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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFIRMATIVE

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Discipleship1, 571:to both these questions will be, I know, in the affirmative, for of your intense sincerity and yourExternalisation, 249:you will say these three stanzas with a focused affirmative will, a great potency may be releasedExternalisation, 315:meditation which I outline below. It is dynamic, affirmative and - if rightly used - should linkHealing, 388:restoration of courage; the restoration of an affirmative attitude in all circumstances may be theHealing, 481:death. In the above statement, I refer to no affirmative or speculative science such as ChristianIntellect, 56:Is there a God? is promptly answered in the affirmative." Patanjali, 420:meditation work, all moments of reflection, all affirmative exercises, all hours of recollection ofPsychology2, 208:here that the occultist regards all the above affirmative statements as constituting an exact andRays, 83:the Lord of the World, enunciates the final affirmative sound. This has no reference - when itRays, 83:Ascension we are not told of the hearing of the affirmative sound. That will be heard when theRays, 226:as it is called. This establishes a new affirmative attitude and results in a recognition of theRays, 518:distorted efforts of humanity to arrive at the affirmative position which the blended soul andReappearance, 39:of Days (Dan., VII, 9.) can speak this final affirmative word. There are, as well we know, fiveReappearance, 40:much higher [40] and of greater importance - the affirmative Voice of the Father, recognizing thatReappearance, 40:He inaugurated two thousand years ago, that affirmative Voice will surely again be heard and divine
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