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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFECT

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Fire, 59:while the internal fires of the planet will affect a human being as radiation in exactly the sameFire, 59:way as the pranic emanations of his etheric body affect another physical body as radiatory. TheFire, 71:when this is so the egoic ray is beginning to affect the atom powerfully and continuously; thisFire, 105:will have its functional disorders, which will affect its reception of prana, will suffer itsFire, 105:will suffer its organic troubles which may affect its distribution, and those disorders whichFire, 209:to apply the law on mental levels and thereby affect the physical plane. Motion originatesFire, 446:in the line of its path. It will fundamentally affect the vegetable kingdom, obscuring old typesFire, 451:of initiates of the third order. Words which affect the life side of manifestation and which driveFire, 545:of the life forces from within and those which affect it from without, grows gradually stronger andFire, 545:that the three lower petals when fully unfolded affect, through [546] their vitality, the threeFire, 553:vibrations of the cosmic astral plane as they affect the physical form of divine manifestation.Fire, 572:return. We might also touch on the laws as they affect the human and deva organisms that evolve byFire, 623:the divine plan. These three types of force affect substance, but with a psychic intent, beingFire, 657:in deva substance. This will materially affect certain types of humanity more than others,Fire, 668:bodies of their enemies, and by means of sounds affect deva substance, thus producing the desiredFire, 720:of electrical phenomena can ever affect each other. Thus, in the mahamanvantara, the three methodsFire, 741:the various types of pralaya, in so far as they affect the human unit; each unit finds its waysFire, 767:petals take shape as the vibrations begin to affect solar substance, the three types of petalsFire, 898:planet. Certain of His influences and energies affect paramountly the deva essence of this sixthFire, 907:they energize the manipulatory devas, and thus affect the myriads of lesser lives which composeFire, 940:Those who are built into the form. They only affect those of analogous vibration. The stages of theFire, 945:the logoic liquid body, so the ills of men which affect the circulatory system, the kidneys, theFire, 945:another group of agencies and builders, and thus affect a man's bodies, Racial karma, an extensionFire, 1037:particular line of energy, and will necessarily affect greatly all disciples and people on aFire, 1039:of the atom is so strong that it begins to affect other atoms outside its individual ring-pass-not,Fire, 1051:them play upon the planetary centers and thereby affect the involved monadic units. This is hiddenFire, 1054:a direct bearing upon the monadic atoms, which affect its progress cyclically, and which stimulateFire, 1070:energy may be regarded as existing, and how they affect the atoms in their environment. One hintFire, 1144:energy unit under consideration, will inevitably affect its appearance, and act as deflecting orFire, 1147:of the three modes of motion which powerfully affect the incarnating jivas. The Sons of Mind areFire, 1174:sway of the basic Law of Evolution. It does not affect, in any way, for instance, those members ofGlamour, 72:his own astral body and the glamors which affect and sway and submerge him. His problem upon theGlamour, 120:national and racial nature. These powerfully affect the physical body in both its aspects,Glamour, 155:Glamor The astrological influences can potently affect these situations and - speaking generallyGlamour, 271:worlds, produce in the disciple and as they affect the aspirant. I have not considered the problemHealing, 19:readjustments which emerge out of the past and affect the present. I shall deal with this moreHealing, 31:originate upon the physical plane, and which affect the inner bodies. There are physical energy andHealing, 44:two other groups of disease which predominantly affect those who are a little above the average andHealing, 66:treatise) with the whole gamut of diseases which affect humanity as a whole, or down the ages. TheHealing, 115:to the social diseases except as they may affect him physically through his sacrificial life ofHealing, 115:his sacrificial life of service. Contagion can affect him but not seriously so. Cancer may claimHealing, 124:to deal with the masses whom he is beginning to affect. This is not an easy thing to do,Healing, 130:difficulties are of a most general kind but do affect primarily second and sixth ray disciples. TheHealing, 138:be appropriate), or their lack or deficiency, affect the bodily organs within the areas around theHealing, 138:organs within the areas around the centers and affect all substances surrounding the centers. TheHealing, 199:non-activity of the nadis; these, in their turn, affect the nervous system, making the endocrineHealing, 202:conditions, along with others not mentioned, affect the nervous system, condition the glands andHealing, 206:(during the healing process) to stimulate or affect the healer's own related glands or produceHealing, 209:and through its agency that the centers work and affect the bodily organism, supplying the bodyHealing, 230:thinker over the syphilitic diseases as they affect families and their offspring. Two mostHealing, 234:we now find ourselves, and today they not only affect the organs of generation or the lungs (asHealing, 273:about the results of an operation as it may affect the etheric body and (consequently) the nervousHealing, 293:the effect of this imperfection must inevitably affect Their planetary creations, Their bodies ofHealing, 307:as it pours into the center (when it does not affect the gland except in a negative sense), or asHealing, 322:is the real basis of their interest, "Does it affect the subtler bodies? How?" There is no occultHealing, 324:conditions in the human body carry through and affect the inner bodies from the structural angle?Healing, 328:the spleen, the solar plexus and the throat, and affect in different ways the physical spleen, theHealing, 336:rapport, producing a radiatory effect, then they affect the vagus nerve and the fires of the bodyHealing, 357:reactions and would greatly (and adversely) affect the personalities of those they might seek toHealing, 515:have very little effect upon the soul and only affect the incarnated soul, the "fragment" of theHealing, 515:till now has been upon the initiations as they affect the disciple in the three worlds. But I amHealing, 515:dealing with the initiations as they affect or do not affect the soul, over-shadowing itsHealing, 515:with the initiations as they affect or do not affect the soul, over-shadowing its reflection, theHealing, 539:he seek to get that soul (on its own plane) to affect definitely the man, superintending theHealing, 549:centers, with the nadis through which they affect and stimulate (apart from radiation) the nervousHealing, 549:system and the blood stream which the centers affect through radiation on to and through theHealing, 559:stage only certain of the major diseases will affect him. He will not be susceptible to the littleHealing, 612:except in so far as the spiritual man can affect it - and most of the effect is produced in theHealing, 645:of hands and the establishing of relations which affect the physical body, and which are not at allHealing, 656:energizing his aura with soul energy, may affect the patient's aura and thus facilitate the entryHealing, 714:which are on their way and which will eventually affect every department of human life, includingHercules, 83:This brief summation of the signs, as they affect Hercules, will serve to give some idea of theHercules, 202:thing to realize that humanity could so notably affect the time and manner of the reappearance ofInitiation, 5:can do is to seize upon any data that seems to affect our own welfare, and concerns our ownInitiation, 16:and physical bodies and the lower mental, and affect their control. The chief effect being felt inInitiation, 37:crises which have occurred, and which still affect events in the present time. In dealing with theInitiation, 95:Planetary Logos or Ray. These differences affect: The initiatory process, both in its ceremonialInitiation, 98:some of the cosmic influences which definitely affect our earth, and produce results in theInitiation, 131:focal points of those great organizations which affect the civilization and the culture of a peopleInitiation, 140:to apply the law on mental levels, and thereby affect the physical plane. Motion originatesInitiation, 151:the purpose in toto is visualized. Second. They affect the deva kingdom and produce the creation ofInitiation, 152:These sounds grow out of the other group and affect inferior groups or kingdoms, if the wordIntellect, 169:nevertheless, wear out the nervous system, and affect his vitality. All who have worked in theMagic, 175:and those transmitted volumes which potently affect the thought of the race. The interpretation ofMagic, 245:our most cherished servers. The same process can affect the emotional body, and periods ofMagic, 291:by appreciating the fact that personalities affect us through the forces emanating from their formMagic, 307:These forces, playing upon the human race, affect the most sensitive; they in their turn affectMagic, 307:affect the most sensitive; they in their turn affect their environment and gradually a momentum isMagic, 315:of a man's surrounding family or friends. They affect him far more than he may credit, or he mayMagic, 315:him far more than he may credit, or he may affect them, according to which side is positive andMagic, 322:will bring about a steady radiation which will affect the surroundings exactly in proportion to theMagic, 570:will be purely kamic or desire force and will affect primarily the centers below the diaphragm.Magic, 592:apparatus and this in its turn will definitely affect what the psychologists call "behavior". ThereMeditation, 128:work themselves into common knowledge and thus affect in various ways the unwary sons of men. [129]Meditation, 136:their vibration, and so it is easy for them to affect the bodies of men. So few of the races,Meditation, 159:the wise student will find that the forms that affect the etheric body may be the first point ofMeditation, 186:in Meditation You have in fact: Mantrams that affect kundalini, and arouse it in the right manner.Meditation, 194:such that the vivification of the microcosm will affect the surrounding country and environment. ItMeditation, 230:into manifestation. These rays necessarily affect the egos in incarnation; they cause a change ofMeditation, 247:be found that certain colors will definitely affect certain diseases, cure certain nervous
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