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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AFRESH

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Discipleship1, 124:of this "magnetic life" to which I call you afresh - for the remainder of this life and itsDiscipleship1, 393:ask naught!'" Brother of mine, gather around you afresh those who are seeking thus the lighted WayDiscipleship2, 113:radiatory and magnetic will relate you afresh to each other and to all the world. This again - whenDiscipleship2, 126:to give you another meditation unless you strive afresh, and together, at the daily processDiscipleship2, 174:thoughts may serve to make this Invocation live afresh in your minds and take on a new and vitalDiscipleship2, 559:thus aid seeking souls. To this work I call you afresh. The meditation which I am going to ask youDiscipleship2, 662:blueprint for your next incarnation. Study them afresh from that angle. What, my brother, has beenExternalisation, 170:the pineal gland). You will, therefore, note afresh the practical significance of these fourth andFire, 726:conscious life becomes so strong that it grips afresh its egoic expression in one direction, andFire, 928:groups of builders coordinate their efforts afresh and a new influx of energy - bearing devas fromFire, 1025:"renew his meditation," and make direct contact afresh before proceeding with the work. Otherwise,Initiation, 85:is rapidly dying. At this time the Ego grips afresh the two lower vehicles and bends them to hisInitiation, 130:Teacher; the Rod of Sanat Kumara is charged afresh at each recurring world period, and thereforeIntellect, 226:again. So we recollect our thoughts and start afresh with much success for half a minute, and thenMeditation, 83:unimpeded. Each center has then to be awakened afresh by the Sacred Fire till the radiations, thePatanjali, 424:aspiring lower man that rapidly one is enmeshed afresh in the toils of the versatile psychicProblems, 39:civilized citizens embrace the chance to build afresh - not a material civilization this time but aPsychology2, 692:them for a vast world effort to arouse afresh a spirit of good will, and calling for a united use
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