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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFECTED

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Intellect, 254:over-stimulated. The nervous system is being affected through the medium of the fine and subtleMagic, 277:reaction set up that the entire body will be affected, resulting in the streaming upward of manyMagic, 524:as the vibration of the combined substance affected. These latter are those impulses to which weMeditation, 94:and each totality in his threefold nature is affected by its alignment or by its lack of alignment.Meditation, 129:of contacting the Builders who are so largely affected by it, and in endeavoring to pry into theMeditation, 197:manifestation. The alignment of the vehicles is affected, and may be distorted or misplaced, orMeditation, 234:time, and the rate of rhythm will be slightly affected. This from the standpoint of the present andPatanjali, 192:and consequently the astral or emotional body is affected. Then follows definite visualization ofPatanjali, 309:localities in the body which are energized and affected by these centers. All these centers havePatanjali, 309:- pericardium, ventricles, auricles with spleen affected. The Four Minor Centers Solar plexus -Patanjali, 383:obstacles. (See Book I. Sutras 29 to 39) This is affected, we are told earlier, by: SteadyPatanjali, 404:the mind, and the way in which the mind is affected by them, are entirely distinct. Hence objectsProblems, 85:conditioning human thinking, deluding the many affected by the problem and greatly handicapping theProblems, 150:of God the Creator, God transcendent - which affected primeval man, and he "became a living soul".Psychology1, 102:all [102] forms of life on our planet are affected by three types of light substance, and at thePsychology1, 157:contact of the living quality with the substance affected and with the kingdom which is the focusPsychology1, 284:vary also according to man's destiny as it is affected by his time and age, his nature andPsychology1, 339:of man's life problem, we might state that it is affected potently by the two major influencesPsychology2, 149:affect matter, except in so far as form is affected when the soul "withdraws", or occultlyPsychology2, 384:that the heart center will be forcefully affected and awakened into full activity. It infers alsoPsychology2, 441:that two groups of men are thus powerfully affected: The group which has recognized the need forPsychology2, 547:govern definite areas in the body. These are affected and controlled by the centers and it is inPsychology2, 551:lymphatic - in the abdominal area are powerfully affected and through their hypersensitivity orPsychology2, 553:personality, so will the organs of the body be affected. The solar plexus can be stimulated fromPsychology2, 555:the brain. Indirectly also, the vagus nerve is affected. Consciousness and life, sensitivity andPsychology2, 615:working at this time in a group, is scarcely affected at all by these factors, owing to hisPsychology2, 616:study the first from the angle of the one most affected by them - the leader or focal point of thePsychology2, 722:they are close enough to their own souls to be affected. They are then mentally polarized, andRays, 16:as far as our planet is concerned, is profoundly affected by the will-purpose of the Lord of theRays, 368:to you, but the center of creativity is affected, and I had almost said guarded, by the "centerRays, 377:without finding that his will nature is being affected. It will only show itself at this stage asRays, 562:quality and potency of an ashram is definitely affected by the admission of an initiate; he bringsRays, 585:he plays an increasingly potent part. The groups affected by the progressive initiatory process toReappearance, 8:Them every eye can look and all men can be affected. Therefore, an Avatar or a Christ comes forthReappearance, 26:to Christ's reaction to His own destiny, as it affected the human. We have paid small attention toReappearance, 91:the new world education. Those first to be affected by them are the great educational movements,Reappearance, 92:the moving picture industry; [92] others deeply affected are the press, the publishers of worldSoul, 117:the brain. The fact that mental consciousness is affected or disappears with disorder of the brainSoul, 129:of the centers in the etheric body which can be affected by certain Oriental practices ofSoul, 138:of etheric matter, and thus being easily affected by the coarser astral vibrations." - Powell, A.Telepathy, 188:etherically, and only etherically, and are not affected by the fact that the "units of energy" inTelepathy, 190:correspondence and can thus be "impressed" or affected and awakened by the corresponding higher
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