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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFFIRMED

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Bethlehem, 125:one is inclined to believe that (having affirmed His belief in His Own Divinity) He simply ignoredBethlehem, 190:Long before Christ came the divinity of man was affirmed and divine incarnations were recognized.Discipleship2, 541:forward upon the Path of Initiation." Let this affirmed realization show itself forth in theDiscipleship2, 724:our work. You will find that these affirmations, affirmed by you three times a day, will suffice toExternalisation, 261:you can use these phrases as voiced demands and affirmed beliefs - in unison with the [262] highestExternalisation, 474:writings that the position of the Hierarchy was affirmed and publicly stated. In 1932, I wrote aHealing, 303:Great One gathered to Himself His forces and affirmed His intention to create. He created thatHealing, 537:mental healing cults; they are not posited on affirmed origins and on claiming results which willHealing, 547:power of the triadal will. It might be here affirmed that those healers who have triadalHealing, 586:essential qualities, and though this has been affirmed ceaselessly it still remains a meaninglessHealing, 645:earlier seen, there are three basic principles, affirmed and believed by the healer who is greatlyHercules, 180:the other forty-nine," the Great Presiding One affirmed. "So be it," the Teacher answered. "HavingPsychology2, 243:Soul Control In this way the life of the soul is affirmed in terms of its conditioning factors. ThePsychology2, 484:circumstance or the self-hypnotized tool of an affirmed, but undeveloped, divinity. Man is intendedSoul, 112:individuality. Similarly, when a relation is affirmed between the function of these nadis and
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