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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFECTS

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Healing, 405:three aspects of the Law of Karma, as it affects the principle of rebirth: The Law of KarmicHealing, 474:into the blood stream a substance which in turn affects the heart. There the life thread isHealing, 566:of disease, "the Good," is one that primarily affects the mental types. The Beautiful. Here youHealing, 568:and conclusions among the orthodox. It affects primarily the bony structure and is in reality theHealing, 634:under the impact of etheric livingness; this affects all the living atoms and brings them intoHealing, 636:point in evolution of the spirit of the earth affects every atom in his body - the body of anHealing, 697:intention. The greater triangle is that which affects the healer and makes him a transmittingInitiation, 40:distribution of karma, or human destiny, as it affects individuals, and through the individuals,Initiation, 98:type of energy is applied to the initiate, and affects his head center. It emanates from that oneInitiation, 151:of sounds exists within each greater sound and affects different groups. It [152] must beInitiation, 154:It is the coming in of the A sound which affects the severance or liberation of the initiate fromInitiation, 158:Lodge has to be gained, for such a Word affects the matter of an entire plane within a planetaryInitiation, 158:degree, in sounding the Word of his degree, affects the matter of the lower mental subplanes, andInitiation, 158:An initiate of the second degree similarly affects the astral plane, and subsequently [159] theInitiation, 159:7. Every Word, differentiated or synthesized, affects the deva kingdoms, and hence theInitiation, 163:are outside our present consideration) affects one of the five centers in man, [164] The head, TheInitiation, 170:who are connected with the law of karma as it affects man is demonstrated to him, and he knows withMagic, 66:and outbreathing of the entity of the earth affects vibration potently, - that is the vibration ofMagic, 78:least resistance, for this etheric magnetization affects the etheric bodies of the contactedMagic, 100:realization that the human kingdom acts upon and affects the three subhuman kingdoms. TheMagic, 111:differences. People differ in: Ray (which affects predominantly the magnetism of the life).Magic, 206:underlying the air breathed in and out) which affects most potently the body of prana, the vital orMagic, 305:Astral Energy and Fear 4. Fear of Failure. This affects many people along many lines. The fear thatMagic, 307:and the early new moon. This, as you well know, affects the meditation work. Psychological factorsMagic, 422:embraces both the head centers and so definitely affects the pineal gland and the pituitary body.Magic, 438:less importance. This circle of solar systems affects paramountly the soul and it becomes the focalMagic, 440:tremendous turmoil incident to these transitions affects the individual chart, and frequentlyMagic, 462:misdirected force in the vegetable kingdom; this affects the animal and mineral [463] kingdoms andMeditation, 38:activity. This is largely a matter of ray, and affects closely the relationship between egos. ThoseMeditation, 124:This is the most common form of obsession, and affects those with powerful physical bodies andMeditation, 238:life of the individual, for always the macrocosm affects the microcosm. His primary color will beMeditation, 328:in constant touch with His pupil privately, this affects not His official review of the unitedPatanjali, 151:to do is to touch upon the subject as it affects man himself. It might be summed up as follows: AllPatanjali, 182:and cover the daily life of the aspirant, as it affects those around him, and his own internalPatanjali, 355:Response to vision. This third sense primarily affects our race and hence the word of the prophetPatanjali, 388:no outward-going vibration, relates to no form, affects no substance. When this concentratedPatanjali, 412:which pours into it from above or that which affects it from below. It has no personality of itsProblems, 40:of education and development as it affects the youth of the world and thus guarantee a new andPsychology1, 135:is immersed. Every form, through its radiation, affects every other form, and according to thePsychology1, 169:the deepest rooted influence must be that which affects the divine center of consciousness;Psychology1, See pa:what use would such information serve? Each ray affects the units found upon it at such a crisis asPsychology1, 405:fifth, for our Aryan race, and this powerfully affects every human being. The cyclic ray. ThePsychology2, 19:man: The energy of matter itself, as it affects the consciousness of the inner spiritual man, whoPsychology2, 80:significance of that word) and that vibration affects its environment, and atoms of substance onPsychology2, 265:not possible. In such cases the subject seldom affects his environment in any permanent or powerfulPsychology2, 549:up" automatically involves death. This death affects the atoms in the organs involved and causesPsychology2, 552:advanced aspirant. The heart center powerfully affects the vagus nerve and the autonomic nervousRays, 67:of Sound, just in so far - as yet - as Sound affects humanity and human affairs. Forget not myRays, 107:there enters [107] in a new factor which also affects space - though in a different way - but whichRays, 177:moon; that of the process of evolution - as it affects the material or substantial life of the manRays, 181:potency of the deva evolution. It definitely affects humanity; this is due to the fact that it isRays, 217:with the interpretation of the rule as it affects a group which is preparing for the jointRays, 231:relationship to Shamballa, and therefore affects every member of His Ashram, from the Christ downRays, 244:of human thinking along all lines, materially affects what appears on the physical plane in all theRays, 288:duality of manifestation, with life-energy as it affects or is related to matter-force, with spiritRays, 307:in the three worlds. This type of destruction affects those civilizations which condition the humanRays, 370:of the whole. It is this radiation which affects by its quality the senior aspirants in the world,Rays, 388:the work carried forward in the Ashram as it affects the Masters Themselves, two ideasRays, 412:Life in Whom we live and move and have our being affects every aspect and department of HisRays, 412:incredible changes in the personality and affects every aspect and organ of his littleRays, 417:myriad forms of His creation. The Law of Economy affects humanity as a whole today throughout everyRays, 435:with no true consciousness of time except as it affects other people and his associates upon theRays, 520:breath, time and space are the two aspects. It affects the tiniest atom and the most exalted BeingRays, 520:and the scope of His livingness; it affects the subhuman kingdoms, unconsciously to them, and isRays, 552:great disturbance eventuates which necessarily affects every individual within "the race of men."Rays, 566:a planetary process, and not that process as it affects the individual initiate. That we shallRays, 590:call this "abstract mind" and the impact which affects it comes from the atmic level of theRays, 658:or incarnation. Each of these phases affects all the four kingdoms in nature, producing a higherSoul, 21:viewed as existing only at the moment when it affects the (human) nervous system, whereas physicsSoul, 21:viewed as existing beyond the moment when it affects the (human) nervous system. - Hunter, WalterTelepathy, 41:minds, of some whole, as its radiatory influence affects the unit or aggregate of units. The first
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