscipleship2, 190:indirectly in the Ashramic life) begins to affect him. Ponder on this statement. The goodwill ofDiscipleship2, 271:their living potency pour out ceaselessly and affect the consciousness of their disciples; theseDiscipleship2, 284:used literally). I refer not to death as it may affect them, but to death as it affects God'sDiscipleship2, 334:are the affair of your own soul; the results affect your family, friend, or communal group, and areDiscipleship2, 335:the things which you notice in others and which affect your judgment, evoking like or dislike,Discipleship2, 427:of conscious awareness; nevertheless, they only affect those forms of life which reactDiscipleship2, 443:gift of divine inspiration, as it can be used to affect and galvanize others into activity, isDiscipleship2, 456:the group action and the group effect does affect the Ashram. The quality of the vibration which isDiscipleship2, 491:recognitions of relationships, both as they affect your daily life expression and in relation toDiscipleship2, 537:because the decisions made are apt to affect many others besides yourself. Watch for the proof ofDiscipleship2, 537:an accepted disciple is concerned, such choices affect many, for those related by united serviceDiscipleship2, 567:But the use of the spiritual will as it can affect and direct the affairs of the personality isDiscipleship2, 685:ray of government and politics) does not unduly affect you, that an increasing measure of thoughtDiscipleship2, 708:to the contact of my mind. Contact with me will affect [709] your heart center; contact with myDiscipleship2, 719:by the physical brain. It does not in reality affect the inner spiritual man. Could you but know itDiscipleship2, 748:part of the work of the returning Christ will affect greatly the astral plane. Disciples areEducation, 118:and good order, some of it not so good. They affect their civilization materially if their emphasisExternalisation, 93:because the three major ends or purposes which affect you, for instance, as members of the fourthExternalisation, 98:the lower aspects of the divine Plan as it must affect life in the three worlds. Humanity, beingExternalisation, 108:because it way realized that it would not affect the man in the street or the masses who wouldExternalisation, 132:of the principle of federation, can affect major changes in Europe if there is an awakened insight,Externalisation, 420:to a prolonged spiritual effort which will affect the remainder of the year. These will be: TheExternalisation, 423:sphere of influence and that these primarily affect the human kingdom. I have called to your noticeExternalisation, 437:in the rebuilding of the world. This will then affect not only the Members of the Hierarchy, butExternalisation, 455:involved and thus (through this clear thinking) affect telepathically the minds of men; thisExternalisation, 466:enlightened planning and legislation, and thus affect the entire world. This is the immediateExternalisation, 481:substance which the coming pronouncement will affect. Christ will bring this into proper form forExternalisation, 484:more general in their application, and they will affect the masses of men through the work of theExternalisation, 521:discussion of group problems as these affect group service, and - above all - make an attemptExternalisation, 554:effects; however, one of the most immediate will affect the Triangles and increase the potency ofExternalisation, 557:you to share, with the exception of those which affect the relation between Shamballa and theExternalisation, 612:your own minds. What you decide will, however, affect definitely the remainder of your lifeExternalisation, 673:mean little to us, except in so far as they may affect adversely our personalities. They connoteExternalisation, 687:with all humanity and with all events that affect humanity. It was prophecy which impelled theExternalisation, 700:an increased stimulation which will necessarily affect disciples and aspirants and will involve a
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