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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFECTING

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Astrology, 31:Path respond consciously to [31] The planets, affecting their personalities. The Sun sign, asAstrology, 162:and one in the Mutable Cross conditioning and affecting the world disciples, and all of them ofAstrology, 297:the bodily cells and sustain the form nature, affecting the centers below the diaphragm. Upon theAstrology, 299:have the formation of an esoteric quaternary, affecting powerfully the major quaternary of man -Astrology, 319:way of the disciple. The hierarchical center is affecting him powerfully. In Pisces, the influenceAstrology, 409:of forces in the solar system is notably affecting our planet. In the process of passing from signAstrology, 411:be said that the three major groups of forces affecting our planet are zodiacal, systemic andAstrology, 416:Humanity. Connected with this major triangle and affecting powerfully our entire solar system is aAstrology, 424:the relation of the three basic energies affecting our solar system and the predominant effect ofAstrology, 440:Thus there are two interrelated crises affecting both Humanity and the Hierarchy, and these shouldAstrology, 441:the three lesser triangles, thus potently affecting every kingdom in nature. This cosmic triangleAstrology, 485:They are the three signs whose energies are affecting humanity as a whole - as a kingdom in nature.Astrology, 485:functioning entities. Sagittarius is powerfully affecting the world aspirants and leading themAstrology, 485:of humanity. Aquarius is - with equal potency - affecting the world disciples and initiates,Astrology, 506:a sacred planet will aid in the processes of affecting the fusion of soul and body, ofAstrology, 515:in the throat center, and by indirect activity affecting the sacral center and - under the majorAstrology, 521:The energy which flows from them is profoundly affecting the world, holding great hope for theAstrology, 574:becomes a radiating center of spiritual will, affecting humanity and evoking its will-to-good; heAstrology, 641:be differentiated as follows: "Inter-cosmic - affecting constellations. Interplanetary - affectingAstrology, 641:- affecting constellations. Interplanetary - affecting planets. Interchain - affecting the chainsAstrology, 641:Interplanetary - affecting planets. Interchain - affecting the chains in a planetary cycle.Astrology, 641:between the globes of a chain. Inter-sectional - affecting the transference of force between theDestinyof God. The energy of Harmony through Conflict, affecting greatly the human family. The energy ofDestiny, 22:thought because the potency of their idealism is affecting every person, capable of thought, uponDestiny, 28:are at this time so powerfully and effectively affecting humanity and its coming civilization andDestiny, 28:two minor rays (which are rays of attribute) affecting powerfully the [29] destiny of mankind.Destiny, 68:of the soul ray and of the sign which is affecting it (its ascendant, one might say), whilst theDestiny, 96:The energy which flows from them is profoundly affecting the world and the United Nations; thisDiscipleship1, 395:her way out, but her mental stress is definitely affecting the group life. It will enrich the groupDiscipleship2, 65:violent strain. The extreme psychical tension affecting the Hierarchy puts an undue strain upon theDiscipleship2, 347:The consequent reactions by the initiate, affecting his daily life, service and ashramic activity.Discipleship2, 479:within yourself so that it becomes: A radiation affecting others. An attractive force relating themDiscipleship2, 517:the Shamballa force is abroad and potently affecting those natures which have a preponderance ofDiscipleship2, 525:to your group (an attitude which is sadly affecting them) may prevent your listening to me, yourExternalisation, 85:[85] for the most part, or religious), and affecting both the reactionary bodies and those whoExternalisation, Esoter:and altered the face of Europe, incidentally affecting Asia and conditioning attitudes and policiesExternalisation, 352:stage in human evolution, take any step vitally affecting humanity unless released into thisExternalisation, 406:of these Approaches have been of a major nature, affecting humanity as a whole, and some of themExternalisation, 406:a whole, and some of them are of less importance affecting only a relatively small part of mankindExternalisation, 433:propaganda emanating from the Axis Powers and affecting potently not only their own peoples but theExternalisation, 541:you about this particular hierarchical move, affecting as it does both Shamballa and the Hierarchy.Fire, 104:purpose and be either: Functional, and thereby affecting its apprehension of prana, Organic, andFire, 104:its apprehension of prana, Organic, and thereby affecting its distribution of prana, Static, andFire, 104:its distribution of prana, Static, and thereby affecting the web, when viewed solely from the angleFire, 247:to outer stimulation: Electrical stimulation, affecting its objective form. Magnetic stimulation,Fire, 249:to outer stimulation: Electrical stimulation, affecting the outer form, or pranic response.Fire, 380:planetary Logos takes a different initiation, affecting different centers; and so bringing intoFire, 393:of which Earth and Venus are two points, and (affecting [394] the Heavenly Men of these twoFire, 581:physical plane disruptions, especially those affecting the mineral world; it controls theFire, 586:and briefly study the three most important laws affecting the evolving human being, as he lives hisFire, 709:aspiration (which is simply transmuted desire affecting mental matter) turn it into the Path andFire, 811:what it is in the emotional body which is affecting the nervous system, and thus obstructing theFire, 832:the Heart," and on the higher levels results affecting distribution and conservation of energy mayFire, 897:poles, so to speak, and internally much proceeds affecting the outer evolutions. One of the mostFire, 964:man and little developed man, the purpose [964] affecting the physical brain emanated from theFire, 1012:of activity, The second line of stimulation affecting the pineal gland is that which is theFire, 1029:therefore, may be viewed as: Inter-cosmic, or affecting constellations. Interplanetary, orFire, 1029:or affecting constellations. Interplanetary, or affecting the schemes. Interchain, or affecting theFire, 1029:or affecting the schemes. Interchain, or affecting the chains. Inter-globular, or producing anFire, 1029:the globes of the chains. Inter-sectional, or affecting the transference of force between the fiveFire, 1148:The factors which we have considered as affecting the different incarnating units have a vitalGlamour, 218:the light negates the quality of the glamor from affecting me. The power of the light destroys theGlamour, 226:stages of their work, they deal with a glamor affecting aspirants and that they do not attempt toGlamour, 233:light negates the quality of the glamor from affecting men. The power of our united light destroysGlamour, 236:the light negates the quality of the glamor from affecting me. The power of the light destroys theGlamour, 239:light negates the quality of the glamor from affecting man. The power of our united light destroysHealing, 122:Necessarily, these fall into seven groups, affecting seven major areas of the body. For the averageHealing, 199:via the nadis and the nerves and potently affecting the glandular system and the blood stream, theHealing, 238:heart disease is also a disease of stimulation, affecting very largely the advanced types ofHealing, 262:in the world today and which is so potently affecting humanity - things of beauty and of horror,Healing, 274:are involved, or to such a condition as war, affecting large masses of men. That the etheric bodyHealing, 299:this time as a result of excessive vitality, affecting the blood stream, producing building withinHealing, 473:the disease, in connection with the heart, and affecting also the three great systems which soHealing, 560:from nervous diseases, and from complaints affecting the upper part of the body and those areasHealing, 592:mystics, largely of a nervous nature and often affecting the heart or the blood stream. They will,Healing, 618:latent aspects are distributed as pure energy, affecting areas but not affecting any localizedHealing, 618:as pure energy, affecting areas but not affecting any localized focal point. A gland is such aHealing, 627:streams of energy, via certain centers, and thus affecting certain glands in the area of theHealing, 636:from the karma, resulting in physical events, affecting all physical forms composed of thisHealing, 637:There are therefore three types of life, affecting the dense appearance of a human being during hisInitiation, 51:there are certain aspects of hierarchical work affecting, for instance, the animal kingdom; thisInitiation, 96:of influence, without incurring obligations and affecting other schemes; the interchange of forceInitiation, 112:"Vision" seen. 3. The application of the Rod, affecting: a. The bodies. b. The centers. c. TheInitiation, 164:of men, and to manipulate the force currents affecting them and which they emanate. [165] EachInitiation, 200:centers in the body upon the etheric plane; affecting also, through reciprocal vibration, the sevenMagic, 62:more and more powerful. The energy is [62] affecting more and more the forms through which the soulMagic, 97:the Word literally on the physical plane, thus affecting the three grades of matter in hisMagic, 134:of human thought - are gradually and steadily affecting the subtler bodies of humanity and areMagic, 307:briefly indicate: Astrological factors, either affecting the planetary chart and hence individuals,Magic, 325:of that work and should - along lines so closely affecting their power to serve - be fully aware ofMagic, 341:after night comes the day. In the great cycles affecting cosmic groups this also can be seen; inMagic, 517:power to follow the interlude of contemplation affecting the soul and the mind and the brain. JustMeditation, 62:it forth gently the first time and thereby affecting the mental vehicle; more loudly the secondMeditation, 161:appreciation of the trouble or troubles affecting him, only when he has the ability toMeditation, 186:the purpose of health, for vitalization, and for affecting the fire at the base of the spine.Meditation, 188:essentially the devas of fire. With the mantrams affecting the elementals of fire there is naughtMeditation, 340:wherein interest is aroused, but on all matters affecting the race. It involves the formulation ofPatanjali, 139:whereas the second are those that are concretely affecting the mind. The first can be completelyProblems, 77:to make national and international decisions, affecting the whole of mankind, is passing into thePsychology1, 347:A close study of the tabulations of the rays affecting humanity will have made it clear that they
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