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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFIRM

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Atom, 156:whilst some of the Oriental Scriptures affirm that the connection lies in sound or vibration.Autobiography, 133:it will be at that age. Numerologists would affirm that the reason is that 7 X 5 = 35; sevenAutobiography, 151:they are entitled to it and will get it if they affirm their divinity - a divinity which is thereBethlehem, 108:they are apt to forget the implications. They affirm with decision their point of view, and omit toBethlehem, 279:which we call civilization only in so far as we affirm that the world and life possess some sort ofDiscipleship1, 532:stand in spiritual being. 5th and 6th months - I affirm gratitude to all Light-bearers. I affirmDiscipleship1, 532:- I affirm gratitude to all Light-bearers. I affirm love to all I meet. I am myself the love ofDiscipleship2, 178:up around certain words esoterically understood. Affirm earnestly your discipleship and endeavor toHealing, 65:the cause producing the effect. All that he can affirm is that, in all probability, desire was theHealing, 94:this difficult problem. We cannot consequently affirm that disease, as a general rule, has anyHealing, 256:or accident, the patient is physically unable to affirm or claim divine healing and is dependentHealing, 399:testify to the fact of these phenomena, we can affirm that something, survives the "restitution" ofHealing, 636:as oft I have told you, or by any failure to affirm divinity. It is inherent in the form natureIntellect, 191:can teach and outline, as well as declare and affirm. "The first step in unification is theMagic, 32:needed training we are in no position to deny or affirm anything. Our attitude should be that ofPsychology2, 13:owing to the inadequacy of their equipment. They affirm their belief in terms of accomplished factPsychology2, 13:only mistake is in the realm of time, for they affirm prematurely that which some day they will be.Psychology2, 244:it should not be necessary constantly to affirm the three basic relationships of the soul: ThePsychology2, 614:of consciousness. At 35 years old he should then affirm in himself the stage of the intelligentSoul, 154:higher will, to the mere traditionalist? Why not affirm it first of all as a psychological fact,
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