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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFILIATIONS

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Autobiography, 251:religions and some recognize no spiritual affiliations, so-called, at all. All are, however,Discipleship1, XII:[XII] some are quite unattached and free from affiliations. None of them regards his particularDiscipleship1, 349:being" which in your case [349] (because of ray affiliations) means to stand in the radiance ofDiscipleship1, 783:religions and some recognize no spiritual affiliations, so-called, at all. All are, however,Discipleship2, 46:all that truly is, in connection with your inner affiliations. But, my brothers, such a sense ofDiscipleship2, 295:UNRRA and many analogous and well-intentioned affiliations of men everywhere bear witness. ThisDiscipleship2, 447:your service to the Plan, your various group affiliations and your general attitude to theEducation, 124:prove the staggering number of such bodies and affiliations. It would indicate the differentiationFire, 798:of life. Men will be true to their group affiliations, and the present misgrouping and mismatingFire, 810:physical brain a conscious realization of group affiliations on the mental plane, a consciousFire, 871:in social relations, in family and other group affiliations. [872] He comes to the true recognitionFire, 1051:vibration of the egoic group. His personality affiliations, such as his family, racial, andFire, 1149:of [1149] all group sense, except the earthly affiliations to which he adheres from the instinct ofHealing, 194:the man upon the ladder of evolution, his racial affiliations, and his conscious goal; this latterInitiation, 167:building, in social relations, and in family affiliations. He comes to the recognition of sex andMagic, 277:rapid - hence destructive to all right ties and affiliations - nor too prolonged and so strainMagic, 417:they regard their country and their political affiliations as of paramount importance. They areMeditation, 92:or an oriental type of body. His group affiliations, whether exoteric or esoteric. 3. DangersMeditation, 107:his type of body. Those attendant on his group affiliations, whether on the physical plane and soMeditation, 114:avoided in Meditation Dangers attendant on Group Affiliations August 2, 1920 Very briefly would IMeditation, 114:meditation that are incidental to a man's group affiliations, whether exoteric or esoteric. ThereMeditation, 115:from under the obligating karma that governs the affiliations. Let us remember too that as a manMeditation, 117:him with, his business associates, his church affiliations, his acquaintances and casual friends,Meditation, 120:run when the karma of the student and his group affiliations are overlooked. Today the subjectMeditation, 142:a man to realize not only his egoic group affiliations but his place in the human Hierarchy on itsPsychology1, 400:the Afghans, the Moors and the offshoots and affiliations of those peoples, including the modernPsychology2, 335:through a study of the type of a man's group affiliations as they begin to appear upon the physicalPsychology2, 624:his environing conditions and faith in his group affiliations. The greatest contribution to worldPsychology2, 739:following point: A man's political and religious affiliations can be strongly held and inspire hisSoul, 28:of the physical plane as well as of its divine affiliations? If it is the dominant energy,
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