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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFECTS

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Astrology, 70:initiations, the influence of the planets affects the candidate in a totally different manner thanAstrology, 250:note is heard; no violent coloring of the life affects (I know not how else to translate theAstrology, 254:between the involutionary process which affects the great Creative [255] Hierarchies and theAstrology, 298:of an interesting triangle of force which affects the Leo subject - the Sun, the Moon and Neptune;Astrology, 329:whose essential nature is light. This soul-light affects the form as evolution proceeds andAstrology, 331:changes in the systemic life which, in its turn, affects our planet, its kingdoms in nature andAstrology, 365:and of all that prevents synthesis. Pluto, as it affects Gemini, brings about the death or theAstrology, 409:pull of a great cosmic center. This powerfully affects the Earth's orientation and is responsibleAstrology, 410:with increasing rapidity and this necessarily affects the Earth and produces terrestrial results. Astrology, 539:the threefold world of human evolution and which affects also the three kingdoms in nature,Astrology, 593:must not be interpreted in terms of death as it affects the form nature of manifestation. The noteAstrology, 681:we must be careful to view it not only as it affects our own globe and its present humanity, butAtom, 121:that I am going to consider now is one that affects us very closely: namely, the attainment by manAtom, 158:we are associated, and the work we do, which affects, for better or for worse, the group in whichAutobiography, 62:to distinguish between those men whose drinking affects their legs and those whose heads [63] getDestiny, 78:- Ceremonial Order or Ritual, via Uranus. This affects the masses as a whole, as it is theDiscipleship1, 20:that the love aspect of the Logos - as it affects the human kingdom - is focused through the innerDiscipleship1, 27:deal further with the subject of glamor as it affects or might affect this particular group ofDiscipleship1, 207:is in a peculiar sense a time glamor and affects you in two ways. One way affects you in strictDiscipleship1, 207:time glamor and affects you in two ways. One way affects you in strict relation to yourself and ofDiscipleship1, 207:and of it no one is aware; and the other affects all that you do on the outer plane of appearancesDiscipleship1, 314:mental activity; it is an attitude of mind which affects primarily the entire life-attitude of theDiscipleship1, 468:say that you have undue interest in form as it affects your personality. You are definitely theDiscipleship1, 759:aware of the content of the Master's mind. This affects his life and service and his mindDiscipleship1, 770:leaders and teachers of humanity must reckon. It affects the least intelligent of the masses of menDiscipleship2, 18:the kingdom of souls. The first meditation affects the three centers in the individual disciple andDiscipleship2, 23:you, but I would remind you that whatever you do affects your group - either constructively orDiscipleship2, 65:time by the Hierarchy and by the ashramic groups affects the personal lives of disciples and theirDiscipleship2, 209:guidance; this does not refer to the law as it affects the individual human being because of suchDiscipleship2, 232:less under the control of their soul ray; this affects most definitely the varying fields ofDiscipleship2, 284:death as it may affect them, but to death as it affects God's created universe, producing releaseDiscipleship2, 311:and progressing under a Law of Destiny. This law affects the Ashram and the Hierarchy as a whole,Discipleship2, 327:on the three subhuman kingdoms. Nothing which affects humanity or which stimulates it to aDiscipleship2, 420:by the initiation to be undergone? Initiation affects both the consciousness and the form - each inDiscipleship2, 476:to its magnetic attractive quality, as it affects others rather than yourself, that I seek to drawDiscipleship2, 512:the condition to which I here refer. It affects also at times the quality of your impact uponDiscipleship2, 523:so, for she is sensitive interiorly to all that affects you. It is, however, right that you shouldDiscipleship2, 531:dissatisfied. The crystallization eventually affects all aspects of the nature. Emotions settleDiscipleship2, 556:of mental control upon the personality; it affects the brain, and therefore the two lower vehicles.Discipleship2, 685:a passing age - an age which should pass. This affects also your sixth ray personality and,Discipleship2, 724:be brought to an end by you. This restlessness affects the quality of your vibration, and this inDiscipleship2, 724:in turn, to a slight (a very slight) degree, affects your ashramic group of brothers. A future ofExternalisation, 109:stages of the Law of Cause and Effect (as it affects humanity at this time) might be called: TheExternalisation, 161:loving understanding of the will of God as it affects humanity and works out divine intent. It isExternalisation, 396:is to focus the divine will-to-good as it affects humanity. The work of spiritually minded men isExternalisation, 427:they dislike the results of the war as it affects them; or they cannot bear the general sufferingExternalisation, 429:angle and from the point of view of how it affects them as individuals and their nation as a whole.Externalisation, 549:implement the new presentation of goodwill as it affects and changes the [550] sovereign worldExternalisation, 585:levels. This is straight hierarchical work. It affects on broad lines the consciousness ofFire, 71:the wall of the atom as an external force and affects its rotary and vibratory action. Second. ItFire, 291:is as yet but imperfect. This necessarily affects the cells in His body in the same way that lackFire, 291:of astral control in the case of a human being, affects his vehicle. It might here be pointed outFire, 354:over-balancing karma of the Logos Himself as it affects the ten schemes within His system? AllFire, 387:we must be careful to view it not only as it affects our own globe and its present humanity, butFire, 393:and then that this active intelligent will affects all lesser lives in cyclic evolution within theFire, 438:and the warmth or quality of a Ray not only affects the psyche of a man, a planetary Logos, and aFire, 443:of manifestation. His magnetic radiation as it affects (though in lesser degree) His Brothers inFire, 466:to be noted is that this influence at this time affects primarily the devas of the physical plane,Fire, 466:devas of the astral or mental planes. Every Ray affects in more or less degree the plane orFire, 494:fire elementals who are the external fire which affects that central spark through the medium ofFire, 500:The ordered purpose of the informing Life, as it affects the physical form and atoms. TheFire, 503:the furtherance of the evolutionary plan as it affects him individually and his groups. [504] Fire, 616:of the plane. This focusing of the positive affects the negative substance of the four lower planesFire, 652:forget that this stimulation of the spirillae affects the matter aspect, or deva substance. Man isFire, 674:upon Their cosmic astral life which directly affects the systemic astral, or the physical liquidFire, 733:the human standpoint, and study pralaya as it affects the Monad in incarnation. 44 There are fiveFire, 734:two Incarnations This is of a triple nature and affects the substance of the three vehicles,Fire, 764:of the student to the fact that evolution affects that body also, and not only man's forms in theFire, 782:Pitris to the chord of the Ego. This definitely affects the spirillae of the atom, according to theFire, 858:force center, and the energy emanating from it affects the etheric centers, and produces every typeFire, 886:and [886] the evolution of matter itself. It affects the lunar bodies, and therefore relates to theFire, 953:that which he has failed to achieve. It affects not only himself but also all those units whom heFire, 1010:above the top of the head. This center directly affects the pineal gland, and the interplay ofFire, 1032:it will profit us more to deal with force as it affects the human being, the planet on which he mayFire, 1045:is not possible as yet to touch. All in nature affects that which it contacts, and these effectsFire, 1073:the positive energy of the greater Whole as it affects the lesser positive energetic points. We areFire, 1105:come under the Law of Karma, but only as it affects the Heavenly Man, and not the law as itFire, 1111:of sufficient strength and [1111] purity, it affects the outer row of petals. This begins to beFire, 1172:the lesser finds itself. This law, therefore, affects the two lowest forms of divine life, but notFire, 1173:is a mysterious term used to cover the law as it affects the expansions of consciousness which anFire, 1190:with ours and which, therefore, inevitably affects the egoic groups. We must note also the factFire, 1215:This concerns the central fire of all atoms and affects the relation of that positive center to allGlamour, 46:and thus emphasizing the glamor aspect as it affects the disciple and the problem which he faces,Glamour, 77:an exertion of the astral body and this activity affects our contacts; it is not the spontaneousGlamour, 77:of desire. This is primarily a glamor which affects sixth ray persons and is particularly potent atGlamour, 156:and its type of influence upon the Dweller. It affects karma, times and seasons. The personalityGlamour, 215:A recognition of the ways in which this glamor affects the daily life and all relationships. TheHealing, 2:of spiritual energy. This automatically affects some aspect of the mechanism which is used by theHealing, 38:a condition of intense disturbance. This next affects the stomach, the pancreas, the gall duct andHealing, 128:and of long established habit and inevitably affects the physical vehicle of the soul. ExemptionHealing, 129:where the centers are concerned, normally affects the glands, and they in their turn produceHealing, 208:ductless glandular system, via the hormones, affects every part of the physical organism - via theHealing, 213:pituitary body, but its extreme importance as it affects the psychological response of the personHealing, 216:effect upon the physical body, so this stage affects the astral vehicle with great potency;Healing, 225:shadow penetrates also into the mineral kingdom, affects the vegetable kingdom, and involves alsoHealing, 235:evil as it prevails in our solar system and affects the planetary Logos, Who is still numberedHealing, 307:flow or undernourished. This in turn affects the glandular secretion and later the blood stream.Healing, 366:A large measure of the inferiority complex which affects so many people today is due mostHealing, 370:The healing radiation, therefore, naturally affects the atmosphere around the patient. As yet,Healing, 386:renewed life on soul levels. This, therefore, affects the relation of the patient to his soul. The
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