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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFECTION

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Astrology, 283:can be best described as instinctual mind or affection (Venus), which is brotherly love in embryo;Autobiography, 4:done without the understanding [4] friendship, affection and staunch cooperation of my many friendsAutobiography, 15:am very proud of her. I have never altered in my affection for her and should she ever read thisAutobiography, 66:[66] good to me and I remember them with affection and gratitude. It was the nicest voyage I madeAutobiography, 82:It is a state of real friendship and deep affection on both sides. One evening Jessie came up toAutobiography, 157:upon a most difficult and distressing time. Our affection and personal loyalties were with ourAutobiography, 160:between them has always been one of great affection and, on his part, of great sacrifice. TheyAutobiography, 174:organizational differences there was a strong affection between Mr. Warrington, Foster and myself.Autobiography, 220:my consciousness and I think of them with equal affection. Autobiography, 226:always think of her with the deepest love and affection. Each year after our trip abroad weBethlehem, 79:preserving a sense of proportion, retaining the affection of those around us, and fulfilingBethlehem, 171:greatness of Thine, or carelessly, or through affection, or whatever I have done to make a jest ofDiscipleship1, 75:that may entail) and a deep, if unrealized, affection between each and all of you, even if you haveDiscipleship1, 483:or a shop? Upon the astral plane - the rose of affection and of friendly feeling, the blue of anDiscipleship1, 493:I say "love," I refer to soul love and not to affection, emotion or sentiment. I refer to thatDiscipleship1, 619:warning your true friends gave you, out of affection and knowledge of you. You had to find that theDiscipleship2, 143:the sense of relationship and not devotion or affection. Attachment, in reality, is an expressionDiscipleship2, 693:as basic. 2. The termination of an outgoing affection towards a person or a group of persons uponDiscipleship2, 708:with you. You have the understanding and loyal affection of A.A.B., and will - from life to life.Externalisation, 690:of those who are tied to him in the bonds of affection and of karmic relation. As disciples proceedGlamour, 4:When the intuition is developed, both affection and the possession of a spirit [5] of loving outgoGlamour, 77:to serve in order to draw forth a responsive affection. Study the word "affection," my brother, andGlamour, 77:forth a responsive affection. Study the word "affection," my brother, and see its true meaning.Glamour, 77:my brother, and see its true meaning. Affection is not love. It is that desire which we expressHealing, 119:produces the "dynamic expulsive power of a new affection"; the old idées fixes, the old depressionsIntellect, 106:has been called the "expulsive power of a new affection." To be profoundly interested in some newMagic, 494:the severing of all signs of love and of affection, and the passage (unwilling and protesting) intoPatanjali, 326:of the threefold anguish, how could he have any affection for those perfections which go counter toPsychology1, 91:Consciousness and choice, awareness and affection, thought and temperament, life and love,Psychology1, 201:The first ray man often has strong feeling and affection, but [202] he does not readily express it;Psychology1, 257:era began, wherein certain of the animals evoked affection from certain humans, and a new influencePsychology1, 260:[260] the animal is attached by the bonds of affection or of service. The ray impulses which arePsychology2, 104:This is the loved cross (rose being the color of affection), with the bird (symbol of the soul)Soul, 64:suggestive conclusions, as follows: "Light is an affection of the ether. Light is to ether as soundTelepathy, 29:Thirdly, let the receivers think with love and affection of the broadcaster for a minute or two.
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